The Good Place Season 5 Cancelled Or Confirmed? All Latest Updates!

The Good Place Season 5 is an American television series which premiered on The National Broadcasting Company on September 19, 2016. It is created by Michael Schur. Moreover, The Good Place is a series of logical stories, comedy and imagination and it is made in The United States in The English language. 

 The series has 4 seasons released till date which consists of 53 episodes in total, So many of its viewers are keen interested in knowing about the renewal of the series for season 5. Therefore, in this article, we would inform you of everything that is yet known about season 5 of the series and as well as will be giving a recap of the previous season.


Producers play a paramount role in any series, movie, show etc and the same was with the series “ The Good place “. If we talk about the producers of this series they did the great work and a list of the producers is mentioned below:

The Good Place

  • Michael Schur: he is also a creator of the series and professionally he is a writer and character actor too.
  • David Miner 
  • Morgan Sackket
  • Drew Goddard
  • David Hyman
  • Joe Mande
  • Megan Amram

Executive Producers



Production Companies

Michael Schur

David Hyman

Collin Patton 


David Miner 

Joe Mande

Mathew Barbato

3 arts entertainment

Morgan Sackket

Megan Amram

Eric Kissack

Universal Television

Drew Goddard

The Good Place Season 5: Cancelled or Not?

As many of us are waiting for season 5 of “The Good Place”, here is the information regarding the same: Is the series renewed for season 5 ? or is it cancelled? According to the information from various sources,  there is bad news for viewers as the previous season 4 was the last and the final season of the series.   

Reason for the cancellation of “ the good place “ season 5 

 In June 2019, the show’s creator Mike Schur cancelled the show as he wanted to give a good ending to the series instead of dragging it unnecessarily. Moreover, in October 2019 in an interview with Newsweek, he explained that he always had a plan for the show to come to a close after just a few seasons.

The Good Place Season 5: What is it About?

In the series, The good place is basically a town or a place like heaven where all the people who did good deeds throughout their life go after their demise. Moreover, this place is planned and functioned by the afterlife “architect” Michael. Further, American Eleanor Shellstrop who has just passed away gets the place in the good place where there are specially designed neighbourhoods and all spirits are coupled with Kindred-spirit.

However,  Eleanor Shellstrop knows that she has been sent here by fault as this place is for the ones who did good to everyone they met in their entire life, on the other hand, Eleanor Shellstrop was selfish and self-absorbed. After understanding that she has been sent here by mistake, she still wants to live here only as she had heard little about the bad place and was not willing to go there so, she started hiding from Michael and others in the will to stay at a good place and is trying to become a better, more ethical person.

The Good Place: Characters

Main Cast



Kristen Bell

Eleanor Shellstrop,  a selfish American saleswomen

William Jackson Harper

Chidi Anagonye, Eleanor’s soulmate

Jameela Jamil

Tahani Al-Jamil, a  wealthy British philanthropist and fashion model

Manny Jacinto

Jason Mendoza 

Ted Danson 

Michael, an architect who runs the Good Place neighbourhood

Recurring Cast



Adam Scott

Trevor, a cruel Bad Place demon

Amy Okuda 

Gayle, a Bad Place demon pretending to be a Good Place resident

Joe Mande

the voice of Toddrick “Todd” Hemple, a lava monster 

Ben Lawson 

Larry Hemsworth, Tahani’s former boyfriend

Meryl Hathaway

Brittany, Eleanor’s roommate

Keston John

Uzo, Chidi’s best friend

Ben Koldyke

Brent Norwalk, a bigoted and arrogant corporate chief executive

Mitch Narito

Donkey Doug, Jason’s dopey father

Ajay Mehta

Waqas Al-Jamil, Tahani’s father

Anna Khaja

Manisha Al-Jamil, Tahani’s mother

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The Good Place: Previous Seasons And No. Of Episodes





Season 1


January 19, 2017


Season 2


February 1, 2018


Season 3


January 24, 2019


Season 4


January 30, 2020


The Good Place Season 4 Ending Explanation

Before moving on to season 5 of the series, one should have the knowledge of what was the scenario in the past season 4, so here is the recap of season 4 “ The Good Place “  which contains some spoilers too.  This season was aired from 26 September 2019 to 30 January 2020. It consists of 13 episodes in total.

The Good Place

The start of season 4 was done from where season 3 ended,  Eleanor takes the role of the neighbourhood’s divine architect.  Michael and Janet join the others at a meeting of the afterlife council where  Judge Gen lists the Leftovers and Michael lists off the most recent additions to a Good Place. At Jason’s farewell party Chidi asks him how he knew it was time to go and he replies that he just had “a calm feeling,”. Moreover,  He made Janet a “J&J” necklace so that she always remembers him, but he lost it and then Janet consoled him by saying that they will always be together in her memories. 

In the end, Eleanor and Janet share a margarita and recall all the great times they’ve shared in the afterlife.

Final Lines

To conclude, it is believed that season 5 of the series “ The Good Place “  would not be coming and season 4  was the end of the series. For now, this was the whole information we were having about the good place season 5 .  stay tuned for future updates. Hope that this was informative for you, do share your reviews and suggestions in the comments. Looking forward to giving you updates on many more topics. You can comment on the topic names you want to know about and will try to come back with them as soon as possible.

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