Sushmita Sen’s Response to ‘Gold Digger’ Tag and Upcoming Web Series Taali!!

Sushmita Sen, the renowned actress, and former Miss Universe, recently addressed the “gold digger” comments made by trolls in response to her alleged relationship with businessman Lalit Modi.

Despite facing such remarks, Sushmita Sen remains unbothered and confidently responded to the criticism. As she prepares for the release of her upcoming web series “Taali,” she sheds light on the negativity and emphasizes her focus on her own business.

Sushmita Sen on Being Called a “Gold Digger”

In a recent interview with Zoom, Sushmita Sen expressed her views on being labeled a ‘gold digger’ by online trolls. She dismissed the insults, asserting that she does not let such comments affect her.

While acknowledging the comments, she also emphasized that certain aspects of her life are private and not anyone’s business. Sen boldly asserted that she would respond to criticism on her own terms.

Sushmita Sen on Gold Digger Tag

Last year, Sushmita Sen took to Instagram to address the trolls who called her a ‘gold digger.’ In a heartfelt post, she expressed her amusement at the opinions and gossip about her life, emphasizing her preference for valuable relationships over material wealth.

The post showcased her resilience and determination to rise above negativity. She captioned it as:

“The so-called intellectuals with their idiosyncrasies….the ignorant with their cheap & at times funny gossip 😊 The friends I never had & the acquaintances I’ve never met….all sharing their grand opinions & deep knowledge of my life & character… monetizing the ‘Gold Digger’ all the way!!! 😄👍 Ah these geniuses!!!

I dig deeper than Gold…and I’ve always (famously) preferred Diamonds!!😉😁❤️And yes I still buy them myself!!!”


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Sushmita Sen’s Upcoming Web Series – Taali

Sushmita Sen’s fans can eagerly anticipate her upcoming web series “Taali,” which is scheduled for release on August 15:

In this series, she will portray the role of a transgender activist named Shreegauri Sawant. The teaser of the series, released last week, offers a glimpse into Sawant’s inspiring journey and her fight for the recognition of India’s third gender.

Sushmita Sen shared the teaser on her Instagram and expressed her excitement about the project. Sushmita Sen’s unyielding response to the ‘gold digger’ comments reflects her strength and resilience in the face of online criticism.

As she prepares for the release of “Taali,” she continues to inspire her fans with her dedication to meaningful roles and the positive impact she makes on-screen.

Her portrayal of Shreegauri Sawant in the web series is sure to be another testament to her acting prowess and commitment to bringing important stories to the forefront.

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