Russia Ukraine War Updates: EU Planning To Ban Russian Oil

The war has been going on for over months and it does not seem to stop. Recently Japan has offered humanitarian help to Ukraine. Russia had already made it clear that helping Ukraine will be considered an Anti-Russian move by them.  Russia has put sanctions against a total of 63 Japanese officials including Top Journalists and Professors because they consider it unacceptable rhetoric against Russia. The list also includes Prime minister Fumio Kishida, Foreign Minister Yoshimasa Hayashi, and Defence Minister Nobuo Kishi on an indefinite ban on entering Russia.

EU Sanction on Russia

EU has been continuously putting sanctions on Russia to put pressure on it. In the sixth round, The European Commission President Ursula stated that” Sberbank which is one of the biggest banks currently operating in Europe will find another better option that SWIFT transaction system.

EU countries have been looking for alternatives to Russian gas. Till now Europe has been importing Russian gas to generate Electricity and warm up homes. Ditching Russian gas will be a hard-to-replace decision and it will definitely affect the economies of these countries.

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Ukraine fears Belarus joining the war

Belarus has been a time-tested ally of Russia for a long period of time. Russia suffered a massive loss of its army personnel during the war. For the past few days, Belarus has been doing Drills that propose a threat to Ukraine.

Andriy Demchenko, a Ukrainian official said in an interview,” Ukraine is totally ready for any such military interference by its neighboring country.

Russian Statement Over Attacks

Russia has confirmed that it has attacked and destroyed over six railway stations in Ukraine which were being continuously to supply western weapons to Ukrainian forces.  They have also confirmed that Russian forces had hit almost 40 Ukrainian military areas, four of which were storing ammunations for Ukrainian forces.

EU Latest sanction on Moscow

The Head of the European Commission has urged a total of 27 nations to rapidly ban oil imports fom Russia as a part of sixth round of Sanction. She has asked the nations to opt out of importing Russian Crude oil within six months and refined products till the end of the year.

She has also decided to disconnect major Russian Banks from international banking payment system SWIFT.

However This decision will be hard for some of the nations which are totally dependent over Russia Products. Ursula has already asked them to opt out but lets see how much of them will actually go against Russia. Russia has a major role in bringing up the European Economy.

A Ground-breaking news also came out of Moscow when Russian Officials said that “NATO was supplying arms to Ukraine to attack Russia in January. A Huge Tragedy has been prevented by Putin’s Decision of Starting a Military Operation”.

“NATO was preparing Ukraine for an attack on our country. How else to explain that all decisions on the supply of weapons to Ukraine were made by the US Parliament in January. Even before the start of the special military operation,” Vyacheslav Volodin wrote on his Telegram channel.

Civilians are evacuating Mariupol by Buses

Amid the strikes by Russian Forces, Civilans now have to evacuate Mariupol to save their lives. Many people have left their homes, cars and memories to be destroyed by the Russians. Ukrainian Government has also claimed that Civilians are bring brutally killed in that area.

UN and The Committee of Red Cross have taken the charge of safely evacuating the people from that area via buses. The buses were heading for the Ukrainian-controlled city of Zaporizhzhia, Pavlo Kyrylenko said.

Russian Forces doesn’t seems to stop

As per the Reports of UK Defence Ministry, Russia may be planning to invade beyond the city of Izyum to capture Kramatorsk and Severodonetsk. It is also reported that Russia has deployed over 22 Battalion Tactical groups to attack and invade Donbas’ northern part.

Capturing Kramatorsk and Severodonetsk “would consolidate Russian military control in north-eastern Donbas and provide a staging point for its efforts to cut-off Ukrainian forces in the region”, the ministry added.

Ukrainian Refugees suffers in Mexico

Millions have left Ukraine to save their lives. US had made a statement that Ukrainian refugees will be allowed to live and work for a several period of time. As per the latest reports about 500 Ukrainians have been living in camps and waiting for the approval of US officials to let them in. Aroung 50 to 100 people are arriving everyday in these camps in a hope to live in US.

The US government announced in late March that it would accept up to 100,000 Ukrainian refugees. Hundreds entered Mexico daily as tourists and flew to Tijuana to wait to be admitted to the US on humanitarian parole.

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