Personal growth, love triangles and “New Shades” in “Outer Banks” Season 3 !!

Drew Starkey

It’s tough to think Outer Banks can keep outdoing itself after finishing its second season with the reemergence of not one, but two known persons long assumed to be dead. Nonetheless, it’s reasonable to predict that the adolescent drama about a tight-knit group of treasure hunters known as the Pogues will be a success. Drew Starkey has been loved by the fans for his role in the series. Netflix is again coming up with a new season.

The cast of the Netflix series took up the Rising Star Award at the Sun Valley Film Festival in Ketchum, Idaho. The cast of the program paused filming season three in Barbados for a chat moderated by The Hollywood Reporter to discuss how their characters evolved last season and to tease what’s to come in the series produced by Josh Pate, Jonas Pate, and Shannon Burke. The panel included Madelyn Cline (Sarah), Rudy Pankow (JJ), Jonathan Daviss (Pope), Drew Starkey (Rafe), Austin North (Topper), and Carlacia Grant (Cleo).

Outer Banks Coffee Talk and Rising Stars Award Presentation attendees include Ryan Gajewski, Madelyn Cline, Jonathan Daviss, Rudy Pankow, Austin North, Drew Starkey, and Carlacia Grant.

Indeed, Sarah has gone through a lot over the previous two seasons, culminating in the most recent finale, in which Chip Estes played her father, Ward Cameron, who appeared to die early in season two. Despite the episode’s end, which referred to Rafe warning Ward that things would be difficult for Sarah and John B (Chase Stokes, who had to leave the panel due to a last-minute scheduling change), she and John B decided to save Ward’s life. Following that, Big John (Charles Halford), John B’s father, was revealed to be alive and well despite the fact that he appeared to be dead in the first season.

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“As actors, you always have strange motivations in your head for the decisions your character makes and why they do what they do, and season two has been an opportunity to explore those further in detail,” Starkey said. “It’s been amazing to watch how we’ve put our imprint on the characters and influenced them as we’ve worked with them and Josh, Jonas, and Shannon have written them.” Right now, things are a little hazy, which is great.”

North, whose Topper is a love rival to John B for Sarah’s affections, is pleased that his character was given more depth in the most recent season. “We witness Topper and Sarah’s relationship evolve, as well as why he is the way he is,” North stated. “Those elements of him that showed true affection for Sarah.” The second season was delightful merely to watch Topper grow as a character, and he grew more humanized.”

It’s fitting that the Rising Star Award honorees are working on a range of projects, with Cline recently filming a role in the upcoming Knives Out sequel. “Every production, every set, and every project is one-of-a-kind,” she said. “I feel like I’m coming home while I’m filming on the Outer Banks because I know everyone.” I know who you are. Returning to work on another project is intimidating because I feel like a fish out of water.”

“I moved on to Knives Out after that, and I felt a little odd,” she continued. ‘I haven’t done this in a few years,’ I reflected. However, it was still a delight and a lot of fun. I enjoy the feeling of being a bit misplaced and unaccounted for, off doing something else here and then coming over here; that sort of lifestyle appeals to me. But, while both projects are amazing and I had a terrific time working on them, I don’t believe they can be compared.”

Pankow, too, took a break from the show to film his role as Sam Drake, the younger brother of Tom Holland’s Nathan Drake, in the recently released movie Uncharted. “Every set has its own mood, and responding to it is part of our job,” Pankow stated. “The Uncharted set was high-energy again, but there are all these other differences — fresh eyes, different ways of thinking about how to shoot things, and it’s all just something I have to get used to on each set.”

Fans of the HBO program Euphoria hurried to social media ahead of the recently aired season two finale to express their hopes that Spider-Man actor Tom Holland, who is dating Euphoria’s Zendaya, would appear in the show. (Unfortunately, this was not the case.) Could residents of the Outer Banks expect to see Holland play in support of the Pogues one of these days? Although Daviss quipped, “If it were up to us, Tom would be in our season finale,” fans shouldn’t hold their breath.

Daviss also expressed thanks for the chance to play a character he had never seen on television as a youngster. “My favorite component of playing Pope is just getting to play the person I wish I could have seen on TV when I was little,” the actor remarked. “Being able to be a spokesman, conveying the experiences that I know many young 16-year-olds who look like me have, and playing it honestly.” Even in season two, a lot of personal things found their way into the story with me, and being able to depict those times honestly was an incredible experience for me.”
Fans are certainly drawn to the love relationships, not just the drama with Sarah and her two interested suitors, John B and Topper, but also the hints at connections between JJ and Kiara (Madison Bailey) and Pope and Cleo.

“I appreciate the will-they-won’t-they dynamic as someone who watches TV and movies,” Cline said. “I like how a relationship grows with time.” I’m a sucker for a love triangle, and I genuinely appreciate [Topper’s] tale, how you redeemed yourself and returned, and Sarah’s like, ‘What do I do?’ ‘I’m a horrible man.’ Then there’s her bond with John B, which is obviously unique and lovely – that first true love is absolutely wonderful. I also enjoy seeing snippets of some of the other relationships, even if some of them don’t pan out. To be honest, that’s fairly human – it’s simply life. That’s nice to see, and it’s even better to see it in writing. It’s a fantastic page-turner for me. “I appreciate the drama.”

Grant described her “crazy” path as a novice to the group while working as a driver for Uber and DoorDash before landing the role of Cleo for season two. “Honestly,” she admitted, “I had the luxury of not knowing who I was while we were filming season two.” “So I had the luxury of running around with everyone and just sitting in the corner and watching what transpired.” It’s generally really overwhelming when it happens, but it’s a beautiful ride. And I keep in touch with them on a regular basis. So that’s what it’s like to be a rookie and hang out with all the sophomores.”

“I guess it’s adrenaline,” AD Cline teases of what fans may expect in season three. It’ll be just as exciting as ever.” Pankow concurs, but predicts some significant changes as well: “There will be the same sort of feeling, where it will be high-adrenaline, high-octane — but different colors.”

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