Rich Brian Net Worth: Does Rich Make His Own Beats?

Rich Brian Net Worth: There is an Indonesian rapper, record producer, and composer by the name of Rich Brian. Even though he’s still a teenager, he’s already being spoken about as a future superstar in the music industry. Following the success of his 2016 debut track, “Dat $tick,” he quickly became a household name.

The ‘Recording Industry Association of America’ later awarded the song with a ‘gold’ certification (RIAA). He was born and raised in Jakarta, Indonesia’s bustling capital, and received most of his education from his parents. They were residents of a neighbourhood that may be classified as lower middle class.

Around 2010, he stumbled across the Internet and its vast social media community, where he quickly immersed himself by posting videos of himself, mostly comedy sketches, to YouTube. Self-taught through exposure to American pop music and video content on ‘YouTube,’ he was able to quickly acquire the language.

He made his debut rap album when he was only 14 years old. He is one of the few Indonesian musicians to break into the American mainstream with the publication of his debut album, Amen, in February 2018.

Rich Brian Net Worth
Rich Brian Net Worth

Rich Brian Early Life

Rich On September 3, 1999, Brian Imanuel was born in Jakarta, Indonesia. His dad was in the legal field. In addition, they managed a cosy eatery for the whole family. Both of his parents are of Chinese ancestry. As a child, Rich was one of four siblings.

The family had enough money to live comfortably, yet they choose to remain in an undesirable neighbourhood. Because of this, Rich’s parents did all they could to protect him from the outside world. Therefore, he invested most of his time in front of a screen, be it a computer or television.

In fact, Rich never attended a traditional school. His spare time was spent assisting his parents in the family eatery. He was able to devote more time to his interests outside of schoolwork, like music and the internet.

At one point, he wanted to figure out how to solve a “Rubik’s Cube,” and he eventually learned that he could use the internet to do so. After doing so, he accessed his father’s computer and learned about a whole new world. You may also read Ric Ocasek’s Net Worth

He started using YouTube and Twitter excessively. At the tender age of eleven, he decided to launch his own “YouTube” channel in an effort to gain widespread exposure. To build a following, he adopted the YouTube model popular in the United States and posted several sketch comedies with a dark twist. Over time, his videos gained popularity and spread around the Internet.

When he was 15, he left YouTube for the more engaging site “Vine,” where he quickly gained popularity. He was not homeschooled and English was not his native language because he was born and raised in Indonesia. Later on, though, he picked up the language by absorbing American pop culture through YouTube videos.

A virtual American friend of Brian’s turned him on to American hip-hop. At the time, he had aspirations of becoming a professional filmmaker and eventually settling in Hollywood. But after hearing Kanye West, Drake, and Logic, he shifted gears. In 2014, he penned his first rap song and recorded it on his ‘iPhone’ using a pre-existing track. His musical career took off within a short time frame.

Rich Brian Career

By July 2015, Brian was using the online alias “Rich Chigga” and posting music videos of his own rap tunes. His first music video was uploaded on YouTube, and it was titled “Living the Dream.” DJ Smokey produced the song, which gained a lot of attention.

For a while, he was virtually indistinguishable from American rappers since he was one of the few Indonesian rappers who could write raps in immaculate English. In February 2016, he made his first major breakthrough when he posted the music video for his tune “Dat $tick” on the video-sharing website YouTube.

The single started off slowly, but it quickly gained popularity. The tune became so popular that it was eventually heard all the way in America. In that region, a number of rappers and “YouTubers” decided to make parody versions of the song, which helped to increase its popularity. Since its upload, the film has received over 90 million “views” on YouTube.

In the end, the ‘RIAA’ gave the song a “gold” certification. It also became a #1 hit on other rap charts in the United States. After the popularity of his first track, Brian followed it up in August 2016 with another offering titled “Who That Be.” He distributed it on the online music store iTunes.

Following in the footsteps of ‘Dat $tick,’ this song also found widespread success in Indonesia and the United States. After waiting a few months, Brian finally dropped the “Dat $tick” remix. Following the success of his first two singles, he released his third, titled “Seventeen.” Within the first few days of the song’s publication on YouTube, it racked up more than a million “views.”

Midway through 2017, he had already established himself as a major name in the United States. Many other record labels in the United States contacted him. In April 2017, he went on a month-long tour of the United States, during which time his fame skyrocketed. Along with this, you can read another related article John Aniston Net Worth

Gospel, his second song this year, featured American rappers XXXTentacion and Keith Ape and was released in May. The song went viral on YouTube and amassed over 21 million “views” in less than five months after its initial release. The track was uploaded to the official ’88Rising channel on YouTube.

At the “Indonesian Choice Awards” in May of 2017, Brian was named “Breakthrough Artist of the Year.” In a similar vein, Brian mentioned in an interview around this time that he was putting the finishing touches on his first album, which was being recorded in Los Angeles.

The song “Glow Like Dat” by Brian was released on ’88Rising’s channel on August 15, 2017. A tour of the United States for the next two months was also announced in the same month. Brian’s singles “Chaos” and “Crisis” came out at year’s end. The second one features 21 Savage, a famous American rapper, and was recorded with him.

Brian stated in December 2017 via his Twitter account that his debut album, titled “Amen,” will be released in February 2018. Brian officially adopted the name “Brian” in January 2018. Because he was beginning to explore more serious subject matter on his debut album, he decided to take this step to ensure that his listeners would take him seriously.

Later in his career, though, he decided to go by the name “Rich Brian.” As soon as its February 2 release, the album Amen was a smash hit. After the album’s release and subsequent popularity, Rich made history by being the first Asian artist to top the “iTunes Hip Hop” chart.

Rich Brian Personal Life

Rich In the middle of 2015, rumours spread that Brian was seeing someone. My girlfriend at the time lived in Maryland, so we had to maintain a long-distance relationship. In recent years, Rich has made Los Angeles something of a second home for him.

Rich Brian Net Worth
Rich Brian Net Worth

Once, he got himself into trouble for using the stage moniker “Rich Chigga,” which was seen as having racist overtones. Later in his career, he decided to adopt a new stage name.

Rich Brian Net Worth

One million dollars is the net worth of Rich Brian, an Indonesian rapper, singer, songwriter, and record producer. Brian Rich was born in September of 1999 in Jakarta, Indonesia. He previously went by the name Rich Chigga.

In 2016, his debut single “Dat $tick” became a SoundCloud phenomenon, eventually going gold and peaking at number four on the US R&B/Hip-Hop Bubbling Under chart. In 2018, 88rising Music and Empire Records presented Rich Brian’s first full-length studio album, titled Amen.

Does Rich Brian Make His Own Beats?

Brian wanted to learn how to produce music in addition to rapping, so he trained himself by emulating his favourite producers and instrumentalists. “My mission was to recreate the original’s signature drum sound,” he told Pitchfork.

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