Had Olivia Newton John Husband Dead? Read What Actually Happened!

Olivia Newton-John, the much-loved Grease actress and Grammy Award-winning singer, died peacefully on August 8 at the age of 73, surrounded by loved ones. She leaves behind a lasting legacy.

The singer charmed her way into the country and pop charts with hit songs during the 1970s and early 1980s, leaving quite a lasting impression on Hollywood with her legendary performance alongside John Travolta in the 1978 blockbuster musical.

But the late actress experienced a devastating incident when her ex-partner, Patrick McDermott, disappeared after a fishing expedition and was later declared dead. Here is what transpired with McDermott and how Newton-John made it through those trying times.

How Did Patrick Mcdermott And Olivia Newton-john Meet?

Newton-John met cinematographer McDermott in 1996 after divorcing her first husband, Matt Lattanzi, and the two dated intermittently for nine years.

McDermott reportedly said she was an “incredible” and “special” human being on an Australian talk show, adding that if more people were “a little bit like her, the world would be a better place.”

Sadly, McDermott’s situation took a catastrophic turn, and Newton-John experienced some terrifying moments.

The Disappearance Of McDermott

McDermott disappeared in 2005 after failing to return from an overnight fishing excursion off the coast of California. He was declared missing.

McDermott, an avid fisherman, had gotten on a boat called Freedom at the San Pedro harbour in Los Angeles on June 30. As the boat departed for San Clemente Island, some 90 kilometres away, there were 22 additional passengers and crew members on board.

Olivia Newton John Husband Death

Everything appeared to be in order, and the boat returned on schedule the following day with no strange events being noted. According to Nine.com, it wasn’t until 10 days later that McDermott’s ex-wife, actress Yvette Nipar, reported him missing from a scheduled visit with their son Chance.

Nobody has seen or heard from McDermott since the trip, according to many sources. While his car was still parked at the dock, his things, including his backpack, wallet, and keys, were discovered aboard the boat.

As a result, he was formally reported missing by the authorities. The US Coast Guard’s investigations led them to the conclusion that McDermott had likely fallen off the boat and might have drowned. However, it didn’t end there.

Potential Sightings And Illogical Theories

Since conjecture was encouraged by the McDermott case in 2005, numerous possibilities have surfaced. One claims that he faked his own demise to get out of debt. No one on the boat noticed him fall overboard, and no one reported him missing when they got back to land, according to numerous media sources.

Although it was observed that no headcounts were conducted on that trip, McDermott’s absence remained unnoticed, the US Coast Guard investigation found “no indication of criminal action, suicide, accident or hoax in McDermott’s disappearance.”

But that answer didn’t appear to satisfy everyone. Witnesses claimed to have spotted McDermott residing on a yacht off the coast of Sayulita or Acapulco as they continued to report sightings of him in Mexico. Reports at the time also stated that he had filed for bankruptcy in 2000, only feeding the speculation further.

Following these rumours, TV networks put up sting operations and private investigators were dispatched undercover to find him, but according to British media, all the sightings turned out to be false alarms.

In 2017, New Idea released a picture they claimed to represent McDermott’s living remains. The image featured a woman and a man who unmistakably resembled McDermott. However, a Canadian couple eventually demonstrated that the image was in fact of them, so the mystery continues and McDermott’s whereabouts remain unknown.

How Did Patrick McDermott Fare?

After going on an overnight fishing excursion off the California coast, Patrick McDermott was reported missing in 2005. On June 5, the videographer and avid fisherman boarded the privately chartered Freedom and travelled to San Clemente Island, which is 90 kilometres away.

No incidents were reported as the boat returned on time the following day, however, it was discovered 10 days later that McDermott had not come back with the boat. When he did not show up for visitation with his son Chance, who was then 13 years old, that was scheduled, his ex-wife, actress Yvette Nipar, became concerned.

Nobody has seen or heard from McDermott since the fishing expedition, according to reports. His car was still parked at the marina, and the boat’s office later turned up his bag, wallet, and keys. Officially, McDermott was listed as missing.

After looking into the disappearance, the US Coast Guard came to the conclusion that McDermott had probably perished after falling off the boat.

“Nobody truly knows what happened to him when he became lost at sea. Although it’s natural to wonder, you must accept and let go “In a 2016 60 Minutes interview, Newton-John stated.

Patrick McDermott allegedly staged his own demise

McDermott hasn’t been located since he allegedly vanished off the yacht in 2005. There have been rumours that he staged his own demise due to financial difficulties and to avoid paying child support.

There are still unanswered questions about why no one on the boat saw him jump overboard, and his fellow fishermen swear they saw him get off the boat when they arrived back in San Pedro. Other reports claim that McDermott paid his meal bill during the final hour of the journey.

Patrick McDermott is still alive?

Private detectives in addition to worried family members and friends have been actively monitoring the issue. Hollywood PI John J Nazarian was purportedly informed about McDermott sightings in Mexico after witnesses claimed they saw him with a German woman. He was recruited by the US entertainment news programme Extra.

Another purported sighting of McDermott took place in South America, according to Philip Klein, another private eye employed by the US programme Dateline. In fact, Klein wrote a book about his search for the cameraman called Lost at Sea: The Hunt for Patrick McDermott, which was published in 2012.

Yvette Nipar, McDermott’s ex-wife, requested Amazon to stop marketing the book shortly after it was published because Klein was a “serial liar [who] is only wanting to be famous at the price of a sad tragedy in our life.”

Newton-john Expressed Her Grief In Public

Contrary to popular opinion at the time, Newton-John and McDermott were not dating at the time of his disappearance; instead, she was on a promotional tour. She wasn’t informed of his disappearance until much later.

She talked about the incident’s impact on her ten years after it occurred. “I doubt I’ll ever truly find peace with it. In an interview with Australian Women’s Weekly in 2016, she stated, “I think there will always be a question mark.

Even though she later fell in love and married John Easterling in 2008, the unsettling occurrence continued to trouble her in the years that followed. She found solace in a surprising connection that developed as a result of the tragic event – her relationship with McDermott’s ex-wife, Nipar.

Years later, Nipar reflected on the experience in an Instagram post, writing, “I’ll never forget her contacting me from the green room shortly after this, knowing how protective I was of my son’s name continuously being “put out there. Before Newton-John passed away, the two remained close friends and helped each other through a tragic time.

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