Phyllis Fierro Wife of Ralph Fierro!! May 2022 Updated Personal Information and Biography

Some performers starred in our favorite childhood movies and seem to remain with us forever, no matter how old they are today or how long ago the film was made. One of such performers is Ralph Macchio, who portrayed Daniel LaRusso in the Karate Kid film series. However, Daniel LaRusso is not his only noteworthy role. He has won and been nominated for several accolades, including Primetime Emmys for Cobra Kai and American Short Film Awards for Across Grace Alley. He also had a lot of success with his roles in Cobra Kai and The Outsiders.

Lists of accolades may seem amazing on the IMDb page, but having a supporting and happy family is the genuine thing in reality. Of course, Ralph gets both of them.

Ralph Macchio and his wife, Phyllis Fierro

Ralph Macchio has been married to his high school sweetheart for about 35 years and they have two children. Throughout his three decades of marriage, he has never failed to demonstrate how wonderful a husband and father he is. And he could still handle his celebrity in show business. Phyllis Fierro, a diligent nurse, is a fortunate lady. Phyllis and Ralph may perform quite different jobs in a profession, but they make a fantastic team when it comes to raising a happy family.

Ralph and Phyllis had known each other since they were 15 years old. They initially spoke in his grandmother’s basement, while attending his cousin’s birthday party with Kelly and Ryan. Ralph said during his visit on Live!

“I was 15.” We met during my cousin’s sweet sixteen. We met and hit it off, and we’re still in love, and it’s fantastic,” he laughed as he recalled the good old days. Some individuals are fortunate enough to discover their soulmates and live with them for the rest of their life.

Phyllis Fierro

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Ralph and Phyllis always thought they were destined to be together. They don’t even bother looking for other possibilities; they fell in love with one other from the start, and that’s it. Everyone wants to discover that type of love. Ralph’s career was at its pinnacle when they married since it was less than a year after the release of Karate Kid II. Twelve years have passed since their basement talk, and they have finally married. On April 5, 1987, the couple married.

However, having other duties in life apart from work does not make life more difficult; in fact, it is even necessary to bring balance to daily life, according to Ralph. “Without her and the foundation and family, we formed, ‘one foot in, one foot out would have been very, very tough on my own.” Because there would be no balance,” Ralph stated to People last year.

“My greatest achievement has been raising my family,” he continued. Ralph and Phyllis’ lives have been filled with pleasure and joy since they married. The pleasure of becoming parents kicked in with the arrival of their first child, Julia Macchio, in 1992, and completed their life.

Ralph Macchio and Phyllis Fierro’s Way to a Strong Marriage

So, how does this pair overcome all of the difficulties in their marriages? Ralph is the guy whom many women adore; he is brilliant, renowned, and attractive. What has been the most important obstacle in their 33 years of marriage?

The remedy to all of this may seem easy, but it is tougher said than done: dedication. Ralph and Phyllis are firm believers that once they make a commitment to one other, they would go to any length to make it endure. Everything is possible if people believe, Ralph declared in one of his interviews.


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“It’s the notion that we are supposed to be together, in good times and bad, no matter what.” “We know we’ll conquer anything because we believe in it, that’s the basis of it,” he stated in his People interview. Everyone appears to understand that a healthy relationship takes hard effort on both sides as well as a desire to remain with one other for better or worse. But, if it’s so simple in real life, we may not hear about celebrity breakups as often, right, guys?

Ralph and Phyllis Fierro, on the other hand, are something else entirely. They put their words and desires into action, and they’re now completely successful in raising a happy family. Another aspect of their unusual marriage is that they spend a lot of time together, traveling on vacation and just doing monotonous tasks at home with one other. It may not be the cornerstone of a good family, but spending quality time with family is undeniably crucial.

Ralph often shares pictures of himself having fun with Phyllis Fierro and the kids. One of them is when they sail together if it seems to be from Phyllis’ labor. “Sailing for palliative care and pancreatic cancer at Port Jefferson Harbor.” Mather Hospital has won!! Ralph and his wife look fantastic together in that photo! “Great day, even better cause!” wrote the Cobra Kai star.

Ralph’s children look up to him greatly.

Ralph is a father of two children. They are Julia, born five years after they married, and Daniel, born in 1996. They look up to Ralph and follow in his footsteps. Julia and Daniel have appeared in a few films and television shows. Julia’s acting career began when she participated in Girl Most Likely in 2012. She went on to play Caitlin in Stella’s Last Weekend and Tanner in Wholly Broken.

What’s more, Julia portrayed Caitlin and Tanner in 2018. We’re talking about a brilliant and hardworking young girl right here. Daniel, on the other hand, not only acts but also composes music. Daniel is currently a composer and actor, having acted in That Was Then (2011), The Haley Project, and The Wrecks.

Daniel and Julia had an interest in art and performing that they wished to explore. Aside from that, Ralph being the excellent parent kids look up to might also play a role. Ralph never pressures his children to follow in his footsteps when it comes to professions. Daniel was the one who liked to demonstrate his support for Ralph. Daniel teased Cobra Kai on his Instagram page.

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