Everything You Need To Know About Omari Hardwick’s Wife !! May 2022 Updates

Omari Hardwick is more than simply an actor. He is also a poet, rapper, producer, and podcaster. You may have seen him in Kick-Ass with Chloe Grace Moretz, but his life tales are even more interesting.

His other films, such as Dark Blue and Power, helped him get further public awareness. Not only that, but he established himself as a great poet by participating in the National Poetry Slam in 2003 and 2004. What about his personal life? If you like controversy and drama, Omari Hardwick is not the man for you.

Jennifer Pfautch and Omari Hardwick

Omari Hardwick may not be in the spotlight very frequently, but his relationship and personal life are full of good things worth paying attention to. One of them is his marriage to Jennifer Pfautch. It’s natural for you to have never heard of her. Jennifer, unlike Omari, does not work in the same profession as her spouse. She used to be an assistant at Creative Artists Agency before becoming a publicist at Paradigm Talent Agency.

Omari Hardwick and his wife Jennifer have been married since May 2012. They have made every effort to keep the specifics of their marriage quiet since then. But, happily, both of them still have Instagram, so we can get a peek at their life. It’s fascinating to learn how different Jennifer and Omari’s worlds are. However, this pair never explained how they originally met. Despite this, they managed to remain together for over 10 years.

Omari Hardwick

Jennifer, in particular, is a huge admirer of expressing her affection on social media. One of Jennifer’s cutest Instagram images was of them kissing in the park. Jennifer also included the phrase “Mama & Papa.” We can see how in love they are just from one post. But Omari and Jennifer care about so much more than oversharing their PDA moments. Jennifer is quite into self-love and body positivity, as seen by the majority of her posts, self-love quotations, and images of herself.

Omari, on the other hand, writes about his interests: sports, politics, and some of his shots with pals. Do you think Omari is the most unproblematic celebrity ever? “You know how you can be romantic?” You may be romantic by going to a gorgeous location, sitting on a park bench, and ordering good ol’ golden arches, a.k.a. McDonald’s. “That’s probably the most I can do romantically,” the Power star recently told People.

But, of course, it takes two to tango. Omari isn’t the only one who performs the task. Jennifer is romantic as well but in a different manner. She conveyed her feelings for him in a really lovely and heartfelt Instagram message.

“You, @omarihardwickofficial, have reflected a near-perfect picture of love, acceptance, and challenge for our Littles, making their future dependency and receptivity to God that much simpler.” “Thank you for being the mirror that we all need,” Jennifer wrote in 2018.

Jennifer has a significant role in Omari’s most successful series, Power.

Omari’s marriage also had a significant role in his career’s continued success. Jennifer openly supported Omari for the part in Power. Omari’s prominence has been increased by a crime drama television series. He portrayed the series’ main character, James “Ghost” St. Patrick. Power has six seasons in all, and each one is a tremendous smash.

“I wouldn’t say I persuaded him to play Power. His soul understood it was time to accept what God had planned for him professionally, and the position of Ghost was the next step in that journey. “I honestly said very little, just enough to remind him of his duty and his mission,” Jennifer told Ebony. And we will be eternally grateful to Jennifer.

Do Omari Hardwick and Jennifer Pfautch Have Children?

This pair effectively makes us envious not just because of their affection and love for one another, but also because they look to be such wonderful parents. Jennifer and Omari have two daughters, Nova Hardwick and Brave Hardwick.

Having children has never been an easy road for them. The pair planned to have a child before they married in 2012. Nonetheless, they lost it at seven and a half months due to a miscarriage. It was so difficult for them that it harmed their relationships.

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Fortunately, both of them immediately came to their senses and did not split up. Instead, Omari and Jennifer married. Nova was born barely a year after they married. Brave joined in 2015. They’ve been a happy family since then, and nothing seems to be tearing them apart. “Motherhood will leave you in tears.” “Tears in the morning from delight or simple pride in these wonderful tiny creatures that you’ve been fortunate to make and raise,” Jennifer said in one of her Instagram postings.

Jennifer also understands how to communicate her ideas and emotions via words, which we all like and admire. She continued writing a lengthy yet heartfelt message about parenting and how it had transformed her life. The photo she chose for the text was taken from behind her children. In that shot, Nova and Brave were also holding hands. We can see the overwhelming love simply by glancing at this photo, can’t we?

Omari Hardwick

Being a parent had a significant influence on Omari as well. Although he is largely secretive about his parenting experience and the intricacies of his children’s lives, he couldn’t help but express his thanks for becoming a father. “To be a father is to be the patriarch of your family.” Dedicated to the grandfathers and great grandfathers. “I was lucky since my father and both of my grandfathers were in my life,” Omari said.

In the same interview, Omari also mentioned how crucial it is to be the “true” provider for the family. It does not just relate to financial assistance, but also to emotional support and presence for their children. Something that far too many fathers overlook.

“At this stage, time spent is most important to my children.” That time spent with the children is essential. It’s critical to tell the kids you love them and to show affection.” “Be in your kids’ life and do it to the fullest with zero apologies,” he concluded. Yes. We ADORE him. Make becoming a parent your first priority, and everything else will fall into place.”

Things Omari and Jennifer Had to Deal With on the Internet

At this moment, we are certain that his family is flawless. Omari and Jennifer obviously love each other, and Omari does his best to be attentive and present with the kids. It’s incredible. If that isn’t enough to make you envious, wait till you see what Omari did when people made harsh remarks about them on social media. In 2017, one of his supporters, @jispainior, posted something on Instagram that enraged many people. The post (and Omari’s responses) went viral.

“I adore you, Ghost.” You lost points by marrying a white man. But we still have you.” We are aware of your arrogance. Omari instantly said, “I’d rather you didn’t have me.” You just lost all credibility with me. “Good luck in life.” Many others have come out in his support since then. It is heartbreaking that some individuals still believe that skin color and consideration for others’ feelings are acceptable. It’s not cool at all.

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Jennifer, ever the larger person, shared an inspirational quotation with an even more emotional extended description. However, this is not Jennifer and Omari’s first encounter with such individuals. Someone on Twitter ventured to remark on his appearance in 2004, and he was labeled as ugly. Omari used his account to send some tweets, and much like Jennifer, it demonstrates that he has a nice heart and a polite manner of dealing with things.

Aside from that, individuals should refrain from making disparaging remarks regarding the affairs of others. Even the most unproblematic performer, like him, was a target for some internet bashing. We can’t get away from that, can we?

Thankfully, the hate comments and many others who spoke their uninvited opinions on Omari and Jennifer’s marriage had no effect on their marital lives or family. They became stronger by the day. They continued to preach positivism in their interviews and on social media. Shout out to the most legendary pair ever!

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