Sia Net Worth In 2022! How Did She Become Popular In Her Singing Career?

Sia Net Worth: Sia Kate Isobelle Furler is an Australian singer and songwriter who was born on December 18, 1975. She goes by the name “Sia.” In the mid-1990s, she started her career in Adelaide as a singer for the acid jazz band Crisp.

When Crisp broke up in 1997, she put out her first studio album, OnlySee, in Australia. She moved to London and sang for a British duo called Zero 7. Healing Is Hard was Sia’s second studio album, which came out in 2001. Colour the Small One, her third studio album, came out in 2004. Along with Sia Net Worth, Shakira Net Worth is also the most googled topic nowadays.

Sia Furler’s Early Life

Sia Kate Isobelle Furler was born on the 18th of December 1975 in the city of Adelaide, which is located in the state of South Australia. Her mother and father are also creative professionals, and her dad plays the guitar.

She went to Adelaide High School and almost immediately began to consider a career in music as a realistic option. Aretha Franklin, Stevie Wonder, and Sting were among the musicians who she looked up to and admired when she was younger.

How Sia Gained Fame In Music?

Sia’s professional music career began in the mid-1990s when she joined an acid-jazz band called Crisp. Before the band broke up in 1997, Sia worked on two of their albums. Then she put out OnlySee, her first studio album. The album, on the other hand, didn’t reach a lot of people.

Sia then moved to London, where she worked as a background singer for Jamiroquai and worked with groups like Zero 7. In 2000, she signed a record deal with Dance Pool, a sub-label of Sony. This was a big step forward for her career.

Sia’s second album, Healing Is Hard, came out soon after. It did well on the charts. But she wasn’t happy with how her management team promoted the album, so she left Sony and signed with a Universal Music Group subsidiary.

Sia’s big break came in 2005 when one of her songs was used in the last scene of the season finale of Six Feet Under. The song was called “Breathe Me,” and it was on Sia’s third album, Colour the Small One, which came out a year before.

Again, she wasn’t happy with how the album was promoted, and when her fame started to grow, she moved to New York. Sia started touring the United States after she became famous. Some People Have Real Problems was Sia’s second album, which came out in 2008. Several songs did well on charts around the world, and Sia’s songs started to chart in the US for the first time.

She worked with Christina Aguilera to write three songs for the album Bionic, which came out in 2009. She was nominated for a Golden Globe for Best Original Song in 2010 for the song “Bound to You,” which was on the soundtrack for the movie Burlesque. Also in 2010, Sia put out the album We Are Born, which did very well.

But Sia was getting uncomfortable with her newfound fame, so she decided to stop working on her solo career for a while. She didn’t feel like she had any privacy, and all the traveling was starting to wear on her. During this time, Sia is said to have become addicted to drugs and alcohol and to have thought about killing herself.

She eventually fired her manager, and her new manager suggested she keep working as a songwriter instead of becoming a solo artist, which would be harder work. David Guetta utilized Sia’s demo vocals for “Titanium” in 2011. Alicia Keys was the song’s intended performer. Sia co-wrote songs for Beyonce, Kylie Minogue, Flo Rida, and Rihanna. Besides This, Are you interested to read about Andrew Schulz’s Net Worth?

Sia returned to her solo career in 2014 after completing 1000 Forms of Fear, her sixth studio album. The album topped Billboard 200 and sold over 1 million copies. “Chandelier” was a hit track. Sia disguised her face with masks and wigs during this period.

Sia toured and performed at Coachella after releasing This is Acting in 2016. In 2017, she released Everyday Is Christmas on Atlantic Records. She joined LSD with Labrinth and Diplo in 2018.

Sia’s Personal Life And Relationships

Sia Net Worth

After the band Crisp broke up in 1997, Sia moved to London to be with her boyfriend Dan Pontifex. A few weeks later, she heard that Pontifex had died in a car accident in London while she was on a stopover in Thailand. She went back to Australia, but one of Pontifex’s old roommates called her and asked her to stay in London.

Her 2001 album Healing Is Difficult is about Pontifex’s death: “I was pretty messed up after Dan died. I couldn’t really feel anything.” In an interview with The Sunday Times in 2007, Sia said, “We were all devastated, so we got shitfaced on drugs and Special Brew. Unfortunately, that bender lasted six years for me.”

In August 2014, Sia married Erik Anders Lang, a documentary filmmaker, at her home in Palm Springs, California. The couple announced their breakup in December 2016. During a 2014 appearance on The Howard Stern Show, Sia was asked if she was religious.

She said, “I believe in a Higher Power, and it’s called ‘Whatever Dude,’ and he’s a queer, surfing Santa that’s a bit like my grandpa, so yes.” In the same interview, she said she is a feminist and that Whatever Dude inspired the lyrics she wrote for Rihanna’s “Whatever Dude” is written in ink on Sia’s hand.

Peter Furler, who plays Christian rock music in Australia, is Sia’s cousin. In 2019, Sia took in two boys who were aging out of foster care. In 2020, she announced that one of her two 19-year-old sons had given birth to twins, making her a grandmother.

What Is Sia Furler’s Net Worth?

Australian pop singer and songwriter Sia Furler has a net worth of $30 million. She is often known just as “Sia” on stage. Sia Furler started out in a band in Australia, but later went out on her own and became successful.

After putting out a few albums that did okay, she became famous when she moved to the United States. She has also been successful as a voice actor and as the person in charge of making music videos. Sia has won many awards and been nominated for many more over the course of her career. Apart from Sia’s Net Worth, Have you heard about Rick Ross’s Net Worth?

How To Become Rich Like Sia?

Sia didn’t just get rich by chance. You have to work smart to get as rich as Sia. People who are rich are the ones who take advantage of the chances that come their way. They are in the right place at the right time and do the right thing.

In the past few years, the world has changed a lot because of the Internet. Making money online is now much easier than it used to be. It’s better to be your own boss as soon as possible than to look for a 9-to-5 job and stay in your comfort zone.

You can quickly increase your wealth by learning how to build a digital asset that makes money for you while you sleep. If you take advantage of this golden chance right away, you could be as successful as Sia one day.

What About Sia’s Real Estate?

Sia bought a rather plain bungalow in Echo Park for about $660,000 in 2014. The property is in a quiet, remote area and has 836 square feet of space for living. Even though the two-bedroom home might not seem right for a famous person like Sia, she was able to sell it when she put it up for sale in 2018 for $849,000.

Within a few months, she sold it for $980,000, which was $130,000 more than what she had asked for. This gave the singer a return on her investment of almost 33% in just four years, which is a big deal.

In 2015, it was said that Sia Furler and her then-husband Erik Anders Lang had bought a 4,549-square-foot home in Toluca Lake, a wealthy area of Los Angeles where many celebrities live. Furler and Lang paid $5.15 million for the house, which has a pool and is on 1.36 acres of land.

Also in 2015, Sia spent $4.7 million on a home in Los Feliz. After just a year, she sold the house for $4.75 million, making a small profit. The elaborate home was built in 1924, and it has a library, 6 fireplaces, and more than 5,000 square feet of living space.

Even though the property is on less than an acre of land, it has a great yard with fountains, a spa, and lots of lawns and gardens. Sia also owns some land in Palm Springs.


Sia is thought to be worth about $30 million. Sia is an Australian pop singer with hits like “Chandelier” and “Cheap Thrills.” She is known for not liking fame. Within a few months, she sold it for $980,000, which was $130,000 more than what she had asked for.

This gave the singer a return on her investment of almost 33% in just four years, which is a big deal. If you want more interest in accurate information please visit once our website Digi Hind News.

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