Roland Orzabal Net Worth: Is He The Highest-Paid Singer In The World?

Roland Orzabal Net Worth: Raoul Jaime Orzabal de la Quintana was born on August 22, 1961. He is a musician and singer/songwriter with French, Argentinian, Spanish-Basque, and English roots. He is best known as the lead singer of the mysterious New Wave duo “Tears for Fears.”

So, how much money does Ronald Orzabal have? Sources say that Ronald’s career in the music business, which began in the early 1980s, has made him worth more than $20 million.

His assets include a big estate with a recording studio in Durham, England, a house in Los Angeles, California, and a good collection of old electric guitars. Along with this, Bobby Knight’s Net Worth is also the most googled topic nowadays.

Early Life And Education

He comes from Spain and Argentina. Orzabal grew up in the towns of Havant and Bath. He went to Culverhay School and joined the Zenith Youth Theater Company in the first town. Orzabal has been writing songs since he was young.

When he was a teenager, Orzabal and a classmate named John Baker played at pubs and clubs in the area. They would often start their shows by singing “Mrs Robinson” by Simon & Garfunkel, which was in the hit movie “The Graduate.”

So, the two of them started playing together under the name Graduate. Soon, they got drummer Andy Marsden, keyboardist Steve Buck, and Curt Smith, a friend of Orzabal’s who plays bass. Graduate’s first album, “Acting My Age,” came out in 1980. The single “Elvis Should Play Ska” came from this album. In late 1980, Orzabal left the band soon after coming back from a hard tour of Germany.

Tears For Fears

Orzabal’s pop rock band Tears for Fears, which he started with Curt Smith in 1981, was by far his most successful job. Tears for Fears was a new wave synthesizer band of the time, and they were also influenced by the work of psychologist Arthur Janov. Orzabal plays guitar, sings, and writes most of the band’s songs.

“The Hurting,” Tears for Fears’ first album, came out in 1983. It was a huge success: it went to number one on the UK Albums Chart and gave rise to three hit singles: “Mad World,” “Change,” and “Pale Shelter.” “Songs from the Big Chair,” which came out in 1985, was the group’s second big hit.

It went to number one on the US Billboard 200. “Shout” and “Everybody Wants to Rule the World” were both number-one hits in the US. In 1989, Tears for Fears released “The Seeds of Love,” which went straight to the top of the UK Albums Chart and gave us the hits “Sowing the Seeds of Love,” “Woman in Chains,” and “Advice for the Young at Heart.”

Even though their band was popular, Smith and Orzabal had a fight that led to them splitting up in 1991. Orzabal kept making music as Tears for Fears. In the 1990s, he put out the albums “Elemental” and “Raoul and the Kings of Spain.” Besides this, Are you interested to read about Nick Swisher’s Net Worth?

At the start of the new millennium, Orzabal and Smith were able to get along again. In 2004, they put out the album “Everybody Loves a Happy Ending.” “The Tipping Point,” the next album by Tears for Fears, didn’t come out until 2022. But the wait was worth it because the album was praised by critics and helped the band reach its highest chart position in 30 years.

Bobby Knight’s  Career

In 2001, Orzabal put out a solo album called “Tomcats Screaming Outside.” Alan Griffiths played guitar and keyboards on the album and also helped make it. “Low Life” was the first single from “Tomcats Screaming Outside.”

As a producer, Orzabal is known for his work with Oleta Adams, a singer and pianist whom he helped find. In 1990, he helped make her hit album “Circle of One” and wrote the song “Rhythm of Life,” which was the album’s first single.

Orzabal co-produced the album “Love in the Time of Science” by the Icelandic singer-songwriter Emilana Torrini. This is just one of the many albums he has worked on. He also helped write “Wednesday’s Child” and “Baby Blue” for the album.

Roland Orzabal Net Worth

Bobby Knight’s Personal Life

Orzabal married Caroline Johnston, the girl he had been seeing since he was a teenager, in 1982. They had two sons together. Johnston died in 2017 from cirrhosis of the liver and dementia that were caused by his drinking. Five years later, Orzabal got married to Emily Rath, a photographer, and writer.

Orzabal wrote his first book, a romantic comedy called “Sex, Drugs, and Opera,” in 2014. The main character of the book is a middle-aged pop star named Solomon Capri. He decides to go on the reality TV show “Popstar to Operastar” to help his career and his marriage, both of which are in trouble. Apart from this, Have you heard about Stipe Miocic Net Worth?

What Is Roland Orzabal’s Net Worth?

The British musician, songwriter, and record producer Roland Orzabal is worth $40 million. Roland Orzabal is best known for helping to start the English pop-rock band Tears for Fears and playing in it. He is the only member of Tears for Fears who has always been there.

He has been on all of their albums, from “The Hurting” in 1983 to “The Tipping Point” in 2022. Orzabal has also written a romantic comedy novel and put out a solo album. In 1983, their first studio album, The Hurting, came out. The album was certified Platinum in the UK and Gold in the US.

It was number one on the UK Albums chart. Songs from the Big Chair, their album from 1985, was number one in the US, Germany, and the Netherlands, and number two in the UK and New Zealand. The album was given seven Platinum awards in Canada, five Platinum awards in the US, and three Platinum awards in the UK.

In 1989, their third album, The Seeds of Love, was number one in the UK and in the top ten in the US, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Sweden, New Zealand, and Italy. “Shout” and “Everybody Wants to Rule the World” were their two biggest hits. Both songs reached #1 on the US Billboard 200, and you can still hear them in commercials, TV shows, and movies.

Tears for Fears have sold more than 30 million albums all over the world, including more than 8 million in the United States. In 2001, Orzabal put out his first solo studio album, Tomcats Screaming Outside. In 2014, his book Sex, Drugs, and Opera came out. Two Ivor Novello Awards were given to him for writing songs.


Worth $40 million is Roland Orzabal, a British musician, composer, and record producer. A musician and co-founder of the English pop-rock band Tears for Fears, Roland Orzabal is widely recognized for his contributions to the group’s success. He’s the lone constant in the band Tears for Fears.

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