Who Is Jessie J Baby Daddy, Heartwarming Video Revealed!

Who is Jessie J Baby Daddy? With whose child is Jessie pregnant? The Internet is flooded with queries after the heartwarming video of her in which she shared about her pregnancy. Jessie J, the British singer-songwriter, has not publicly revealed the identity of her baby daddy.

Jessie J made the happy announcement of her pregnancy to the world by posting a touching video to Instagram that documented her first trimester of pregnancy. She announced her pregnancy and shared a photo on Instagram showing her holding her baby bump. However, she did not disclose any details about the father of her child. 

Who Is Jessie J Baby Daddy?

Jessie J has been notoriously private about her personal life, especially her romantic relationships. In the past, she has been linked to several famous men, including actor Channing Tatum and singer Luke James, but she has never confirmed any of these relationships publicly.

It is possible that Jessie J may reveal the identity of her baby daddy in the future, but for now, the public can only speculate and wait for any official announcement from the singer herself.

Jessie J Is Excited To Be A Mother!

Since the announcement of her pregnancy, Jessie J has shared several updates on her social media, including photos of her growing baby bump and her preparations for motherhood. She seems excited and happy to become a mother, and her fans have been eagerly waiting to hear more news about her baby and the identity of the father.

Regardless, what is important is that Jessie J is welcoming a new life into the world, and she seems thrilled to be embarking on this new chapter in her life.

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Who’s the Father Of Jessie J Baby Is Her Boyfriend!

Chanan Safir Colman is discussed to share the paternity of Jessie J’s child. Wait, who is he exactly? As an aside, Chanan Safir Colman is a professional basketball player.

They began dating in 2021, and Jessie J and Chanan Safir Colman were a celebrity couple. Since then, they’ve gotten along swimmingly. The singer made the happy announcement on January 6, 2023. Jessie J’s baby’s father appears to be more than just a doting parent; he also looks to be a proud one. Their partner, Jessie, seemed to be in good hands with him as per OTAKUKART.

Who is Jessie J Baby Daddy

The public wasn’t aware of Jessie J and Chanan Safir Colman’s relationship at first. In Los Angeles, though, they were caught on camera openly embracing and cuddling, and their adoring fans finally got it. Afterward, Jessie J and Chanan enjoyed a vegan lunch at Silverlake’s Besties Vegan Paradise.

Jessie J recently displayed her baby bump at the BRIT Awards 2023. It came as a shock, however, she did reveal the baby’s gender. To your surprise, what happened? A son has been born! Congratulations! Have a look at her video at BRIT Awards 2023 below.

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