Editorial Policy

The mission of the Digi Hind News is to independently verify all claims in a manner that is transparent and free of bias. We aim for strict adherence to the following guidelines for our editorial process:

Being Neutral: The Digi Hind News takes a neutral stance in politics. We believe it is important to fact-check stories from all points of view, and we apply the same criteria to all statements regardless of who produced them. We will not back down from exposing false reports.

Facts Based Work: One who relies heavily on evidence is one who verifies facts and takes them seriously. As a result, we take care to double-check all of the information we publish, using a variety of reliable resources to ensure the accuracy of our findings. We employ the Internet’s reverse image search and other online tools, as well as official sources, to verify relevant facts. When necessary, we also verify claims by speaking with the appropriate parties. Nobody in this publication ever cites a mysterious source.

Truthfulness: The Digi Hind News explains in great depth how the claim was debunked. This is done in the sake of transparency and for the sake of educating the reader on how to evaluate claims they may encounter in the future.