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Wise Man's Grandchild

Kenja no Mago (Wise Man’s Grandchild) is a Japanese anime based on the same-named Japanese light novel series. On April 10, 2019, the first season, consisting of 12 episodes, premiered in Japan. The final episode of the first season aired on June 26, 2019, and fans have been waiting for season 2 of Wise Man’s Grandchild ever since. Fans are wondering why there hasn’t been a sequel released yet. Will a second season of Kenja no Mago ever be released?

1) Is there enough source material for Season 2 of Wise Man’s Grandchild?

Almost every anime series makes use of previously published source material, which is usually manga, a light novel, or a mobile game. The light novel of the same name serves as the inspiration for Wise Man’s Grandchild. The series began serialization online in January 2015 on the user-generated novel publishing website Shsetsuka ni Nar, written by Tsuyoshi Yoshioka and illustrated by Seiji Kikuchi.

We need to know how many light novels have been released so far to know if there will be more anime seasons. Is the story about to end? If the story is coming to an end, there is little chance of a sequel, as was the case with Air Gear Season 2.


The following question is how many light novels were adapted for the first season of Kenja no Mago. Perhaps there isn’t enough source material or novels left to create a sequel, as was the case with No Game No Life Season 2.

How many volumes of the light novel Wise Man’s Grandchild have been released?

Wise Man’s Grandchild has 15 light novel volumes to date. The first volume was published on July 30, 2015, and the most recent volume was published on September 30, 2021. The 16th volume will be released on March 30, 2022.

A Manga series is more popular than a novel series. The manga series currently has 18 books published, with the most recent one coming out on November 9, 2021.

Volumes 1-3 of the light novel series were adapted for the first season of Wise Man’s Grandchild. As a result, 9 out of 15 light novel volumes have yet to be adapted. This means that Season 2 of Wise Man’s Grandchild will begin with volume 4 of the light novel series. Wise Man’s Grandchild’s creators have enough source material for Season 2 with ten novel series available to adapt.

2) Season 2 of Wise Man’s Grandchild: Sales and Profit Data

Another season of an anime is dependent on its profitability, as well as sales of its source material, Blu-ray copies, merchandise, and OTT viewership.

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Generally, profit for anime sequels drops by around 20%. However, further decreases in profit are cause for concern and may prevent the franchise from being continued. Let us now examine Wise Man’s Grandchild’s sales and profit figures.

Sales of Wise Man’s Grandchild on Blu-ray

In Japan, the anime was released on three discs. Unfortunately, the average sales per volume were less than 1000 copies, at 900, and we must warn you that anime with average sales of less than 1000 copies have a low chance of survival.

However, Blu-ray is now a thing of the past, with most viewers preferring digital and streaming platforms. 900 copies are still a small number. Wise Man’s Grandchild (Kenja no Mago), for example, requires strong Blu-ray sales.

Sales of Wise Man’s Grandchild light novels

Even in the light novel series, Wise Man’s Grandchild hasn’t fared well. From Volume 11 to Volume 15, each volume sold an average of 10,000 copies. Wise Man’s Grandchild, as an anime series, should have sold at least 30,000 copies per volume. If a novel series sells fewer than 20,000 copies, the chances of its anime being renewed for another season are slim. There are well-known series, such as Accel World, which has sold over 50,000 copies and is still waiting for season 2.

Will There Be Another Season of Wise Man’s Grandchild?

Given the foregoing, I believe the chances of Wiseman’s Grandchild season 2 are slim. The novel series isn’t doing well, but its continuation gives us hope.

Fans, on the other hand, are looking forward to the second season. The first season received rave reviews, and the numbers are encouraging the producers to move forward with the sequel. ‘Wise Man’s Grandchild’ received 6.56/10 from 217053 votes on MyAnimeList.

If the mobile game did well, the chances of a sequel increased. We don’t expect the second season of Wise Man’s Grandchild Season 2 because the first season failed to make a profit. Even if a second season is released, it will take some time. It’s unlikely to arrive before 2023. If you want to read the story after the first season of the anime, Wise Man’s Grandchild light novel volume 4 is a good place to start.

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The plot of Wise Man’s Grandchild

In a car accident, a young man dies and is reborn in a magical new world. The wise old Merlin discovers the boy, names him Shin, raises him from infancy and teaches him combat and powerful magic along the way. Shin is ready to travel the world on his own 15 years later, but Merlin forgot to teach him something crucial—common sense! Here’s a fan-made trailer of Season 2

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