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The Unraveling of Gurugram’s Tense Night: Asif’s Scrap Dealer Conspiracy!!

The Unraveling of Gurugram's Tense Night Asif's Scrap Dealer Conspiracy!!

The Unraveling of Gurugram's Tense Night Asif's Scrap Dealer Conspiracy!!

In a shocking turn of events, the atmosphere in Sector 69-A of Gurugram took a tense and ominous twist on the night of August 26-27, 2023. The cause of this tension? A series of menacing posters appeared, bearing threats to vacate the local slums, purportedly in the name of ‘Vishva Hindu Parishad’ (VHP) and ‘Bajrang Dal.’

These posters ominously set a deadline for slum evacuation – August 28. Behind this unsettling facade lay a web of political intrigue, with leaders of the Congress Party, along with Islamic and leftist groups, attempting to tarnish Hindu organizations.

Brought the issue alive by tweeting

A Conspirator’s Desire for Dominance in the Scrap Business

The incident unfolded in the jurisdiction of Badshahpur police station in Gurugram. On September 22, 2023, the Gurugram Police publicly announced the arrest of a man named Asif in connection with these posters. The FIR related to the posters, which were put up on the fateful night of August 26-27, was filed on August 28, prompting an investigation by the Crime Branch.

Asif, a resident of Sarkhad village in Udhamsinghnagar, Uttarakhand, was arrested for pasting these threatening posters. During his interrogation, Asif revealed that his junk shop was situated near Sector 69 in Gurugram, with another similar establishment nearby.

According to the police, Asif confessed to orchestrating this ominous scheme because he wanted to eliminate competition in the scrap business, particularly from his neighboring shopkeeper. In pursuit of this sinister objective, he resorted to affixing threatening posters right in front of his rival’s shop. Asif’s confession led to his incarceration, but the investigation into this case is far from over.

Fueling Asif’s Conspiracy 

The alarming posters featured prominent messages, boldly warning, “All slum dwellers are informed to vacate by 28-08-2023; otherwise, the consequences will be very dire. If you don’t comply, you will bear the responsibility for your own fate. Evacuate promptly, for the sisters and wives of those who defy will face grave consequences. You have a mere two days.

Do not raise objections again.” To compound the offense, derogatory language was used to defame the ‘Bajrang Dal’ and ‘Vishwa Hindu Parishad,’ written at the bottom of the respective posters. These hand-written messages were affixed using glue.

The handle known as Afreen brought this issue to public attention through ‘Bolta Hindustan,’ a platform managed by Punit Kumar Singh. Singh, known for his controversial tweets during the Nuh violence, highlighted the matter on August 31, questioning whether the police would investigate this situation promptly. watch this tweet

He also speculated that if the situation escalated further, the police might act, but their actions would likely target Muslims, who were receiving threats. Singh called for immediate attention, pointing fingers at the Khattar government and Gurugram police.

The Media Has Devoted an Entire Show to One Class Without Any Investigation

media dedicated a segment to the issue, with its anchors passionately demanding the arrest of those responsible for the objectionable posters against Muslims. media portrayed Muslim workers as being in a state of fear, insinuating that they were the victims of this incident.

The reason cited for these hateful posters was the predominantly Muslim population residing in the slums. The three-minute-long segment painted a picture of Muslims as the unfortunate victims of this ordeal.

Congress leader Badre Alam played Muslim card

Congress leader Badre Alam, hailing from Araria, Bihar, and residing in Gurugram, further amplified this issue. On August 31, he voiced his concern about the fear gripping Muslim workers in Gurugram, adjacent to Delhi. Threatening posters had appeared in a Muslim slum near Sector 70, warning residents to vacate, or their homes would be set ablaze.

The portal ‘Journo Mirror,’ known for consistently publishing misleading news against Hindu organizations, jumped to conclusions on August 29. Without awaiting the results of the police investigation, this media organization directly accused VHP and ‘Bajrang Dal’ of being behind the incendiary posters.

In a night fraught with tension and fear, Asif’s conspiracy and the ensuing political turmoil have shaken Gurugram to its core. The ramifications of this incident continue to unfold as investigators delve deeper into the sinister web of intrigue.

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