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Akamatsu Awamura and Refeia collaborated on a series of light novels titled World Break, which is set in Japan. Since they began publishing in November 2012, SB Creative has released twenty-two volumes under the GA Bunko label. From January 11 to March 29, 2015, you could see an anime version of the show on TV, courtesy of studio Diomedéa. The series consisted of 12 episodes. Kadokawa Shoten’s seinen manga magazine Comp Ace began serializing a manga adaptation in June 2014. The Japanese firm ASOBIMO has also developed a video game based on the series.

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World Break Plot

Akane Academy is the setting of World Break: Aria of Curse for a Holy Swordsman, where students with supernatural abilities, or Saviors, are educated to defend humanity against the harsh and indiscriminate attacks of monsters known as Metaphysicals. Saviors are the reincarnations of gifted persons with reawakened memories of their previous lives; they are classified as either Shirogane (White Iron) or Kuroma (Black Magic). Shirogane can manifest weapons and martial arts for self-defense, while Kuroma can use magic.

Moroha Haimura, the story’s protagonist, is unusual in that he has remembered two different prior lives: those of Flaga, a swordmaster and prince of a tiny kingdom, and those of Shu Saura, a sorcerer, and King of the Netherworld. This means that Moroha has the skills of both a Shirogane and a Kuroma. Satsuki, a loud and brash girl who was formerly Sarasha, Flaga’s sister, and Shizuno, a quiet and level-headed girl who was once Shu Saura’s wife, are two students he encounters at the Academy. With his special skills, he was invited to join the Striker Unit at Akane Academy, where he would train with the other top Saviors.

When Satsuki and Shizuno start competing for Moroha’s attention, his dreams for a quiet school life go up in smoke, and things only become worse when the Metaphysicals show there.

World Break reviews

When it came to the finest of the series, World Break did not disappoint. The tale was great, and “Surpass Two Lives” was the ideal microcosm of the show when it wasn’t attempting to be an exhibition of oversexed, hormone-addicted sex junkies. The plot finally emerged, bright and vivid, like the last moments of Gundam Wing. The conclusion is conclusive, but it does leave the door open for a second season if that’s what the audience wants. In contrast to Death Parade, this has a lot of potentials. This was a fitting conclusion to a fantastic season.

World Break Season 2 Cast

  • Moroha as Kaito
  • Shizuno as Yuuki
  • Satsuki Ranjou as Taketatsu, Ayana
  • Elena “Lesha” Arshavina as Davidyuk, Jenya
  • Maya Shimon as Ogura, Yui

World Break Season 2 Release Date

None of the companies engaged in the anime production have yet confirmed a second season. Even if the program is instantly renewed, it might be years before we see any new episodes. This means that it’s possible that the second season of World Break: Aria of Curse for a Holy Swordsman won’t premiere until late 2021 or early 2022. Here, we’ll keep you updated on the release date and any other relevant news.

World Break Season 2 Trailer

World Break Season 2 trailer is not available on the internet or youtube.

Well, it seems unlikely that the anime will be revived at this point. Anime movies that have been adapted from other media are rarely remade. Commonly, they serve as little more than ads for the original works. As a result, their existence is contingent on the availability of promotional material. Unfortunately, this advertising strategy might be used to promote World Break: Aria of the Curse for a Holy Swordsman.

The anime’s first season premiered in 2015, while the source manga concluded publication in 2018. The four volumes of the manga version of Seiken Tsukai no World Break were published between December 2014 and February 2016. Therefore, the anime has nothing left to advertise. Studios Diomedia may not make enough money from source material sales to justify producing a second season of World Break: Aria of the Curse of the Holy Swordsman.

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