To Whom Nick Kroll Is Dating In 2022? How Many Relationships He Had In Past?

Nick Kroll’s Dating History: Nick Kroll’s past relationships are something that people are looking for right now. Before we go into more detail, let’s look at what makes him well-known. He was born Nicholas Kroll and is a good actor who can do many different things.

His sketch comedy show, Kroll Show, which he made, has brought him a lot of attention. His other famous works include Big Mouth, The Oh, Hello Show, The League, My Blind Brother, At Home with Amy Sedaris, What We Do in the Shadows, Human Resources, etc. Nick Kroll is also a great voice actor, so don’t forget to bring that up.

The Addams Family, Captain Underpants. The First Epic Movie, Family Guy, The Simpsons, and other shows have used his voice. Nick has been nominated for the Primetime Emmy Award, the Gotham Award, and the People’s Choice Award for his great work. Along with this, Aaron Rodgers Dating is also the most googled topic nowadays.

Nick Kroll Early Life

Kroll was born on June 5, 1978, to Lynn and Jules Kroll. He was born in New York’s Rye. His father made a lot of money when he started Kroll Inc., a company that helps big businesses with investigations and risk management. Kroll has an older brother named Jeremy and two younger sisters named Vanessa and Dana.

He was raised in a Conservative Jewish family and went to the Solomon Schechter School of Westchester. When he was in high school, he went to Rye Country Day School. He became interested in hiking at The Mountain School in Vershire, Vermont.

Nick Kroll And His Relationships

Nick Kroll is not with anyone, as far as we know. On June 5, 1978, the TV star was born in Rye, New York. Actor and comedian who is best known for being on the FX comedy show The League and hosting the Comedy Central sketch comedy show The Kroll Show. He had a recurring part on Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim show Children’s Hospital. In 2022, Nick Kroll didn’t have a partner.

Nicholas’s life has been 44 years long. According to CelebsCouples, Nick Kroll has been in a relationship at least once before. He has never been in a relationship. In 268 days, Nick Kroll will be 45 years old. If you want to know the top 10 things about Nick Kroll, go to Famous Details.

Nick Kroll’s Dating History

Nick Kroll has dated a few actresses so far, which has made headlines over the years. In the same way that his work has always been talked about so has his love life. But neither of those relationships lasted long. What did they do? What we know about Nick Kroll’s past relationships is listed below.

1. Amy Poehler

Nick Kroll's Dating History

Amy Poehler is at the top of the list when it comes to Nick Kroll’s past relationships. Amy Poehler is best known for being a popular comedian, in case you were wondering. Most of the time, her comedies are improvised, sketches, insults, or even surreal. Because she was so good at what she did, she even ran SNL for a while. Besides this, Are you interested to read about Who Is Hannity Dating?

Don’t forget to say that Amy is a great actress as well. Some of her most famous roles are in Moxie, Wine Country, A Very Murray Christmas, Upright Citizens Brigade, Parks and Recreation, and other shows. Back to their relationship, Amy Poehler and Nick Kroll made it official in May 2013.

Amy told him at the beginning of their relationship that she had a boyfriend who knew how to calm her down. Well, she was talking to Nick when she said that.

But it wasn’t meant for them to be together. In 2015, they finally broke up. Why? Because their schedules didn’t match up and they didn’t spend enough time together. But it was said that both of them did their best to make the relationship work. But nothing can be forced to work.

2. Kate Micucci

Nick Kroll's Dating History

Well, Kate Micucci is also a great actress, but she is best known as one half of the folk comedy duo Garfunkel and Oates. On the other hand, she has acted in shows like Scrubs, Sandy Wexler, Seven Stages to Achieve Eternal Bliss, Raising Hope, The Big Bang Theory, and Will & Grace.

Nick Kroll may or may not have dated Kate Micucci in real life. But it was said that they had a relationship while working on a miniseries together in 2009. She played his assistant on The Nick’s Big Show, which was a TV show.

3. Lily Kwong

Nick Kroll's Dating History

Nick Kroll met Lily Kwong through the dating app Raya. Lily is a landscape architect, which is what people say about her. She started Studio Lily Kwong and Freedom Gardens, which you didn’t know. She is also a fashion and art environmentalist. Apart from this, Have you heard about After Ever Happy Release Date On Netflix USA?

She said in an interview that she likes to put people in touch with nature. They dated for a few years or so before getting married in November 2020. It was a beautiful wedding by the ocean. The next year, they were lucky enough to have a son. People say that they like each other a lot, and both of them are pretty laid-back and like to have fun.

Nick Kroll always talks about how much he loves his wife and seems lucky to have her as his life partner. We wish Nick Kroll the best for the rest of his life. You can follow the actor on Instagram to find out what he’s up to.


Nick Kroll’s past relationships are something that people are looking for right now. Before we go into more detail, let’s look at what makes him well-known. He was born Nicholas Kroll and is a good actor who can do many different things.

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