The Terminal List Season 2: Release Date, Cast, Plot And What We Know So Far?

Even though the first season of The Terminal List concluded what felt like the last chapter, there was undoubtedly more to explore in the five-volume book series on which the show was based.

We were right; the series isn’t dead, and not in the way we expected. Instead, the show is becoming something far greater than we ever could have dreamed, with a second season and a prequel series on the way.

The Terminal List Season 2 Release Date

In February 2022, it was announced that the show would continue for an undetermined number of seasons, with a specific concentration on a specific set of characters. (That’s something we’re going to discuss shortly.)

In late 2022, Pratt had given fans optimism by dropping a message on writer Jack Carr’s Danger Close podcast.

Ignore the fears of the die-hards, he assured fans of The Terminal List. Please know how much we value your friendship and love. Making sure you can keep coming back to the well is our life’s work. We are hard at work.

After making such optimistic statements, Carr continued, “There may be some interesting stuff on the horizon being discussed.” However, information on the upcoming season two and the prequel is currently somewhat scant.

As of February 13, 2023, it’s not believed the show has even gone back into production yet. So with that in mind – taking into account the filming and post-production time needed – it’s unlikely we’ll see anything before early 2024.

TV Guide has posted a tweet about The Terminal List Season 2. You can take a look below:

There appear to plan for things that may run for years, depending on the show’s performance. In an interview with Digital Spy, Pratt discussed the possibility of a sequel series, saying, “Well, Jack Carr’s written five great volumes.

All of his books are best sellers on the New York Times bestseller list, and he’s a very prolific writer. Well, I believe it would be great if we could keep this going.

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The Terminal List Season 2 Plot

The story may hinge on whether or not we learn how Reece survived the tumor that was supposed to kill him. As Reece had already accepted his death, he probably wouldn’t have looked for treatment, especially after losing his wife and children.

If the tumor was not as fatal as doctors thought, then he will have to reevaluate his situation and decide what to do next.

The FBI agent had a hard time making peace with his choice to release Reece. Yet if he tried to find Reece, that could be bad news for both of them (Reece already proved he would not be coming willingly).

Katie, played by Wu, resolved to keep hunting for Reece despite his warnings to stop. It will be intriguing to see how she fits into the narrative.

To top it all off, there is a problem with the original sources. Even if the program doesn’t stick to the same plot as the books, James will still be thrust into a new assignment that begins with a strange plane crash. Old and new acquaintances are enticed to join you on this new mission that may turn out to be a lethal trap.

Given that DiGilio has already called True Believer a “wonderful blueprint for season two,” this seems like a plausible outcome. In True Believer, a former Iraqi commando who had disappeared into Europe’s underground plans and executes a series of terrorist operations against the Western world.

After avenging his family’s deaths at the hands of The Terminal List’s antagonists, Reece goes into hiding in Mozambique, where he is considered the most wanted domestic terrorist.

Yet the CIA eventually finds him and uses his pardon to get him to follow them across the world in search of terrorist leaders. Reece uncovers “a diabolical assassination plot with worldwide consequences” and “a geopolitical conspiracy that exposes a treacherous CIA official” along the way.

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The Terminal List Season 2 Cast

Chris Pratt will return for a second season as Ex-Navy SEAL James Reece, but what will happen to the rest of the ensemble is a more complicated question, seeing as how Reece brutally slaughtered 95% of the original cast.

Deadline claims that Raife Hastings, a former SEAL whose introduction was discussed throughout the first season but never confirmed, will make an appearance in the second.

Regarding the untitled sequel’s prologue? One of the most surprising revelations is that the show would center on Ben Edwards, played by Taylor Kitsch, rather than Reece.

Throughout the first season, Ben and Reece formed a relationship as strong as steel. But, the countless fatalities that Reece sought vengeance for were made possible by Ben’s betrayal and participation in a cover-up.

Season one ends with the implication that Reece has shot and killed his closest friend, although the actual death never appears on television.

He wasn’t featured in Season 2, so maybe that’s why the prequel will center on him. Our thoughts for season two’s cast are still just that, ideas, but casting for the prequel has yet to be confirmed. I really enjoyed Constance Wu as brave reporter Katie Buranek, and I would love to see her return.

The returns on JD Pardo’s FBI agent Tony Liddle and Christina Vidal’s Mac Wilson are more reasonable.

The Terminal List Season 2 Trailer: When Can I Watch It?

The future has only just been confirmed, and filming has not yet begun, so there is no trailer or new footage to share with you at this time. Thus, we must exercise patience with this one. But, we encourage you to return, and we will update you as we learn more about the show’s development.

While you wait, you can always rewatch the first season on Netflix or read the books to get caught up on everything that could happen. Till Then, keep yourself updated with all the latest news from our website,

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