Congress Not Pursuing the Prime Minister’s Chair: Aims to Safeguard the Constitution- Mallikarjun Kharge!!

Congress Focuses on Protecting India’s Ideals and Unity in Opposition Meeting. Mallikarjun Kharge, President of Bengaluru Congress, conveyed that the party is not pursuing the Prime Minister’s chair but aims to safeguard the Constitution, secularism, and democracy.

In the meeting of Opposition parties, Kharge emphasized unity for the welfare of common Indians. Kharge emphasized that the Congress intends not to seek power for itself but to protect the essence of India, including its Constitution, democracy, secularism, and social justice.

The youtube video given below(starts at 3:37:35) shows the visuals and speech given by Mallikarjun Kharge during the opposition meeting, where he is seen saying,

“I had already said in Chennai, on MK Stalin’s birthday, that Congress is not interested in power or the post of Prime Minister. Our intention in this meeting is not to gain power for ourselves. It is to protect our Constitution, Democracy, Secularism, and Social Justice.” 

The party’s commitment to these values stands strong, irrespective of any differences at the state level. Leaders from non-Congress parties welcomed Kharge’s speech, recognizing the need for the Congress, as the largest opposition party, to exhibit inclusiveness and foster unity.

Kharge’s message resonated with participants, indicating the importance of preserving the alliance and avoiding potential divisions over leadership.

Kharge’s remarks clarified that the leadership issue remains open for discussion, preventing it from overshadowing the alliance’s current deliberations. The meeting focused on cooperation and working towards common goals.

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Call for Unity and Overcoming Differences:

Kharge emphasized the necessity of overcoming differences for the welfare of the people suffering from inflation, unemployment, and the suppression of rights. With 26 parties representing significant political strength and governing 11 states, the unity among opposition parties potentially threatens the BJP’s hold on power.

Kharge highlighted the misuse of institutions against the opposition, urging collective efforts to redirect India towards progress, welfare, and true democracy.

Congress not interested in post of PM (1)

The opposition leaders at the meeting, including Sonia Gandhi, Rahul Gandhi, and CMs from various states, echoed similar sentiments, emphasizing the need for unity and the restoration of democratic values.

Mallikarjun Kharge’s speech in the opposition meeting underscored the Congress party’s commitment to protecting India’s ideals and unity. Focusing on common goals, overcoming differences, and preserving democratic principles sets the stage for a unified opposition front.

The leaders emphasized the need to work together to address the challenges faced by the nation and restore India’s path to progress and welfare.

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