Stacey Dash Net Worth And Is Jeffrey Marty Still Her Husband?

Stacey Dash Net Worth: American actress and former talk show host Stacey Dash. In the 1995 motion picture Clueless and its companion television series, she portrayed Dionne Marie Davenport. Additionally, she has acted in the movies View from the Top, Mo’ Money, Renaissance Man, and Moving.

Dash has done additional television work, making cameos on the shows CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, Single Ladies, and Celebrity Circus. She has additionally starred in the music videos for Kanye West’s “All Falls Down” and Carl Thomas’ “Emotional.” Did Mikhail Gorbachev Pass Away At 91 Years Old? A death’s Cause Is Made Public!

Stacey Dash Early life

On January 20, 1967, Stacey Lauretta Dash was born in The Bronx, New York. She is a Mexican- and African-American-born daughter of Linda and Dennis Dash.

Her younger brother Darien Dash is the founder of DME Interactive, and her stepfather is Cecil Holmes. Damon Dash, the former CEO and co-founder of Roc-A-Fella Records, is Stacey’s first cousin. In 1985, Dash earned his high school diploma from Paramus.

Name Stacey Dash
Net Worth $10 million
Profession Actress, Talk Show Host
Height 1.63m
Age 55 years

Stacey Dash Career

In the 1982 NBC criminal drama pilot Farrell: For the People with Valerie Harper and Ed O’Neill, Stacey Dash made her debut on television. The show did not go past the first episode. Her first famous performance was as Michelle in the 1985 episode “Denise’s Friend” of The Cosby Show. Dash’s first significant on-screen appearance came in the 1988 TV 101 series.

Thirteen episodes into the season, it was canceled. In the 1988 comedy Moving starring Richard Pryor, Dash played his first significant cinematic role. During this period, she also played significant roles in Mo’ Money and Renaissance Man. Dash played a femme fatale in the low-budget movie Illegal in Blue in 1995. How Much Money Does Jeff Bezos Currently have? Is He The Richest Man to Ever Live? Read More About This.

Stacey Dash Net Worth

Stacey Dash Politics

Barack Obama received Stacey Dash’s support in the 2008 U.S. presidential election. She changed her party allegiance from Democratic to Republican in 2012 and supported Mitt Romney for president. Dash responded to the negative online feedback she had received for endorsing Romney by saying it was just her opinion and she didn’t understand the animosity.

Paul Ryan praised Dash for supporting his ticket as a vice presidential candidate. Dash has made her political opinions known in public ever since the 2012 election. She opposed the visit to Cuba by hip-hop artists Jay-Z and Beyoncé in April 2013. In 2016, she claimed that transgender rights “infringe upon her own” about the discussion over the usage of gender-specific bathrooms.

The blog is written by Dash. In the 2016 presidential election, Dash backed Donald Trump, a Republican. On February 26, 2018, Dash submitted paperwork to run as a Republican in California’s 44th Congressional District in the upcoming general election. What Caused Charlie Watts‘ Death And When Did The Drummer For The Rolling Stones Pass Away?

Dash stated her motivation for competing in the race as “liberating people from the chains of a plantation mentality.” On March 30, 2018, Dash resigned from the congressional election. In an interview with Daily Mail on March 11, 2021, Dash said, “Being a Trump supporter has put me in some kind of box that I don’t belong in. He’s not the president, though. I’m willing to give the president we know a chance.

Stacey Dash Social Attitudes

In her private life, Stacey Dash has been transparent about her past tragedies. She has admitted to being addicted to cocaine in her teens and early 20s, having a history of being with violent and controlling boyfriends, and having been assaulted as a youngster by a family acquaintance.

To protect her children and to show them and others that she is a survivor rather than a victim, Dash has said that she is open about such things because she wants to be honest with them. She supports the constitutional right to own and bear weapons and believes that having a gun saved her life when she was sexually raped at gunpoint by an ex-boyfriend. She was able to get her firearm, a.22 revolver, and shot at him to scare him away.

After a fight with her husband, Jeffrey Marty, she was taken into custody on September 29, 2019, at her apartment in Pasco County, Florida, on suspicion of domestic assault. She entered a not guilty plea, and on October 3 Marty, who claimed Dash had been detained against his will, asked that the case be dismissed. Dash requested a divorce from Marty in June 2020.

Stacey Dash Husband

Stacey Dash is not yet married. She wed Jeffrey Marty in 2018, and they have one child. Jeffrey Marty, her husband, is an attorney. She is a mother of two. Austin, a son she had with singer Christopher Williams, was born to her in 1991. On July 16, 1999, she wed producer Brian Lovell; they separated in the middle of the 2000s.

She claimed that ten days before the wedding, she met her spouse Marty. Dash is the stepmother to three of Marty’s children in addition to her two own. Dash and Marty announced their separation in April 2020. The couple filed for divorce in mid-June 2020.

Dash was wed to Sports Logistics CEO and British businessman James Maby from 2005 to 2006. Lola Dash’s father, according to various accounts, is either Lovell or Maby (born in 2003). Emmanuel Xuereb, an actor, and Dash were married in either 2007 or 2009. She started the divorce process in January 2010 and finished it in September 2011. On April 6, 2018, Dash wed attorney Jeffrey Marty in Florida.

Stacey Dash Net Worth

Stacey Dash’s Net Worth 2022

Stacey Lauretta Dash, now 55 years old, was born on January 20, 1967, in the Bronx of New York City. She is of Mexican and African American ancestry. Her parents are Dennis Dash and Linda Dash Lopez; she passed away in 2017).

Besides his younger brother Darien Dash, who founded DME Interactive, the first publicly traded African American-led website company, Dash also has a stepfather named Cecil Holmes. Damon Dash, the former CEO and co-founder of Roc-A-Fella Records, is her first cousin. Dash graduated from Paramus High School in 1985.

What is Stacey Dash’s net worth? The estimated net worth of Stacey Dash is $10 million. Her acting career is her primary source of income. Dash’s prosperous profession has allowed her to enjoy opulent living and expensive vehicles. She is a wealthy and well-respected actress in New York.

Dash revealed her Vicodin addiction on The Dr. Oz Show in October 2021, claiming to have been sober for five years. She identified in 2012 and 2013 as a Catholic because she was raised Catholic.

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