Who Is Paul Pelosi? The Court Released Shocking Video Of The Attack On Paul Pelosi With a Hammer

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Who Is Paul Pelosi?

San Francisco, California is home to Paul Pelosi, an entrepreneur, and investor. The current Speaker of the House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi, is married to him. There are five children from Paul and Nancy Pelosi’s marriage, which began in 1963. Throughout his career, he has been involved in a number of business ventures, but little is known about his upbringing or early life.

It’s common knowledge that he worked as an entrepreneur and investor. He serves on the Board of Directors for Viscofan USA and is a co-owner of Financial Leasing Services, an equipment leasing company. He has also put money into a wide variety of other businesses and projects.

The Court Released Shocking Video Of The Attack On Paul Pelosi With a Hammer

When Nancy Pelosi’s husband was attacked with a weapon, he was sleeping in the couple’s San Francisco home.

Police body cam footage showing the moment former Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s husband was attacked with a hammer in their home was released by a California court.

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Prosecutors claim that David DePape broke into the San Francisco home where Paul and Nancy Pelosi were staying on the night of October 28 and beat Paul Pelosi with a hammer. The incident occurred after 2 a.m.

Two police officers can be seen in the video arriving at the Pelosi residence. They knock on the door and wait for about 20 seconds before someone answers.

What’s going on, man?” the cop shouts. The pressure needs to be relieved.

Mr. Pelosi then makes an effort to pry the hammer out of DePape’s hands by twisting.

He tries to stop the suspect from regaining control of the weapon, but the suspect manages to take it back and swing it at Mr. Pelosi.

At this point, the responding officers are still outside the house, giving DePape the opportunity to deliver a blow to the head of Mr. Pelosi, 82, who is dressed only in his pajamas.

As Mr. Pelosi lay helpless on the floor, two police officers sprang into action, tackling DePape and demanding, “Give me your f***ing hands.” Mr. Pelosi had surgery for a fractured skull and severe injuries to his right arm and hands.

On Wednesday, Judge Stephen Murphy issued an order saying there was no legal basis for keeping the footage secret, going against the wishes of prosecutors.

Media outlets argued that the public interest required them to release the footage so that they could disprove the unfounded claims of right-wing conspiracy theorists who have been spreading false information about the attack.

Mrs. Pelosi, a Democrat from California, told reporters earlier this week that she would find it “very difficult” to watch the attack footage. To witness an attempt on my husband’s life would be incredibly difficult, she said.

They claimed it would “irreparably damage” DePape’s right to a fair trial if the audio and video were made public. DePape has been charged with multiple violent offenses at the state and federal levels, including assault and attempted murder, but he has pleaded not guilty.

Authorities say DePape was searching for Mrs. Pelosi, 82, a target of Right-wing hatred while shouting, “where’s Nancy?” Mrs. Pelosi, who was in Washington, D.C., at the time, resigned as House Speaker soon after the incident.

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