Roman Reigns Net Worth, Career and Personal Details!! (May 2022 Updates)

 Roman Reigns presently makes more than other superstars who have been wrestling for longer than him, despite the fact that he has been in the industry for more than 13 years. WWE accounts for the majority of his earnings, with movies accounting for only a small portion. Reigns played alongside his “cousin” The Rock in the critically acclaimed film Hobbs and Shaw, in addition to The Wrong Missy, a Netflix comedy.

He has a successful career in WWE which gave him both fame and a name. People are always interested to know how lavish his life is and how much money he makes from Wrestling. Roman Reigns, like other wrestlers, has a penchant for cars and owns a few high-end vehicles. A Mercedes-Benz SUV, a Corvette Z06 Lamborghini Huracan, a Range Rover, and a Toyota Fortuner are among the automobiles owned by him. Here we will talk about the net worth of Roman Reigns and his personal details.


Roman Reigns

Joseph “Joe” Anoai, better known by his ring name Roman Reigns, is a professional wrestler and actor presently signed with WWE. He is a three-time WWE world champion. His athleticism and in-ring skills have helped him climb the ranks and become one of the most successful wrestlers in recent years. Roman Reigns’ star power has landed him matches with John Cena, The Undertaker, and Brock Lesnar, making him one of the highest-paid wrestlers in WWE history. After medical testing precluded him from competing in the NFL, He began his professional wrestling career. The WWE Superstar earns a significant sum from apparel sales, exceeding fellow Shield member Seth Rollins and WWE superstar John Cena, in addition to his great basic income.


Joseph Leati Sika and Patricia Anoa’i gave birth to Joe Anoa’i on May 25, 1985. Growing up in a family of professional wrestlers, it was inevitable that Reigns would follow in his father’s footsteps. Roman’s father was a well-known wrestler who was a member of the Wild Samoans tag team. He was interested in football despite wrestling being a large part of his family. He moved to Escambia High School after a brief time with Pensacola High School, where he continued to play football. Roman received numerous awards in high school, including the Defensive Player of the Year title.

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His Salary & Net Worth

Roman Reigns is the world’s second-highest-paid wrestler, with a base salary of $5 million per year. He earns hefty incentives from PPV appearances, as well as t-shirt sales and television deals, in addition to his base wage. Roman Reigns is a major eventer, which means he not only gets first-class travel but also stays in 5-star hotel suites, all provided by the WWE.

The fact that Roman Reigns is a WWE superstar explains his large salary. It’s worth noting that not all WWE wrestlers are treated equally. Roman first entered the WWE in 2013, earning $227,750 per year. His annual compensation increased to $314,000 the next year, following an outstanding debut. Roman Reigns made over a million dollars in 2015. He was the highest-paid full-time wrestler and the second-highest-paid wrestler overall in 2020, trailing only part-timer Brock Lesnar.

Roman Reigns inked a new multi-year contract with the WWE in 2019, indicating that he will remain with the company for at least another several years. He is anticipated to stay with WWE for at least four years after John Cena’s exit to Hollywood.

Roman Reigns’ decision to pursue a full-time film career before his contract expires, based on what we’ve seen in the past, might leave a big void. As a result, the organization needs to have a contingency plan in place, especially since Roman has expressed interest in pursuing a career in cinema. Roman Reigns has a net worth of $2.2 billion and is one of the richest WWE superstars.

Career in Football

College Life

Joseph Anoi’a attended Georgia Tech after an outstanding high school career. Joe was a three-year starter at Georgia Tech, getting his first start during his sophomore season. Joe was named team captain during his senior year. Joe was chosen All-ACC captain in addition to receiving All-ACC honors after an amazing 40 tackles and four recoveries.

Edmonton Eskimos/Minnesota Vikings

Joe was once again impressive throughout his college years, and the Minnesota Vikings selected him in the NFL draught. Joe was diagnosed with Leukemia after a team physical, and the team released him the same month. Joe received another offer from the Edmonton Eskimos of the Canadian League shortly after his football career was abruptly cut short. Joe appeared in five games and made three starts during his one-year stay with the organization. Joe’s most memorable game with the Eskimos occurred against the Hamilton Tiger-Cats when he made five tackles and forced a turnover. He was released for the second time after barely a year with the organization.

Wrestling Professional Career


Roman Reigns would be assigned to the WWE’s developmental territory FCW after signing a contract with the promotion. Reigns made his first-ever televised debut wrestling under the pseudonym Joseph Leakee during a 15-man battle royal after an outstanding start. Reigns returned to the ring a few months later in another battle royal before teaming up with Donny Marlow to dominate FCW’s tag team division. Big E Langston and Calvin Reigns, the reigning champions, were defeated by the team. During a one-on-one match, Reigns successfully pinned the FCW title.

