Todd Gurley Net Worth: His Actual Salary Revealed in 2022!

Todd Gurley Net Worth: Todd Jerome Gurley II was born on August 3, 1994, just outside of Baltimore, Maryland. He was a very talented American football player. thought to weigh 102 kilograms and be 6 feet and 1 inch tall.

Todd Gurley went to high school in North Carolina at Tarboro High School. He went to Georgia University College from 2012 to 2014. During his junior year, Todd played running back and defense for the Vikings.

For the 2010 season, Todd Gurley was named the Rocky Mount Telegram All-Area Offensive Player of the Year. Rivals gave Todd Gurley a four-star rating because he was such a great football player. Later, in 2022, he made the sad announcement that he was quitting professional football.

Todd Gurley Early Life

Todd Gurley was born in a small town in Maryland on August 3, 1994. Todd Gurley, who is now 28 years old, recently broke everyone’s hearts by saying that he was giving up professional football, which was his passion.

Todd Gurley was a three-sport star at Tarboro High School. He was great at football, basketball, and track. Todd Gurley was a fast-running back and defensive back for the Vikings. He ran for 1472 yards and 26 touchdowns and made 69 tackles and one interception on defense.

For the record, Todd Gurley was a world-class hurdler and sprinter who did well in track and field at his school. Following his passion, he ran hard for Team USA in the long 110-meter hurdles at the 2011 World Youth Athletics Championships, and that experience became a pillar in his life.

The personal Life Of Todd Gurley

Todd Gurley is the son of Todd Gurley Sr. and Darlene Simmons. Princeton Gurley, Davon Gurley, Shannon Gurley, and Tarik Gurley are Gurley’s four brothers. Gurley has been seeing Olivia Davison for a while now. Find out how much Alan Jackson and Young Jeezy are worth. Along with this, Bob Costas’ Net Worth is also the most googled topic nowadays.

Todd Gurley Net Worth

Todd Gurley Career

Todd Gurley, a freshman with great athletic skills, especially in football and basketball, helped the Bulldogs’ backfield right away in a big way. In his first college game, against the Buffalo Bulls, he scored two quick touchdowns and then ran like crazy for 100 yards.

In the second game of the season, against Missouri of the SEC East, Todd Gurley became the first player to start. In this play against the SEC, he ran hard for 65 yards and carried for 41 yards to win.

Todd Gurley was becoming more and more important as a football player because of how well he played in college and how important he was in every game he played in. Gurley was picked tenth overall by the famous St. Louis Rams in the 2015 NFC Draft.

Tim Worley was picked seventh overall in 1989, which made Todd Gurley the best running back from Georgia. His pace changed over time, and he started to run like a lion roaring for the football team. Todd Gurley’s NFL debut was a show against the Pittsburgh Steelers. He had already played in many games, finished his recovery, and passed all of his medical exams.

At the end of the 12–6 loss, he had run six times for a total of nine yards. He just started to do things slowly. He always wanted to do big things in his career because he had a clear idea of what he wanted to do. Because of this, he had no trouble getting ahead in his career.

Todd Gurley played in the next three games against the Green Bay Packers, the Cleveland Browns, and the San Francisco 49ers. He is one of the most productive and versatile players in NFL history. On October 25, 2015, Todd Gurley scored his first touchdown in the National Football League, and he did it by being hot.

Todd Gurley became the most productive rusher since the AFL and NFL merged because of how well he did in his first four NFL games. Todd Gurley finished his first season with 1,106 yards rushing and ten touchdowns on 229 carries. He made his own space on the field and scored big points over the course of several games. Apart from this, Have you heard about William Shatner’s Net Worth?

Gurley won the award for being the best player in the National Football League in 2017. Todd Gurley, a running back who has been named to the All-Pro team twice, said he was done with football after six years in the NFL.

Other Business Ventures

Todd Gurley was sponsored by many companies, including Hulu, Gatorade, and Carl’s Jr. Todd Gurley was also a co-founder and the strongest pillar of the M.A.D.E Sports Foundation.

This group was made with the idea that it would work in communities and help its members develop their character through sports. Because of how well he did in 2017, Todd Gurley was picked by some fantasy football owners and played for them.

Since these Fantasy football players are the kindest, they started a movement to give their winnings to Shriners Hospital for Children. Todd Gurley didn’t think twice about giving money to people who were less fortunate. In 2018, Todd Gurley and Pizza Hut worked together to make a program to help kids learn to read.

Todd Gurley’s Net Worth

Todd Gurley, who only played in the National Football League for six months, is one of the best running backs in American football history. Todd Gurley has kept his career going thanks to the risky way he approaches sports. His estimated net worth is $4 million.

Because of his great skills, Todd Gurley was named to the All-SEC team in both 2012 and 2013. Todd Gurley is often thought of as the best former NFL player because of how much he has accomplished in such a short amount of time. Besides this, Are you interested to read about Tems Height?


The six-month NFL career of Todd Gurley, one of the best running backs in American football history, is over. Todd Gurley’s career has flourished despite his willingness to take calculated risks. In terms of wealth, he is said to be worth around $4 million.

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