Who Is Cher Engaged To? Cher’s Ring Finger Now Points to Alexander “A.E.” Edwards

Some people thought Cher was making an engagement announcement to her boyfriend Alexander “A.E.” Edwards on Christmas Day when she was spotted wearing a stunning diamond ring. She has finally found a light that shines on her abilities. A diamond ring was the modest token of affection that Alexander “A.E.” Edwards gave to Cher.

There are no words; on Christmas Day, Alexander, A.E., the “Belief” singer, tweeted a photo of the “Follow Me” producer holding a ring. To dispel any doubts, a trusted source has told E! News exclusively that “they are not engaged” and that the diamond ring is “simply a nice gift.” Let’s Dig Deep Into Who Is Cher Engaged To?

Who Is Cher Engaged To?

After posting a photo of the massive diamond ring she received on Christmas Day from Alexander “A.E.” Edwards, Cher appears to have confirmed her engagement to him.

During an interview with TMZ, the 76-year-old singer was asked about the ring she received from her 36-year-old lover, Edwards. They asked the paparazzi, “Can we see the ring please?” The diamond ring was revealed after Edwards maneuvered Cher’s hand. Cher joked, “It’s going okay, it’s going okay!” when asked about the status of her engagement. With knowing glances, they skipped over the question of whether or not they had chosen a wedding date.

A little over a month after the couple was first spotted together on a romantic evening in West Hollywood, Cher was given a lavish Christmas present by her boyfriend. Two people were seen entering a restaurant hand-in-hand on November 2.

A few days later, the Grammy winner tweeted a photo of Alexander, the father of Alexander’s ex-girlfriend Amber Rose’s(Instagram Account) 3-year-old son Slash, along with a red love emoji to announce their budding relationship. However, the expression of affection carried on.

Cher used a straight, smiling face and a heart emoji to respond to a fan’s question about whether or not Alexander was her “new man.” She had the same reaction to someone else’s tweet: “Bravo for you. Leave other people out of it and have fun with the people you’re with. You need to learn to be happy with what you have.”

A third party chimed in, saying, “The producer, 36, better be treating you like the queen you are,” to which the 76-year-old woman responded, “LIKE A [crown emoji],” thereby confirming the remark.

Despite criticism of the 30-year age gap, the mother of two made it clear that she’s got him, baby. Her ex-husbands Sonny Bono and Gregg Allman were both musicians. A tweet from her dated November 6 read: “I’m Not Defending Us.” They say, “Hateful people will always be hateful.” Even though we’re happy and in no way an inconvenience to anyone, that doesn’t change a thing.

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Cher Engaged To Alexander "AE" Edwards
Source: Cher Engaged To Alexander “AE” Edwards

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Cher’s Ring Finger Now Points to Alexander “A.E.” Edwards

People speculated the singer would get engaged after seeing her wear the beautiful ring Alexander gave her for Christmas. At first glance, it could be mistaken for an engagement ring.

Neither the singer nor Alexander have commented on the rumors. The singer was recently spotted wearing the same ring. She hasn’t confirmed or denied reports that she’s engaged, though.

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