P-Valley Season 2 Release Date Status, Cast, Plot And More! Latest Updates

P-Valley Season 2 is an American television series that has 2 seasons released to date which makes 8 episodes in total. The series is based on a play called Pussy Valley by Katori Hall who is also a creator of the series. The series premiered on  July 12, 2020, on An American premium cable and satellite television network known as Starz. Overall it is a Drama series. Moreover, the series was made in the United States in English.

Created by Katori Hall
Genre Drama
Premiered on  July 12, 2020
No. of seasons 2
No. of episodes 8
Based on  Pussy Valley by Katori Hall
Made in The United States
Original language English

P Valley Season 2 Release Date

Many of the viewers of the series were waiting eagerly for the P valley season 2, So there is good news for all the fanbase of the series that its latest season 2 has been released on June 3, 2022. Moreover, this season consists of 4 episodes in total and is available on the Starz app. The cast has already been announced. Here we are with  a table of the main cast and the characters they will play

Cast Character
Elarica Johnson  Autumn Night
Brandee Evans Mercedes
Shannon Thornton Miss Mississippi
J. Alphonse Nicholson Lil’ Murda
Nicco Annan Uncle Clifford
Harriett D. Foy Pastor Woodbine
Skyler Joy Gidget

P valley Season 2 Plot

P-Valley Season 2

In season 2 of the series, dynamics can totally change in the club and a fight can be seen between uncle Clifford and Hailey for the throne. On Twitter, Hall confirmed that season 2 of the series will showcase the previous life of the dancers and employees of the club, their struggles would be seen and how they came to work at the Pynk so the series would be in flashbacks with the main focus on the previous life of characters. Moreover,  coronavirus can also be seen in season 2 of P valley as a disease affecting black folks.

P Valley Season 2: What is it all about?

“P-Valley ” focuses on the dancers who want to do more than just be a decoration and for this, they set at a strip club called The Pynk in the imaginary town of Chucalissa, Mississauga. Moreover, Uncle Clifford is the owner of the club and mysterious Autumn is welcomed by Mercedes, the dancer, and Uncle Clifford. It tells a lot about the struggle faced by Autumn with her ex-man Montavius. The series is full of drama, fights, and struggles of the dancers and gives a lot to see to its audience.

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P-Valley Season 2 Production 

Producers play a paramount role in any series, movie, show, etc and the same was with the series “ P Valley “. If we talk about the producers of this series they did the great work and a list of the producers is mentioned below:

  • Katori Hill
  • Peter Chernin
  • Jenno Topping
  • Dante Di Loreto
  • Patrick – lan Polk

Moreover, the production companies of the series are :

  • Kat Buggy productions
  • Chernin Entertainment
Executive producers Production companies Producer cinematography
  • Katori Hill
  • Peter Chernin
  • Jenno Topping
  • Dante Di Loreto
  • Patrick – lan Polk
  • Kat Buggy productions
  • Chernin Entertainment
  • Khaliah Neal
  • Nancy Schreiber
  • Richard Vialet

P  Valley Season 2 Trailer

The official trailer has been released long ago. You can hit the play button and watch it below:

P valley season 1 Finale highlights

At the end of the season, 1 P – valley Autumn is seen returning with cash but a gunshot from the club was heard which engrossed Montavius who came there for his money and his ex-husband autumn. Moreover, he blamed autumn for stealing her money but she continuously told him that the money is deposited in the bank, and after seeing the camera he forcefully made her dance so that they can talk while dancing. Further, she found no way of escaping so she broke the Clifford rules of the evening and her top to grab the attention of others.    Uncle Clifford and  Mercedes come to Hailey’s aid. It doesn’t take long for the trio of Mercedes, Hailey, and Montavius to escalate into violence. Montavius threatens to kill Mercedes with a glass of broken champagne if she doesn’t return his money. Then first Haisley thought that she will escape from here by taking the excuse of bringing the money back But ultimately, she returns to save Mercedes Moreover, towards the end blood spills out the door and Hailey buys The Pynk as developers are turning it into a casino.

Final Lines

To conclude, it is believed that season 2 of the series “ p- valley“  was released recently on the Starz app and has 4 episodes in total. For now, this was the whole information we were having about the P- Valley season 2.  stay tuned for future updates and facts. Hope that this was informative for you, do share your reviews and suggestions in the comments. Looking forward to giving you updates on many more topics. You can comment on the topic names you want to know about and will try to come back with them as soon as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where to Watch P Valley Season 2?

You can watch it on Hulu and Amazon Prime.

How many episodes are there in season 2?

Well, currently three episodes have been aired. More episodes are expected to come.

Is this the final season of the series?

There isn’t any information about this yet. No official announcement has been made till date.


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