An in-depth Interview With Social Media Expert: Aashish Verma

Who is Aashish Verma?

Hi, I’m Aashish Verma, and I come from a small village in Karnal, Haryana. I did my high school and senior secondary education right there in my village. I began my journey in 2016, as a blogger and then delved into a myriad of digital marketing domains. I acquired proficiency in managing Facebook pages, and various other social media platforms and crafting effective Facebook ad campaigns.

I successfully monetized numerous Facebook pages and a YouTube channel, actively engaging in strategies for both organic and paid growth. These efforts culminated in the delivery of consistently excellent results. Concurrently, I also ventured into the role of an educator, aligning my passion for learning and sharing knowledge. My commitment to continuous growth and exploration remains steadfast.

Starting the Digital Marketing Journey

How did you start your career?

During my pursuit of a polytechnic diploma, a friend of mine engaged in a conversation about online earning, which piqued my interest. Although he didn’t divulge many details, he did mention his involvement in blogging, acquired through resources on Facebook.

I had been an avid Facebook user, spending a significant amount of time editing and posting pictures and participating in frivolous DP competitions. However, the revelation that one could earn money online prompted me to embark on a quest for knowledge. I began researching this newfound avenue and joined several Facebook groups dedicated to online entrepreneurship. Among these groups, “Bloggers Funda” was one of my early choices.

Through my association with “Bloggers Funda” and other similar groups, I fostered meaningful connections with individuals, both from India and Pakistan, who shared similar aspirations. This marked the inception of my journey into the world of online earning, a journey that has been characterized by continuous learning and growth, a journey that I am still very much immersed in today.

Who is your role model, and what have you learned from them?

Elon Musk is my role model, renowned for his remarkable achievements in the technology and business sectors. He inspires me when it comes to risk-taking, persistence, as well as learning, and adaptation.

Daily Life of a Digital Marketer

What is your daily routine while working?

I commence my day by rising early, typically at 6:00 a.m. As is common in today’s digital age, the first order of business is to check my phone. I navigate through my messages on WhatsApp and peruse my Facebook feed. Facebook, in a sense, serves as my virtual newspaper. It not only keeps me informed about developments in my areas of interest but also delivers news and insights through memes and shared content.

After dedicating approximately 15 minutes to social media, I transitioned into a different mode by immersing myself in books. Subsequently, I prepare myself for the day ahead, indulging in a hearty breakfast before heading to my workplace. Irrespective of my location or the tasks at hand, my research-oriented mindset remains consistently active. My unwavering dedication to learning serves as a cornerstone of my daily routine.

Upon arriving at my workplace, I seldom pay attention to the clock. My passion for my work fuels me, ensuring that fatigue remains at bay. This enduring enthusiasm sustains my productivity and makes each day a rewarding journey.

Strategies Behind the Success

What is the main reason behind your success?

I don’t consider myself fully successful yet, because I believe that there is still much to learn and achieve on my journey. Nevertheless, if I were to delineate the reasons for my progress thus far, there are several factors at play. These include the support of my family, the guidance of my mentors, the camaraderie of my friends, and the influence of others I’ve encountered along the way. While some of these individuals remain by my side, others have moved on. It would be remiss to claim that I have achieved everything entirely on my own.

Moreover, one significant aspect of my journey has been my penchant for investing substantial time in research rather than relying excessively on others. However, I do not deny that there were moments when I succumbed to laziness. At times, I have leaned on the expertise and insights of my friends, whose perspectives have greatly enriched my understanding and decision-making processes.

When were you most proud of your success?

There have been numerous moments of pride in my life. These include the first time I created my blog website, my inaugural earnings, the acquisition of my first laptop, and my initial payment from Google AdSense.

What is your mantra for success?

My mantra for success is to keep researching; everything is available on Google. Be consistent, and sooner or later, you will find your way.

Overcoming Digital Marketing Challenges

What kinds of challenges have you faced during your career?

