Young Dolph’s Net Worth: Know How Much Money Did He Leave For His kids?

Young Dolph’s Net Worth: Young Dolph, whose real name was Adolph Thornton Jr., was an American rapper who was best known for his album “King of Memphis.” Before he was shot and killed in Tennessee, he put out seven studio albums and several mixtapes. His early years were hard, and things didn’t go well for him.

When he was young, he began writing songs as a way to deal with the stress he was feeling. He went to work when he was still young. He finished high school, but he didn’t go to college. Instead, he focused on his music career.

After his family introduced him to a number of rappers, he quickly released his first mixtape, “Paper Route Campaign.” It was a commercial success and the start of his career in the rap industry. Along with this, Jemele Hill Net Worth is also the most googled topic nowadays.

Early Life of Young Dolph

Young Dolph, whose real name is Adolf Robert Thornton Jr., was born in Chicago, Illinois, on July 27, 1985. His family moved to Memphis, Tennessee, when he was only two years old. His parents were drug addicts, so his grandmother raised him and his two brothers.

We got out of Hamilton High School in 2020 and gave the school almost $25,000. Rap gave him a way to show the feelings he couldn’t show when he was growing up. He didn’t go to college after high school because he was more interested in music. You might also like Jessica Alba

Young Dolph’s Career

Even when he was young, Dolph liked music. In 2008, when his grandmother died, it hurt him a lot. He found comfort in rap music, which he used to talk about how he felt inside. He released a mixtape called Paper Route Campaign, which was liked by many people. The success of the mixtape led him to keep pursuing his interest in music.

He has released a lot of mixtapes and singles over the years, including High-Class Street Music, A Time 2 Kill, Blue Magic, South Memphis Kingpin, and Felix Brothers. In 2015, he was on the hit song “Cut it” by O.T. Genasis, which got to number 35 on the Billboard Hot 100. His first studio album, “King of Memphis,” came out in 2016.

Reviewers largely praised it. It also did well in the business world. At its best, it reached #49 on the US Billboard 200. Singles of the album’s songs “Royalty,” “Let Me See It,” and “USA” was released. In April of that year, he released Bulletproof, which reached number 36 on the US Billboard 200. Some of the songs that were played were “100 Shots,” “But I’m Bulletproof,” and “I Pray for My Enemies.”

“Tracking Numbers” and “Thinking Out Loud” were two more albums that came out the same year. The first one didn’t make any charts, but the second one got to number 16 on the US Billboard 200. Two of his most recent mixtapes are called “Rich Crack Baby” and “Gelato.” The first song reached #132 on the US Billboard 200 chart, while the second song reached #54.

“Role Model,” his fifth studio album, came out in September 2018. As of this writing, it has moved up the US Billboard 200 to number 15. His seventh album, “Rich Slave,” came out in 2020. It was his most popular album to date. It was at number four on the Billboard 200 when it came out.

Young Dolph’s Personal Life

Young Dolph's Net Worth

Dolph “Young Dolph” was born on August 11, 1985, in Chicago, Illinois. His family moved to Memphis, Tennessee, right after he was born, which was two years later. When his parents were at work, his grandmother took care of him and his four brothers. In 2017, a person with a gun meant to hurt him in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Even though about a hundred bullets hit his armored SUV, it kept him alive. People thought that Dolph and the rapper Yo Gotti had beef, but they haven’t said anything about it. Even though Young Dolph has never been married, he already has two kids. He went out with a girl named Mia Jaye.

What Is Young Dolph Worth?

Young Dolph was an American rapper, record producer, and recording artist. When he died too soon, he was worth $3 million. On November 17, 2021, Young Dolph was shot and killed, which was a sad event. The exact age of a man is 36 years old. Young Dolph, whose real name is Adolph Thornton Jr., was born in Chicago on July 27, 1985.

He and his family moved to Memphis, Tennessee, when he was only two years old. After his first mixtape, Paper Route Campaign came out, he became known as a musician. Besides this, Are you interested to read about Jerry Springer’s Net Worth?

Dolph didn’t stop there. He also put out an album called Welcome to DolphWorld. He started the record label Paper Route Empire and went into the music business. He often worked with Gucci Mane, who is a rapper.


American rapper Young Dolph is known for his album “King of Memphis.” So far in his career, he has put out five studio albums and a few mixtapes.

He had a hard childhood and went through a lot of hard times when he was young. As a child, he became interested in music and used writing lyrics as a way to deal with his problems.

As of October 2022, it is thought that Young Dolph’s net worth is about $3 Million. If you are more interested in accurate information, please visit our website, Digi Hind News.

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