Justice Served: Ranjit Singh Kohli Convicted in Tara Shahdev Case!!

In a momentous turn of events, the court of CBI Special Judge PK Sharma has reached a verdict in the case of Ranjit Singh Kohli, also known as Rakibul Hasan, along with his mother Kaushal Rani and former Jharkhand High Court judge Mushtaq Ahmed.

This case, which has spanned eight long years, revolved around allegations of sexual harassment, dowry harassment, and forced religious conversion. The victim, national shooter Tara Shahdev, has been at the center of this much-discussed legal battle. The court’s decision marks a significant milestone in this enduring legal saga.

Conviction in the Tara Shahdev Case

The special CBI court, after meticulous deliberation, has convicted the accused individuals, namely Ranjit Singh Kohli alias Rakibul Hasan, Kaushal Rani, and Mushtaq Ahmed, in the Tara Shahdev case. The verdict was pronounced, and the hearing regarding the point of punishment is scheduled for October 5 in the same special CBI court.

An Eight-Year-Old Legal Battle

The Tara Shahdev case dates back eight years when the young shooter, Tara Shahdev, came forward with grave accusations. She alleged sexual harassment, dowry harassment, and forced religious conversion after her marriage.

This led to the registration of a case against the accused individuals, including Ranjit Singh Kohli alias Rakibul Hasan, his mother Kaushal Rani, and former Registrar (Surveillance) of Jharkhand High Court, Mushtaq Ahmed.

Charges Framed on July 3, 2018

The journey to justice has been a long one. The CBI’s thorough investigation concluded on February 25, with statements from both the accused and the defense recorded in court. Subsequently, the legal proceedings and arguments were concluded.

The court finally framed charges against the accused on July 3, 2018. During the legal proceedings, 26 witnesses provided crucial testimony. Tara Shahdev herself came forward to support the allegations made by the CBI.

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Chargesheet Filed in 2018

The marriage between Ranjit Singh Kohli and Tara Shahdev took place on July 7, 2014. Tragically, it was alleged that Tara Shahdev endured harassment and physical abuse from her husband Rakibul Hasan following their marriage.

These allegations, which included concealing religion, sexual harassment, and coercion for religious conversion, brought the case to the attention of law enforcement. In response, the Jharkhand High Court ordered the CBI to investigate the matter in 2015. After a thorough and comprehensive investigation, a chargesheet was filed against the accused in the year 2018.

These developments mark a significant step toward justice in a case that has captured the nation’s attention for nearly a decade. As we await the court’s final decision on the point of punishment, it is clear that this verdict will be a pivotal moment in the Tara Shahdev case’s enduring legal journey.

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