Rings Of Power Finale: Ending Explained And What To Expect In Season 2!

Rings Of Power Finale: The Rings of Power’s first season finale is packed with action, magical jewelry, enormous emotional stakes, and agonizing anxiety. “Alloyed” doesn’t wrap up every plot thread from the first season, but it does resolve many of the key concerns while leaving us with enough fresh plot twists to ponder until season 2.

Here’s a summary of the season 1 finale’s main reveals and what they may signify for season 2, plus some cast comments. Along with this, Midnight Club Season 2 is also the most googled topic nowadays.

Sauron’s Identity Revealed

We finally know who Sauron is after weeks of conjecture and fan hypotheses. The Rings of Power makes something many viewers guessed weeks before feel like a gut hit. Because Halbrand, the only person Galadriel has trusted in ages, is really her biggest enemy.

Halbrand had done a good job disguising his secret identity for much of the season, but coming in Ost-in-Edhil seems to have shaken him loose: He gets too excited about Celebrimbor’s workshop and starts dropping hints no one asked for about using magical elements to manipulate flesh like a creeper.

“I’ve had an epiphany. “This idea I’ve been working on, the power over the flesh,” Sauron/Halbrand actor Charlie Vickers tells Den of Geek. Sauron guides Celebrimbor in the appropriate path, and the Elven smith instantly begins forging strong items from the mithril he has. Sauron will build the One Ring with these rings to control all Middle-earth ringbearers.

By the end of the episode, Sauron’s ploy has worked, but not before he tells Galadriel his secret identity, rubbing her face in the fact that she was the reason he could return to Middle-earth and confessing that he’d like to continue using her. This time, she’s cooperating.

The Stranger Is An Ishtar, But Is He Gandalf?

The Rings of Power doesn’t confirm it, but it’s probably Gandalf the Grey. Aside from the many similarities we’ve noticed (the grey cloak, the affinity for fire, the connection to hobbit-like creatures), one line gives the game away.

As the Stranger and Nori head to Rhun, they wonder where to go next. When in doubt, follow your nose, the Stranger says after sniffing the air. This is Gandalf’s advice to the hobbits in The Fellowship of the Ring. Besides this, Have you heard about The Watcher Season 2?

Daniel Weyman, who plays the Stranger, won’t reveal his character’s name, but he can reveal what’s on his mind in the lead-up to season 2: “He still doesn’t know how to control this tremendous gift, and he still has this burning concept about this constellation.” He tells Den of Geek that they’re his motivation.

The Three Witches

The season 1 conclusion of The Rings of Power doesn’t reveal who the Dweller, Nomad, and Ascetic are, but it does show what they want. The three beings appear to come from the East, where Sauron will cement his authority and where Easterlings will constitute a large portion of his army. One will become a Nazgul.

They’ve been following the Stranger, assuming he’s an amnesiac Sauron, and their obsessive loyalty to him feels like a cult. Though the Stranger banishes the entities to the darkness after he achieves control of his powers, it’s probable we’ll see them (or someone similar) in future episodes.

Rings Of Power Finale

Rings Of Power Finale: Who Dies?

“Alloyed” has relatively few deaths for a season finale. The Stranger and Nori’s family had a close encounter with the Sauron-loving mystics and their devastating fire, but the most prominent character to die is Harfoot chieftain Sadoc Burrows (Lenny Henry), who is stabbed by a witch and dies (relatively) quietly while viewing a sunrise.

The death of bedridden Numenorean King Tar-Palantir (Ken Blackburn) is not startling. His death doesn’t bode well for Miriel and Elendil’s reappearance in season 2.

“Alloyed” doesn’t spend much time in Numenor because it has so much to cover, but a few interesting and potentially impactful things happen. Apart from this, Are you interested to read about Herschel Walker’s Net Worth?

Miriel and Elendil arrive on the island to find black banners and black sails signaling the king’s death. Is this foreshadowing the book’s Sauron-supporting Black Numenoreans?

Elendil, still mourning his son, strains to tell Miriel the truth. Neither of them knows that Chancellor Pharazôn is now in charge—or was at the time of the king’s death—so whether a coup against the kingdom’s newly blinded regent is imminent is unknown.

Elendil’s daughter, Eärien (Ema Horvath), is part of a group of artists constructing the king’s tomb. While she’s sketching his dying figure, he begins speaking to her as if she were his daughter, begging her to return to the old ways and directing her down a hidden hallway. Eärien finds the palantir there.

What About Sauron’s Trap?

Galadriel refuses the One Ring when Frodo presents it to her in The Fellowship of the Ring, saying it would make her a Dark Queen “as lovely and awful as the dawn.” But that’s not the first time she’s had to do so. Sauron requested her to be his queen in Mordor in the Second Age, according to the conclusion.

Galadriel wants to say yes, but Morfydd Clark, who plays her, says she knows the danger. Clark says she won’t take such risks again because they were so costly. She sees herself as an atomic bomb. Sauron reveals her wicked might. Even the smallest temptation is alarming.”

Sauron tries to convince her by showing her visions of her dead brother Finrod and recreating their time on the raft. He vows to make her “stronger than the earth’s foundations,” foreshadowing Galadriel’s remark in Fellowship rejecting the One Ring.

Galadriel’s complex relationship with Halbrand has been a highlight of The Rings of Power’s first season—Clark calls it “cosmic”—with many viewers predicting a romance might blossom between them, though the revelation that he is her worst enemy cools any hope that the pair might get together romantically. Galadriel’s centuries-long resolve to defeat him gains a new dimension.

Vickers doesn’t consider the pair’s connection “romantic,” but he acknowledges their special closeness. Dark Lord seeks to exploit it. He says, “I think he’s attracted to her.” Since the First Age, he hasn’t met many peers. He thinks she’ll help him design faster. Sauron’s connection with Galadriel is selfish.

He thinks he’ll obtain what he wants faster if she’s on his side. He liked working for Morgoth because he got his way faster. It’s not the end of the world if she says no to him.

The Other Rings?

The Elves have created three Rings of Power, but there will be 20 total. Galadriel swears that only Elven hands can touch them, yet it seems unlikely that the other races of Middle-earth will let them have such power for long.

Celebrimbor will likely construct the rest of these rings, although why is unknown. Will Dwarves demand elf equity? Who tells the Men? Season 2 has more questions.


The Rings of Power’s first season finale is action-packed and filled with emotional stakes and fear. “Alloyed” doesn’t wrap up every plot thread from the first season, but it resolves several significant problems and leaves us with fresh plot twists for season 2.

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