Chiranjeevi Awaits Unpaid Remuneration as Bholaa Shankar Fails at Box Office!!

Chiranjeevi, the renowned actor, has encountered an unexpected situation related to his latest movie, “Bholaa Shankar.” This film faced an unfortunate downfall at the box office, leading to financial troubles for the makers.

Anil Sunkara, the producer, has not fulfilled his promise of paying Chiranjeevi’s remuneration. Despite the producer’s assurance to clear the actor’s fee prior to the movie’s release, Chiranjeevi remains unpaid.

Chiranjeevi’s Bholaa Shankar Box Office Failure

Chiranjeevi’s recent movie, “Bholaa Shankar,” has witnessed a disappointing reception in cinemas. The film’s performance has been disheartening, resulting in negative reviews and sparse audiences:

This unfavorable outcome has not only burdened distributors and producers in the Telugu states but has also cast a shadow on Chiranjeevi’s compensation.

Producer’s Financial Dilemma: Unfulfilled Promise and Remuneration

Anil Sunkara, the producer of Bholaa Shankar, is grappling with substantial financial losses following the underperformance of two consecutive films: “Agent” and “Bholaa Shankar.” Amidst these financial challenges, Chiranjeevi’s remuneration remains unpaid.

Despite assuring to settle the actor’s payment even before the film’s release, the producer has fallen short of fulfilling this commitment. The film, produced under AK Entertainments, has yet to compensate Chiranjeevi.

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Box Office Collection and Film Cast

Chiranjeevi Unpaid Remuneration Bholaa Shankar Fail

Bholaa Shankar, a remake of Ajith Kumar’s Vedalam, had a lackluster opening at the box office, amassing around Rs. 17.50 crores. The movie has been subject to substantial criticism due to its unimpressive performance.

The cast includes Chiranjeevi in the lead role, with Tamannaah as his romantic interest and Keerthy Suresh portraying his sister.

Other actors featured in the film are Raghu Babu, Murali Sharma, Ravi Shankar, Vennela Kishore, Tulasi, Sri Mukhi, Bithiri Sathi, Satya, Getup Srinu, Rashmi Gautam, and Uttej.

Chiranjeevi’s Health Concerns: Scheduled Knee Surgery

In light of “Bholaa Shankar’s” box office disappointment, Chiranjeevi has made the decision to take a hiatus. The 67-year-old actor will temporarily step away from work for approximately 45 days to undergo knee surgery.

Reports indicate that the surgery is slated for the upcoming week, following which Chiranjeevi will dedicate the next 45 days to rest and recovery before resuming his personal and professional commitments.

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Chiranjeevi’s Next Move After Box Office Fail

While Chiranjeevi is yet to reveal his next project, the audience’s sentiment toward his involvement in remakes is growing weary:

His previous film, “GodFather,” also a remake of the Malayalam movie “Lucifer,” experienced box office success despite being a remake. Nevertheless, the actor’s future endeavors are awaited with curiosity and expectation.

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