Samantha Chay Flores Age, Height and Other Details!!

Samantha Chay Flores, like many other celebrity babies, was born with a silver spoon in her mouth. Rosie Rivera is her mother. Rosie Rivera, her mother, is an American entrepreneur and former CEO of Jenni Rivera Enterprises. Jenni Rivera is also her aunt. She was an American actress, television producer, singer-songwriter, and businesswoman who died in an aircraft accident on December 9, 2012.

Samantha Chay Flore’s mother, Rosie Rivera, and father, Abel Flores (ten years younger than Rosie), had been married for a long time. They first met in a church in Long Beach. Rosie’s family was originally opposed to her and her boyfriend’s relationship. But the pair didn’t give up and persuaded her relatives. They ultimately married in 2011. They married in front of their loved ones.

Since then, the husband-wife team has had a happy, united existence with their two children, Samantha and Elias. Furthermore, the power couple often goes to new regions with their children, such as Kyra Zagorsky. Aside from that, Samantha’s mother, Rosie, was previously linked as a romance with the chief in 2003. They later divorced for personal reasons after having a daughter together, Kassandra Rivera.

Samantha Chay Flores’s Net Worth in 2021

Samantha Chay Flores has not yet pursued any vocation since she is too young. As a consequence, like many other famous children, she lives her life on her parents’ financial wealth. In early 2021, the child’s mother, Rosie Rivera, has a net worth of $14 million. Her whole wealth was amassed throughout her professional career. She amassed a sizable fortune as the founder and CEO of Jenni Rivera Enterprises.

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Furthermore, she most likely makes money through sponsored promotions and other endeavors. Rosie also makes a good living from her writings. Her father, on the other hand, has not revealed his net worth to the public. She is also likely to make a nice living from his work.

Samantha Chay Flores’s Childhood & Personal Details

Samantha Chay Flores was born in 2013 in the United States of America to Rosie Rivera and Abel Flores. Her birthdate is July 27. Her father is a prominent worship leader, singer, and composer.

Full Name

Samantha Chay Flores

Birth Place

The United States


Abel Flores


Rosie Riveria


Celebrity Child

Date Of Birth




Zodiac Sign




Eye Color


Hair Color


Relationship Status and Controversy

Samantha Chay Flores is too young to be in a romantic relationship, and she is content to spend her childhood with her parents and sister. Concerning her parents, Rosie married Abel Flores, a well-known leader, singer, and composer. Rosie married her hubby in 2011 after walking down the aisle. The pair dated for many years before getting married. After a few years, Rosie and Abel had their second child, Kassandra Rivera, in 2013. Elas Melek Flores is the youngest child of Rosie and Abel. Samantha is not engaged in contentious issues and can keep a clean image while addressing them.

Who is Rosie Riveria?

OSA Amelia Rivera (born July 3, 1981) is a businesswoman and television personality from the United States. Rivera is the former CEO of Jenni Rivera Enterprises. Rivera originally earned media exposure when her sister Jenni Rivera died, but she gained greater notoriety once she started to feature in Spanish-language reality series and took over her sister’s business. She and her family first appeared on the reality television show Rica, Famosa, Latina in late 2014.

Rivera resigned from Jenni Rivera Enterprises in June 2021, after claims of theft of cash from Jenni Rivera’s five children. The third season of Jenni Rivera’s reality program, I Love Jenni, premiered in 2013. Rivera featured in the program since she and her family resided in her sister’s home.

She and her family first appeared on the reality television show Rica, Famosa, Latina in late 2014. In February 2016, Rosie Rivera released her first book, My Broken Pieces: Mending the Wounds From Sexual Abuse Through Faith, Family, and Love, which discusses her tragic, life-changing experience of sexual abuse at a young age and shares her story of how faith and love from her family helped her heal and mend those broken pieces.

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Rivera’s first book, My Broken Pieces, freed her free from the trauma and strengthened her strength while also assisting other victims of sexual assault along the path. She is a spokesman and role model for young women who, like her, have been victims of sexual assault, and she tells her experience to lift the pain and develop strength in anybody who has been touched by sexual abuse.

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