A Romantic Relationship Leads To Court Case? Tiger Woods And Erica Herman Breakup…

A Romantic Relationship To Court Case? Tiger Woods And Erica Herman Breakup…A court case grew out of a romantic relationship. The lawsuit filed by Tiger Woods’ ex-girlfriend, restaurant owner Erica Herman, detailed their breakup.

Tiger Woods And Erica Herman Breakup

After breaking up with Tiger Woods in the fall of 2022, Erica Herman filed a lawsuit against him in October 2022, claiming that he had used “trickery” to get her to leave his home. In March 2023 Herman filed a lawsuit against Woods for breaking their “oral tenancy agreement,” which gave her the “right to dwell” in the athlete’s Hobe Sound, Florida, house for “a specific amount of time.”

Herman claims in the suit that she was “shut out” of the PGA star’s mansion after being pushed to take a “brief vacation” by Woods’ staff and then told at the airport that she could not return.

Tiger Woods And Erica Herman Breakup

The Florida woman is suing the Woods’ trust, the legal owner of the property, for $30 million, saying that this amount represents the “reasonable rental value” of her ex-home husband for the remaining five years of their purported oral lease agreement.

But the couple eventually broke up, not before Herman stayed by the World Golf Hall of Famer’s side when a vehicle accident in February 2021 severely injured the golf legend’s legs.

Tiger Woods Sued For $30 million By Erica Herman.

Separated in March 2023, Herman filed paperwork challenging an NDA Woods made her sign at the start of their relationship. In October 2022, Herman filed a $30 million lawsuit against Woods’ trust, alleging that the World Golf Champion had breached an oral tenancy agreement through which she was allowed to dwell at Woods’ property for a “determined amount of time” in exchange for performing “useful services.”

Herman said in the papers that Woods “shut her out” of the house through “trickery” though there were still five years left on their oral agreement. For the remaining five years of the putative agreement, she claimed that $30 million was “the reasonable rental value” of the property.

The Trust for Tiger Woods Responds to the Suit

In November of 2022, Woods’ trust submitted paperwork to formally dismiss Herman’s lawsuit. In its response, the company claimed that Herman was bound under her NDA with Woods to submit “any disputes, claims or controversies” to secret arbitration.

According to the papers, Ms. Herman tries to circumvent her commitment to arbitrate her claims in a confidential arbitration and, instead, seeks to acquire power by litigating her disagreements with Mr. Woods in a public forum by suing the Trust instead of Woods.

The Trust has also denied that an oral tenancy agreement ever existed. In actuality, Ms. Herman was invited to live in the Residence while she was in a relationship with her previous partner the response states. Ms. Herman was told she was no longer welcome in the Residence after Mr. Woods just ended the relationship.


Erica Herman: The Victim Of Sexual Harassment

In an effort to invalidate a nondisclosure agreement (NDA) Woods had Herman sign in 2017, Herman filed legal proceedings in March 2023.

Tiger Woods And Erica Herman Breakup

The businesswoman claimed the contract was “invalid and unenforceable” because of the Speak Out Act, which prohibits the judicial enforceability of a nondisclosure clause or nondisparagement clause agreed to before a dispute arises involving sexual assault or sexual harassment in violation of federal, tribal, or state law as stated by Congress.

Tiger Woods Calls It “Meritless”

In court documents obtained by Us from March 2023, Woods pointed out Herman’s “meritless” reference to the Speak Out Act, which protects victims of sexual abuse. He filed a petition against his ex, describing her as a jilted ex-girlfriend who wants to publicly litigate spurious accusations in court instead of upholding their agreement to resolve their differences through a private arbitration process.

He continued by saying that bringing up the law passed by Congress was a clear abuse of the court process that did nothing except hurt the people the law was meant to shield.

Source: US Weekly

Breakdown In The Relationship Before They Broke Up

In the midst of the couple’s legal drama, a source revealed that Woods and Herman had a “breakdown in their relationship” and decided to end their engagement. The source said the couple started off very strong but that Erica thought Tiger was seldom at home and Tiger thought Erica was spending too much and living too lavishly eventually leading to their breakup.

An insider told that Herman feels entitled to compensation for how much she helped Woods throughout their romance, which is why she has decided to sue him. She hoped Tiger settles though before the case had gone to court.

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