Shockwaves as CBI Busts KCR Daughters Associate in Delhi Excise Policy Scandal

The CA, Butchibabu Gorantla, was summoned to Delhi to be questioned by the CBI on the excise policy case. It was reported that he was taken into custody on Tuesday night for being uncooperative and giving evasive answers.

Calvakuntla Kavitha, daughter of Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrashekar Rao and a member of the Bharat Rashtra Samithi (BRS), was detained by the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) for alleged violations of the Delhi excise policy.

For his alleged part in the formulation and implementation of the Delhi Excise Policy, which resulted in wrongful gain to Hyderabad-based wholesale and retail licensees and their beneficial owners under the Delhi Excise Policy for the year 2021-22, CBI arrested CA Butchibabu Gorantla, who was based in Hyderabad.

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“He will be brought before the court today,” R C Joshi, a spokesman for the CBI, said. According to the authorities, Butchibabu, who had previously worked with Kavitha, was asked to participate in the inquiry at the CBI’s Delhi headquarters.

On Tuesday, he “entered the inquiry,” but he was not helping authorities, the official said. Kavitha had already given a recorded statement to the CBI after being questioned at her home in Hyderabad.

The AAP’s communications Chief Vijay Nair has been accused of receiving Rs 100 crore in kickbacks from the “South Group,” which is said to consist of YSRCP MP Magunta Srinivasulu Reddy, Raghav Magunta, Sarath Reddy, and Kavitha.

This accusation was made in a supplementary prosecution complaint filed by the Enforcement Directorate (ED) regarding alleged irregularities in the Delhi excise policy case. Kavitha has refuted the charges against her.

According to the CBI’s chargesheet filed into irregularities in the excise policy case, South Indian liquor manufacturers allegedly paid Nair between Rs 20 and 30 crores through hawala channels so that he would use his influence in the ruling party in Delhi to further the illicit goal of cartelization.

The CBI chargesheet alleges that the defendants conspired to obtain “undue benefits by passing terms of the policy and to achieve the illegal purpose of cartelization between liquor manufacturers, wholesalers, and retail vendors” while the excise policy was being drafted for April 2020.

From July to September of 2021, it was allegedly “transferred or transmitted by accused Dinesh Arora to AAP communications in-charge Vijay Nair and his associates in cash using hawala channels in a huge amount of around Rs 20-30 crore.” This money had been arranged by businessman Abhishek Boinpally at the behest of some liquor manufacturers from the South of India.

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According to the CBI chargesheet, Nair received this money as an advance “paid by liquor manufacturers from South” for “exercising his influence upon and using his position in the ruling party in Delhi to achieve the above illegal objective of cartelization between different components of the excise policy.”

The charge sheet also alleges that the “profit margin for wholesalers was intentionally kept as high as 12% of the landed cost of IMFL (Indian Made Foreign Liquor), and 6% share out of this 12% profit margin was to be paid or returned to Boinpally, who is stated to be a frontman of liquor manufacturers from South,” in exchange for the allegedly illegal sum of Rs 20-30 crore that Boinpally had previously sent to Nair via hawala.

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