Did Akshay Kumar Surprisingly Changed his Citizenship? Unveiling His Patriotic Move!!

Akshay Kumar Proudly Reveals Indian Citizenship on Independence Day. Renowned Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar, previously a Canadian citizen, proudly shared his newly acquired Indian citizenship on social media, marking India’s Independence Day.

The versatile actor, known for his philanthropy and diverse roles, revealed his official government documents, solidifying his commitment to his homeland.

Akshay’s Announcement on Independence Day

Akshay Kumar, in a tweet on Independence Day, disclosed his Indian citizenship. He shared a picture of his official government documents, displaying his name as Akshay Hariom Bhatia, signifying his status as an Indian citizen:

The actor’s announcement came as a proud moment for his fans and fellow countrymen. Akshay Kumar had faced criticism and trolling in the past due to his Canadian citizenship. However, his actions spoke volumes about his dedication to India.

He demonstrated unwavering support during crises, such as contributing to COVID relief efforts and aiding flood-stricken areas. His initiatives, including an insurance scheme for stunt directors, highlighted his philanthropic spirit.

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Exploring the Canadian Connection

Akshay Kumar revealed the story behind his Canadian passport during an interview. He initially obtained it due to professional reasons.

However, his successful Bollywood career made him rethink his connection to India. He expressed a deep love for his homeland and conveyed his hurt at being questioned about it:

An Exciting Journey Ahead

Akshay Kumar’s professional journey continues to flourish. His recent film “OMG 2” garnered success, and he has a lineup of exciting projects, including “The Great Indian Rescue” and “Bade Miyan Chote Miyan” with Tiger Shroff.

He’s set to reprise his iconic roles in “Welcome 3” and “Hera Pheri 3,” showcasing his dedication on the silver screen as well.

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Akshay Kumar’s transition from being a Canadian citizen to proudly embracing Indian citizenship showcases his deep commitment to his country. His actions both in his personal life and career demonstrate his unwavering dedication to India’s progress and prosperity.

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