Wylie Draper “The Guy who Played MJ” Career, Life History and More! 2022 Updates

After a reaction online, Joseph Fiennes was supposed to portray Michael Jackson in a contentious episode of Urban Myths. In the 2007 film Mister Lonely, Diego Luna portrayed him, however, he was only a lookalike for Michael. But what else did Donald Fullilove do except portraying a young Michael Jackson in the animated series Jackson 5ive in 1971?

Only two times have anybody accurately represented Michael Jackson as an adult: in the 1992 television film The Jacksons: An American Dream and its spiritual 2004 follow-up, Man in the Mirror: The Michael Jackson Story, starring Flex Alexander. Alex Burrall, Jason Weaver, and Wylie Draper played Michael Jackson at various ages in The Jacksons, with Draper playing an adult Michael. At the time, it was seen by 38 million people.

Wylie Draper Career

Wylie Draper had a flawless performance, which included the classic Moonwalk during the Motown 25 rendition of ‘Billie Jean.’ What did he do after that, though? Draper began dancing at an early age and performed with his brother Desmond at local skating rinks in West Virginia. He worked as a dancer at Disney World after graduating from college and auditioned for the role of Michael in the 1992 picture. Despite glowing reviews and an Emmy nomination, he was unable to get many film or television roles. He also had a little part in Christina’s Disappearance, but that was all.

Michael, on the other hand, engaged him to dance in the ‘Remember the Time’ video. Wylie died on December 20, 1993, in Los Angeles, at the age of 24, after being diagnosed with a rare type of leukemia. His family formed The Wylie Draper Foundation a year after his death to honor his memory. The WDF encourages emerging artists via an annual memorial scholarship in Wylie’s honor, according to the organization’s website. It also promotes bone marrow donor awareness, particularly among African-Americans.

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We may never know what more Wylie Draper might have accomplished, but his most important job was genuinely outstanding, and all Michael Jackson fans should see it as an homage to both men. The Jacksons: An American Dream went on to become one of the most popular and profitable music-biography miniseries of the 1990s. Part 1 of the miniseries had a 21.1 rating for the week of November 9–15, making it the third highest-rated show on television. Part 2 of the miniseries was seen by 38.4 million people in 22.3 million homes, earning a 23.9 rating and 36 shares, making it the highest-rated show on television for the week of November 16–22. The miniseries received a 22.3 rating and 33 shares from 38.3 million homes.

Bumper Robinson received a Young Artist Award for Best Young Actor in a Television Movie, while Alex Burrall and Jason Weaver received special awards for Outstanding Young Performers in a Mini-Series. Later, the miniseries were rerun on VH1, and VHS and DVD releases were made. The miniseries’ DVD release was split into two discs. “The Early Years” was the title of the first disc, while “The Success Years” was the title of the second. In 2004, VH1 aired Man in the Mirror: The Michael Jackson Story, a documentary that followed Michael Jackson’s life from the end of The Jacksons to the present, including his prosecution for child molestation at the time.


Wylie Draper as MJ

Draper has perfectly portrayed the role of Michael Jackson during his career. It was literally hard at a point to differentiate among them. Here’s a video of him performing as MJ

Wylie Draper Cause of Death

Wylie was diagnosed with leukemia which is a type of cancer. It is still unknown how long he battled with it and why he didn’t get treatment for it. All we know is that guy was such a huge sensation among the teenagers of that time and he could have risen to more heights of fame if he lived. Let us pray for his soul. RIP


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