Despite the fact that it was a non-title bout, Reigns had already demonstrated his potential, and it was evident that he would become one of the company’s greatest stars in the future years. Reigns won another match in February 2012, this time against Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose.

After a decisive victory over Mike Dalton, Reigns would become the next FCW champion. WWE rebranded FCW to NXT in August of the same year. Joe Anoa’i opted to reinvent himself as Roman Reigns and made his NXT debut under that alias.

The  Shield

Roman Reigns debuted on the main roster alongside Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose at the Survivor Series. The new team would make their main roster debut by attacking Ryback in a series of attacks, allowing CM Punk to retain his World Championship title. The squad would be known as The Shield, and they vowed to rid the WWE of all injustice and wickedness.

Despite denials that they were working with CM Punk, the squad would frequently emerge from the audience and assault Punk’s opponents, notably Kane and Daniel Bryan. The Shield’s adventure in WWE’s tag team division would begin with their debut match at TLC in a six-man tag team match against Team Hell No (Kane and Daniel Bryan) and Ryback. In their first-ever main roaster battle, the Shield would come out on top.

The trio of Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins, and Dean Ambrose would go unbeaten until they were disqualified in a match against Daniel Bryan, John Cena, and Kane. The faction would win their first gold at Extreme Rules by defeating Team Hell No in a tag team championship bout. The Shield would eventually link up with “The Authority” after successfully defending their titles in a series of matches, leading to a feud with Goldust and Cody Rhodes. The Shield would finally lose their tag team belts to Cody Rhodes and Goldust on October 14th.

World Champion of WWE

The World Heavyweight title was left vacant after Seth Rollins damaged his knee, and a tournament was held to find a new champion. The Big Show would be defeated first, followed by Cesaro in the quarterfinals. He then defeated Alberto el Rio in the semi-finals before defeating Dean Ambrose in the finals to become the new world heavyweight title.

Roman Reigns
Roman Reigns with WWE Title

Sheamus, however, would cash in his money in the bank contract a few minutes after capturing the world title, therefore ending Roman Reigns’ reign at 5 minutes. After a decisive victory against Sheamus at TLC, Roman Reigns recovered his championship.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who’s the father of Roman Reigns?

Roman Reigns is the son of WWE Hall of Famer Sika. Many wrestling fans will remember Sika as a member of The Wild Samoans in WWE’s tag team division. Sika debuted professionally in 1973 as part of the Wild Samoans duo at the Stampede. Due to their sarongs, and unusual activities such as eating raw fish and wrestling without shoes, the duo became an instant hit.

 Who Is His wife?

In 2014, Galina Becker and Joseph “Roman Reigns” Anoai married. Galina and Roman Reigns met in college at Georgia Tech and began dating. Joseph and Galina got engaged in 2012 after dating for a few years.

Galina Becker was a successful track star, long jump athlete, and record holder in her early years, representing both Georgia Tech and her high school. The couple planned to marry in 2004 on a private island in the Bahamas. Jojo, their daughter, would also be present on this special day. The couple will be blessed with two twin sons two years after their spectacular wedding.

Is The Rock related to Roman Reigns?

Roman Reigns and The Rock are not biologically related. While the two are not related, they do have a close relationship, and Rock’s grandfather is an honorary member of the family. The family extends beyond genetics in Samoan culture, as friendships created outside of family ties can eventually lead to family relations.

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Is there a link between Roman Reigns and the Usos?

Roman Reigns and The Uso’s are first cousins and members of the Anoi’a family. Roman Reigns and the Usos actually spent their childhood years together, even playing for the same children’s football club.

Tamina, Uso Brothers, The Rock, Rikishi, and many others are members of the Anoi’a family. The Rock, however, is an honorary member of the family, unlike Rikishi and the Usos. Rikishi Fatu’s sons are the Usos, while Famer Sika’s son is Roman Reigns.

Who is the real brother of Roman?

Roman Reigns’ older brother was Rosey. Rosey, like the rest of his family, was a well-known professional wrestler most known for his tenure with WWE. Rosey dominated the tag team division battling under the moniker The Super Heroes with the Hurricane.

Final Lines

Roman Reigns is one of the greatest wrestlers of all time. He has made his way with a lot of struggle and hard work. His dedication to the sport is remarkable and inspirational. Let us sum this up, we hope you love to read our articles. Drop down your valuable comments and tell how what else you want to know about him!

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