What IS RTX 3060? Why It Is Not Worth Buying In September 2022?

RTX 3060 Ti: Nvidia is going to update some of its RTX 30 series GPUs in a small way. The RTX 3060, the RTX 3060 Ti, and the RTX 3070 Ti could be on the updated boards. Small hardware changes are said to be in the works for all three cards. Now, VideoCardz has confirmed that the RTX 3060 and RTX 3060 Ti will come out sometime after the RTX 40 series.

MEGAsizeGPU, a hardware leaker, said on Twitter last week that the new RTX 3060, RTX 3060 Ti, and RTX 3070 Ti models are being made, with only minor changes to their specs. The leaker says that the updated RTX 3060 will use the GA106 GPU and have 8 GB of GDDR6 memory, which is 4 GB less than the original RTX 3060. The bus width of the GPU is also said to be getting narrower, going from 192 bits to 128 bits. Also, the memory bandwidth will only be 240 GB/s, which is 120 GB/s less than the original RTX 3060. Along with this, RTX 2080 Is also the most searched topic on google nowadays.

What Is Nevada?

Nvidia Corporation[note 1] [note 2] (/node/ en-VID-ee-) is an American multinational technology company based in Santa Clara, California. It was founded in Delaware and has its main office there. It is a software and a fabless company that designs graphics processing units (GPUs), application programming interfaces (APIs) for data science and high-performance computing, and system-on-chip units (SoCs) for the mobile computing and automotive markets. Nvidia is the leader in hardware and software for artificial intelligence around the world. Its professional line of GPUs is used in workstations for applications in architecture, engineering, construction, media and entertainment, automotive, scientific research, and manufacturing design.

In addition to making GPUs, Nvidia offers an API called CUDA that lets people make programs that use GPUs in a very large number of parallel processes. They are used in places around the world that do supercomputing.  It has recently moved into the mobile computing market, where it makes Tegra mobile processors for smartphones and tablets as well as navigation and entertainment systems for cars. Other companies that compete with it are AMD, Intel, Qualcomm, and AI-accelerator companies like Graphcore.

GPUs made by Nvidia are used in edge-to-cloud computing and supercomputers. Nvidia makes the accelerators, or GPUs, for many of them, including the previous fastest, which has since been replaced. The current fastest and most power-efficient supercomputers are powered by AMD GPUs and CPUs. Nvidia also expanded its presence in the gaming industry with the Shield Portable, Shield Tablet, Shield Android TV, and GeForce Now. Apart from this, Are you interested to read about Rick Ross’ Net Worth?

On September 13, 2020, Nvidia said that it planned to buy Arm from SoftBank, pending regulatory approval, for a total of US$40 billion in cash and stock. This would be the largest acquisition of a semiconductor company to date. SoftBank Group will buy a little less than 10% of Nvidia, and Arm’s headquarters would stay in Cambridge. On February 7, 2022, Nvidia said it wasn’t going to buy Arm anymore because there were more rules to follow. At the time it fell through, the deal was worth $66B. It would have been the biggest chip deal ever. Apart from this, Have you heard about WYC Groesbeck’s Net Worth?

Specifications Of RTX 3060 Ti

There’s a good chance that Nvidia will show off the first GPUs with the Ada Lovelace architecture during a GeForce Beyond special on Tuesday, April 16. But it is expected and common for Nvidia to start with the most expensive consumer products and work their way down over the next few months. With Ampere, things took a long time. It took five months from the launch of the GeForce RTX 3090 to the launch of the RTX 3060, and it’s best not to talk about the RTX 3050. (add a further 11 months).

So, we expect the RTX 4090 to be announced at GeForce Beyond on September 20. We might also get some information about price and availability. If we’re lucky, we know about the GeForce RTX 4080 and RTX 4070 in the same way. The graphics editor for Tom’s Hardware has recently told people not to buy the high-end Ampere series. In the meantime, Nvidia and its partners are pushing the RTX 3080 and higher more with price cuts and a new promotion for Spider-Man Remastered. Besides this, Have you heard about Nicki Minaj’s Net Worth?

