Google Pixel Watch: Latest Rumors About Specs, Price, And Release Date!

Pixel Watch Release Date: Google is trying to set a standard for Android phones with the Pixel phones, which are getting better and better. Can Google now do the same for smartwatches that use Wear OS? The Pixel Watch, which has been talked about for a long time, will finally be shown off later today, months after it was teased (in great detail) at Google I/O 2022.

While we wait for the Pixel watch to be unveiled, our guide has everything we know about it so far, including its likely price, hardware specs, software that comes pre-installed, and more. Along with this, The She-Hulk Finale Release Date is also the most googled topic nowadays.

Over the past few years, Google has helped sell some Wear OS (formerly Android Wear) watches, but none of them were made by Google. That will change with the Pixel Watch. Will it be the kick in the pants the Android watch market needs to get going again? We have more than a few high hopes.

The Look And Screen Of The Google Pixel Watch

We got our most up-to-date look at the Pixel Watch from an official Google video that came out before the big reveal on October 6. The video focuses on how the wearable is made and how the custom strap locking mechanism works.

It also shows a few always-on displays. It also showed that the glass watch face seems to cover the whole top half of the device, which could worry people who have broken or scratched their smartwatch screens before.

The video was later changed for other markets, apparently to make the bezel look thinner. We’ll have to wait until the official reveals to see how much of that watch face is actually on screen. After someone, likely a Google employee, left it behind at a restaurant in the US, the Pixel Watch was pretty much shown off in all its round glory.

An anonymous source (who has since been revealed to be Reddit user tagtech414) sent Android Central photos and details of the mysterious watch, saying that it looked like “a testing model for the Internal Pixel team.” That left Google with little choice but to show it all at I/O in May.

According to the leaks, the real thing is a circular smartwatch with a nearly bezel-less screen, a physical crown, and at least one button that can be seen. Even though Google hasn’t shown off the Pixel Watch charger yet, the back of the leaked model looks like it has either a charging dock like Fitbit or a way to charge wirelessly.

The rubber straps look like they’ll be soft and comfortable, but their shape makes them look like they’re made by a specific company. We hope that won’t happen for the sake of ease of use and flexibility. Straps and watch bands will use a proprietary connection that will make swapping them out easier but also limit your choices to only bands that work with your watch.

At its I/O event, Google only showed one design: a soft-touch silicone strap with two loops and a peg that should keep it in place even when you’re working out. It comes in a few different colors. 9to5Google says that the company is working on up to six different designs that will be sold separately. It’s not clear if all of them will be ready at launch, though.

You can expect a steel mesh band in the Milanese style, two kinds of leather, a solid metal link bracelet, a fabric strap, and a one-piece stretch band. That would pretty much do everything the Apple Watch does.

At launch, black, silver, and gold cases, as well as charcoal, chalk, and hazel bands, are expected. Charcoal should be dark grey, and obsidian should be black. The chalk is probably going to be an off-white color.

When Will Google Pixel Watch Come Out?

Pixel Watch Release Date

When Google officially showed off the Pixel watch for the first time at Google I/O, it didn’t say when we’d be able to buy one, but we knew there was a good chance it would come out at the same time as the Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro phones.

This was later confirmed in a tweet. It means late September or early October, which is in line with the company’s annual release cycle. The date you wrote down was October 6. The Pixel Watch was shown a lot in the video that went with it. Besides This, Are you interested to read about Dancing With The Stars Disney Night?

It doesn’t seem likely that Google will release the watch at the same time as the event. The company usually takes a week or two to get stock out into the wild. This means that customers may have to wait again before they can get one.

The dates matched up with what leaker Jon Prosser had said, which was that Google would use I/O to tease about the watch instead of showing it off in full. Evan Blass, who has a history of leaking information, also said that it “won’t be long now,” showing that he had Google training materials for Pixel Rohan.

We thought it would be like a typical Tech Teaser, which is a 20-second video with close-ups of a circular screen that make you want to know more but doesn’t show much else. Google did a good job of showing the watch from different angles and giving us a clear look at some of the software features we can expect.

Price Talk About The Google Pixel Watch

Retail sources have told 9to5Google that the Pixel Watch will start at $350 in the US for the Bluetooth/Wi-Fi model. This is not a sure thing yet, but it seems likely. The cost of a cell phone version should be $400.

That would make it a lot more than the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 and about the same as the Apple Watch Series 8. The site wants the prices in Europe to be the same as the prices in the US, not cheaper. Apart from this, Have you heard about Willie Spence’s Net Worth?

We can only get a good idea of what to expect by looking at the past and the competition until we hear otherwise. The Series 8 Apple Watch starts at £419. If we had to guess, we think the Pixel Watch will be around £350 when it comes out in the UK. This is expensive enough to be a flagship product, but maybe a step below Apple.

But an older report from WinFuture said that the Pixel Watch might come in three different versions, so we’ll have to wait and see if the prices vary.

Google Pixel Watch: Features And Software

Before the Snapdragon 3100 and then the 4100, the Snapdragon 2100 chip from Qualcomm was the smartwatch CPU of choice. If the latest rumors are true, though, the Pixel Watch could switch from Qualcomm to Samsung’s own Exynos processor.

The Big G isn’t talking about specs yet, but since it’s working with Samsung, this is more than a little plausible, and we expect the Pixel Watch to have an Exynos 9110 inside. This is a step behind the Exynos W920 processor found in the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 and Galaxy Watch 4 Classic, but rumors say it will be joined by a co-processor that will handle always-on functions and health tracking.

9to5Google says it will have “more than 1.5GB” of RAM and 32GB of storage, which is more than any other Wear OS watch on the market right now. The Snapdragon W5 and W5 Plus are the latest chips from Qualcomm that can be worn. The first of these chips are made for less advanced fitness trackers, while the second is made for smartwatches.

There’s a lot more to this than just a new name. The CPU is made using a 4nm process, which is smaller than the 12nm process used to make chips from the last generation. Because of this, it will use much less power and pass more tasks to the coprocessor than before. Whether or not it will be on the Pixel Watch? That is still up in the air right now.

Oh, and it will, of course, run Wear OS, a smartwatch platform made in collaboration with Samsung and powered by Fitbit, which is owned by Google. Before the Pixel Watch came out, an updated Play Store listing showed key features such as step count, sleep tracking, heart rate, and hourly activity, as well as a workout screen with colored bars that seemed to show heart rate zones.

The Expected Battery Life Of The Google Pixel Watch

At first, it was thought that the Pixel Watch would have a much longer battery life than its Samsung competitor. According to 9to5Google, the Pixel Watch will have a 300mAh cell, while the Galaxy Watch 4 only has a 247mAh battery.

How long the battery lasts will depend on a number of factors, including how much power the software uses, but the report says that “about a day” is a typical use case. Whether the CPU comes from Samsung or Qualcomm will also be important.

At the moment, that’s all we know about the Google Pixel Watch, but we’ll let you know about any new developments before it comes out. Keep watching.


Google has a smartwatch. After years of rumors, Google’s Pixel Watch has arrived with Fitbit at its core. Google’s first smartwatch is interesting. Advanced exercise and health tracking features, design principles, and durability. The Pixel Watch explained.

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