Travelers Season 4 Cancelled or Confirmed? All Latest Updates!

Travelers is a  Canadian-American television series that premiered in Canada on October 17, 2016, and worldwide on December 23, 2016. This series is science fiction and is created by Brad Wright. It was made in Canada And United States in English.

 The series has 3 seasons released till date which consists of 34 episodes in total, So many of its viewers are keen interested in knowing about the renewal of the series for season 4. Therefore, in this article, we would inform you of everything that is yet known about season 4 of the series and as well as will be giving a recap of the previous season. Producers play a vital role in making a successful project and the same was with the series “ travelers “. If we talk about the producer of this series Eric McCormack did an excellent job. 

Its first two seasons were aired on streaming service Netflix and Canadian specialty channel showcase but after 2 seasons Netflix took over as its sole commissioning broadcaster and worldwide distributor. The production of the series was mainly done in Vancouver British Columbia, Canada, and the production company is Peacock Alley Entertainment.

Travelers Season 4: Is It Confirmed?

As many of us are waiting for season 4 of “ Travelers ”, here is the information regarding season 4 of the series, is it canceled or confirmed?

Travelers Season 4

So, this might be bad news for many fans of the series but In February 2019, McCormack said that the series had been canceled after the 3rd season. According to some sources Netflix, the over-the-top platform, has canceled the show. Therefore, most probably there would be no renewal of the series for season 4.

Travelers Season 4 Storyline

Travelers is a Science fiction flashback as it is telling about the past 100 years. It revolves around the lives of five agents known as “travelers”. They discover how to send consciousness back through time, into people of the 21st century who are either dying or are about to die.

Moreover, they were privately working on a plan to save the world and humanity from dreadful times ahead and they are special FBI agents. Their team leader is a young, intellectually disabled woman Marcy. She is looked after by her social worker David. Each team consists of a Historian, a Medic/Doctor, two soldiers, and one leader. They also had some protocols to follow that were :

1 The mission comes first.
2 Leave the future in the past.
3 Don’t take a life; don’t save a life, unless otherwise directed. Do not interfere.
4 Do not reproduce.
5 In the absence of direction, maintain your host’s life.
6 Do not communicate with other known travelers outside of your team unless sanctioned by the Director.

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Travelers Season 4 Characters

Eric McCormack Grant MacLaren, the team’s leader, assumes the life of a married FBI special agent
Nesta Cooper Carly Shannon,  the team’s tactician, assumes the life of a stay-at-home single mother
Reilly Dolman Philip Pearson, the team’s historian, assumes the life of a college-aged heroin addict
MacKenzie Porter Marcy Warton
Jared Abrahamson Trevor Holden,  the team’s engineer and one of the oldest humans ever
Patrick Gilmore David Mailer

Travelers Season 4 Recurring Cast 

J. Alex Brinson Jeff Conniker, Carly’s abusive police officer ex-boyfriend
Leah Cairns Kathryn “Kat” MacLaren, Grant’s wife
Enrico Colantoni Vincent Ingram
Chad Krowchuk Simon
Kimberley Sustad Joanne Yates, MacLaren’s new FBI partner
Jennifer Spence Grace Day, Trevor’s high school counselor
Arnold Pinnock Walt Forbes, MacLaren’s partner at the FBI

Travelers Previous Seasons Aired Dates and Episodes

Seasons Episodes Aired on Concluded on
1 12 October 17, 2016 January 2, 2017
2 12 October 16, 2017 December 18, 2017
3 10 December 14, 2018 N/A

Travelers Season 3 Ending

Travelers Season 3 ending

Travelers season 3 has a breathtaking ending.  Grant MacLaren is sent in even more past time from where travelers were actually present to go on his mission to stop the destruction of humanity In this season there is a lot of fight between Travelers and the Faction and several present-day authorities who are now aware of the Travelers’ work. Moreover, this season mainly focuses on the heart and soul of Travelers, Marcy and David

Final Lines

To conclude, it is believed that season 4 of the series “  Travelers “  would not be coming and season 3  was the end of the series. For now, this was the whole information we were having about the travelers season 4 . If you are a viewer of the series, comment down your favorite season and stay tuned for future updates. Hope that this was informative for you, do share your reviews and suggestions in the comments. Looking forward to giving you updates on many more topics. You can comment on the topic names you want to know about and will try to come back with them as soon as possible.

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