Release Date Of  Navida RtX 3060 Ti

RTX 3060 Ti
RTX 3060 Ti

There were still not enough RTX 30 series cards in 2021, just like there have been since the cards came out. In February, Nvidia said that the RTX 3060 cards would be able to find algorithms for mining the Ethereum cryptocurrency and cut the hash rate in half. This was done to discourage crypto miners from buying the cards. NVIDIA accidentally released a driver update that turned off the detection soon after the game came out. TechRadar said in March that the shortages could last until the third quarter of the year, in part because there was a shortage of GDDR6 memory around the world and crypto miners bought up all the cards.

In April, Hong Kong Customs and Excise took 300 CMP cards that didn’t have videos. Nvidia has officially announced that on May 18, 2021, it will release new RTX 3080, RTX 3070, and RTX 3060 Ti-Lite Hash Rate (LHR) SKUs. These will limit the Ethash mining hash rate. On June 3, Nvidia released the RTX 3080 Ti, and a week later, on June 10, it released the RTX 3070 Ti. Both had the hash rate limiter for cryptocurrency mining. Several attempts have been made to meet the need. EVGA has a system that puts people in a line. The goal is to keep cards from selling out too quickly and to cut down on the time people have to wait.

RTX 3060 Ti Ram

Twitter leaker Zed Wang, aka MEGAsizedGPU, says that Nvidia and its partners are making at least three more GeForce RTX 30-series graphics cards (opens in new tab). The latest green team rumor says that an RTX 3060 8GB, an RTX 3060 Ti with GDDR6X, and an RTX 3070 Ti based on the GA102 GPU are all in the works. But we think that adding these cards soon would show that mid-range GeForce RTX 40-series (Ada Lovelace) cards won’t be on the market for a few more months.

If this is true, a new GeForce RTX 3060 with 8GB of RAM might make the biggest splash, since the X060 is often the most popular SKU of any generation. Obviously, this new model will have less VRAM than the first (from 12GB to 8GB), but no other changes have been revealed. In the worst case, Nvidia might cut the bus from 192 bits to 128 bits for 8GB, which would cut both the amount of memory and the amount of data that can be sent. Without rebalancing in some other way (CUDA cores, clocks, or memory speeds), it will just be worse than the RTX 3060 that is already on the market, which would be a change that gamers would be very upset about.

If Zed Wang’s information is correct, the new GeForce RTX 3060 Ti might get a change for the better. This model’s memory speed is said to be getting a big boost. It will switch from using 8GB of 14 Gbps GDDR6 to 19 Gbps GDDR6X for the same amount of memory. Based on this information, we can expect a 35% increase in memory bandwidth. Besides RTX 3060 Ti, Are you interested to read about Nicole Scherzinger’s Net Worth?

RTX 3060 Ti Prices And Graphics

The RTX 3060 Ti is a fast renderer. 15% slower than the RTX 3070. This video card’s 1080p resolution makes it more interesting. The 3060 Ti excels at today’s highest resolution. When introduced in 2020, the 3060 Ti was an excellent value. This card was superior to the RX 6600 XT at $330. RTX 3060 Ti grew in popularity. Video card prices increased this year after two years of scalping. Nvidia graphics cards are $100 to $150 more than AMD’s MSRP.

This contrasts with heavily discounted Nvidia graphics cards. RX 6600 XT 8 GB, the 3060 Ti’s direct counterpart, costs $330. The GPU is slower than Nvidia’s. Users can rationalize the performance difference for $100. The RX 6600 XT was a worse value in 2020 than the 3060 Ti. Today, everything changed. Radeon RX 6700 XT 12 GB costs $10 more than RTX 3060 Ti’s MSRP. This card was previously a 1440p contender to the RTX 3070. In every workload and video card, the RX 6700 XT surpasses the 3060 Ti.


Nvidia is going to update some of its RTX 30 series GPUs in a small way. The RTX 3060, the RTX 3060 Ti, and the RTX 3070 Ti could be on the updated boards. The RTX 3060 Ti is a fast renderer. 15% slower than the RTX 3070. This video card’s 1080p resolution makes it more interesting. The 3060 Ti excels at today’s highest resolution.

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