Song Kang-Ho Winner Of Best Actor Award At Cannes! Makes History

Song Kang-Ho is a famous South Korean actor who is 55 years old. He was born on  January 17, 1967, in Gimhae, South Gyeongsang Province, South Korea. He wanted to become an actor from childhood. His zodiac sign is Capricorn.

Song Kang-Ho is married and the name of his wife is  Hwang Jang-suk. They both were married in the year 1995. Moreover, he is the father of 2 children and one of his children named Song Jun-Pyoung is a football player and was born in the year 1996. The name of their beautiful younger daughter is Song Ju-Yeon. The actor’s father, Song In-dae died on 9 November 2018. The actor follows Christianity.

Song Kang-Ho Movies

Song Kang-ho has worked in a number of movies. He has been into acting since 1991.  some of his movies are mentioned below 

Song Kang-Ho

  • Broker (2022) played Sang-Hyun
  • Parasite (2019) played  Ki-Taek
  • A Taxi Driver (2017) played Kim Man-Seob
  • The Throne (2015) played   King Yeongjo
  • The Face Reader (2013) played Nae-Kyung
  • The Secret Reunion (2010) played Lee Han-Kyu
  • Thirst (2009) played Sang-Hyun
  • Secret Sunshine (2007) played Jong-Chan
  • The Show Must Go On (2007) played  Kang In-Goo
  • Antarctic Journal (2005) played Choi Do-Hyung
  • No. 3 (1997) played Jo-Pil
  • Green Fish (1997) played Pan-su
  • The Foul King (2000) played Lim Dae-Ho
  • Hindsight (2011) played Doo-Hun
  • The Attorney (2013) played Song Woo-Seok

Song Kang-Ho Career And Education 

The Actor has never taken any professional acting classes in his life. He graduated from Gimhae High School and after the completion of the graduation, he started his career in theatre by joining Kee Kuk-SEO’s influential theatre company. His role in the theatrical play ‘Dongseung’ was much praised by audiences. Before his first supporting role in “The Day A Pig Fell Into The Well” in the year 1996 he got the offer from many more movies but he refused to work in them . Moreover, before coming in the main role in Swiri in the year 1999 he did supporting roles in many movies.  Song Kang-ho is 5 feet 11 inches tall and has black eyes. Moreover, his black hair suits his fair skin tone. He is usually clean-shaven and has a good personality.

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Song Kang-Ho Networth And Earnings

Being an experienced and good actor he earns a good amount of revenue. His earnings are around $75 million. Moreover, he comes in the list of the top 10 highest paid actors for 2022.

Song Kang-Ho Awards Won By The Actor

The actor has been known for his work and has won plenty of awards to date. Some of his appreciated work and the award it got are mentioned below :

  • Best Supporting Actor, Best New Actor (1997) by Blue Dragon Film Awards for No.3
  • Best Actor (1998) by Korean Association Of Film Critics Awards for The Quiet Family
  • Best Actor (2000) by Cine 21 Awards for The Foul King and Joint Security Area
  • Netizen Popularity Award (2003)  by Grand Bell Awards and Korean Films Awards for Memories Of Murder 
  • Acting Grand Prize (2007) by Golden Cinematography Awards for The Host
  • Top Cultural Award (2016) by Shin Young-Kyun Arts and Culture Foundation
  • Best Supporting Actor (2020) by Phoenix Critics Circle Awards for parasite
  • Best Actor (2022) by Cannes Film Awards for Broker

Song Kang-Ho Makes History

Song Kang-ho, being an excellent actor has created so many histories

Song Kang-Ho

  • In 2019, The Movie “Parasite”  became the first Korean film to win the prestigious Palme d’Or at the Cannes film festival. Moreover, Song being a part of the movie took the movie to another level through his performance, though the award came from team effort the actor had played a vital role in this success.
  • On 28th May , 2022 Song Kang-ho became the first Korean male ever to win the best actor award for his film “ Broker “ at the 75th Cannes Film Festival. While taking his award on the stage, he said “ I am deeply grateful to the great artist, Director Koreeda” and he also showed his feeling of gratitude for  Kang Dong Won, Lee Ji Eun Lee Joo Young, and Bae Doona.

This is how the actor wrote the history and made the natives and his audience proud. Hope to see more of his achievements in the future.


To conclude, 55years old Song Kang-ho has won a lot of awards and created history by winning the best actor award at Cannes. He is doing great in his career. For now, this was the whole information we were having about the life of the actor. Stay tuned for future updates. Hope that this was informative for you , do share your reviews and suggestions in comments. Looking forward to  giving you updates on many more topics. You can comment on the topic names you want to know about and will try to come back with them as soon as possible.

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