Tech Mahindra: Stock Price Analysis for August

In the fast-paced world of finance, staying updated with real-time stock data is crucial for investors and traders alike. Today, we dive into the latest insights on Tech Mahindra Ltd’s stock performance for August.

Opening and Closing Prices

On the last trading day, Tech Mahindra opened at ₹1209.95 and closed at ₹1210.3, indicating a relatively stable day regarding price movement.

Intraday Highs and Lows

Throughout the trading session, Tech Mahindra reached a high of ₹1223.45 and a low of ₹1206, demonstrating moderate daily volatility.

Market Capitalization

The market capitalization of Tech Mahindra Ltd stood at ₹118,538.4 crore, reflecting the company’s substantial presence in the market.

52-Week Performance

Tech Mahindra’s 52-week performance showcases its resilience in the market. The stock reached a high of ₹1270.35 and a low of ₹968.17 during this period.

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Trading Volume

Tech Mahindra recorded a trading volume of 19,845 shares on the BSE, underlining active participation from investors.

August Futures

Tech Mahindra August futures opened at ₹1222.05, a slight uptick compared to the previous close of ₹1220.35.

Spot Price and Bid-Offer Details

As of the latest data, Tech Mahindra is trading at a spot price of ₹1213.15. The bid price stands at ₹1214.9, while the offer price is ₹1215.55. The order book reveals a bid quantity of 2400 and an offer quantity of 1200.

Open Interest

The open interest for Tech Mahindra is noteworthy, currently standing at 13,153,800.

Live Stock Price Updates

As of the most recent data, Tech Mahindra’s live stock price is ₹1213.95, reflecting a minor decrease of -0.31% compared to the previous day’s closing price of ₹1217.75. The net change is -3.8, indicating a small decline in value.

Further Price Updates

Additional updates on Tech Mahindra’s stock price reveal it’s trading at ₹1212.95, down -0.39% from the previous day’s close of ₹1217.75. The net change is -4.8, suggesting a marginal decrease.

Futures Trading

Tech Mahindra August futures opened at ₹1222.05, a slight increase from the previous close of ₹1220.35.

Technology and Finance

Tech Mahindra Ltd operates at the intersection of technology and finance. Its current spot price is ₹1212.7, with the bid price slightly higher at ₹1215.8 and the offer price at ₹1216.4. The order book shows 600 shares available for purchase at the offer price and 600 shares available for sale at the bid price.

Recap: 52-Week Performance

Tech Mahindra Ltd stock has displayed robust performance over the past year, with a 52-week low price of ₹967.73 and a 52-week high price of ₹1270.75.

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