I embarked on my journey during a time when the internet was limited and expensive. I’ve encountered various setbacks along the way, including multiple instances of scams. At one point, my Gmail account was hacked, which, surprisingly, turned out to be advantageous.

Following this incident, I began searching for hackers and, in the process, made some unexpected connections. One of these hackers not only helped me recover my email but also became a close friend.

Throughout my journey, I faced numerous challenges and experienced both highs and lows, as is typical in anyone’s life. I encountered several suspensions of AdSense accounts, restrictions on multiple Facebook ad accounts, temporary setbacks with my YouTube channel, website hacks, and a series of updates that added both complexity and intrigue to my journey.

How have you handled these challenges?

Facing these challenges wasn’t easy. I had moments of doubt, and thoughts about quitting, and took breaks. But I didn’t give up. Every challenge brought new opportunities and ways to move forward. I got help from friends and, by staying consistent and dedicated, I overcame these obstacles.

Key Lessons for Aspiring Digital Marketers

What have you learned the most from your work?

What I’ve learned the most from my work is that every problem has a solution. Sometimes, we simply can’t see it because we’re tired, out of ideas, or perhaps we need to make a few more attempts.

Is there something you have learned that you think the next generations need to know?

I have learned that the upcoming generation often lacks patience. While technology has made tasks easier, it has also contributed to increased laziness and dependency. As someone with a technical background, I can’t deny the advantages of technology.

Therefore, I would like to encourage younger generations to use technology wisely. It’s important to first understand both its benefits and drawbacks and not solely employ it for entertainment purposes. Utilize it for learning and even for opportunities to earn as well.

Essential Characteristics for Success

In your opinion, what are the characteristics or qualifications that bring you success in your field?

In my view, the key characteristics that contribute to success in my field are as follows:

Continuous Learning: Prioritizing learning over immediate earnings is paramount. Learning should be the primary focus and an ongoing, never-ending endeavor.

Networking: Networking plays a pivotal role. I’ve built connections with individuals from various cities, states, and even countries. These connections have been instrumental, providing support during challenging times and facilitating knowledge acquisition.

Work Ethics: Upholding ethical standards is crucial. It’s essential to do what is right and stand with those who share the same ethical principles.

Passion and Purpose: Having both passion and a clear sense of purpose is essential for achieving one’s goals. In this field, it’s not a typical 9-to-5 job. If you genuinely love what you do, your dedication should be boundless. You must be willing to go the extra mile, exert extra effort, and push beyond your limits to succeed.

Support Systems and Inspirations

What is the one thing you most supported in your career and why?

I’m a believer in karma, so I always aim to do the right thing. Additionally, there’s another principle I follow: Try to be a giver first. If you want to gain knowledge and make friends, you should be willing to give. Share your methods of learning with others, and you’ll find that they’ll be more inclined to share their methods with you.

Who has been your greatest role model in this journey?

Mark Zuckerberg and Elon Musk have been my role models. They’ve inspired me to work smart, stay dedicated, and keep hustling.

Looking Back and Ahead

Is there something you would like to change about yourself or something you wish you had learned earlier?

There are several things I wish I could change. I’ve spent a lot of time on pursuits that weren’t worthwhile. I’ve started things I shouldn’t have, and I’ve also quit some endeavors after putting in a lot of effort. There have been times when my elders offered guidance, but I chose to follow my instincts, only to realize later that they were right and I was wrong. However, I don’t regret these experiences; I actually enjoyed making mistakes and learning from them.

Could you tell us about an event in your life that has changed you?

There have been lots of important moments in my life that taught me valuable lessons. However, the most transformative moment was when my friend hinted at the concept of blogging. Upon exploring it, I felt as though I had stumbled upon a magic wand. This discovery marked a turning point. I embarked on a journey of learning, eventually becoming self-sufficient and making my parents proud. It completely transformed my life, making it significantly more manageable and fulfilling.

What is your next big plan?

I’m currently working on some significant projects, but as they say, good things take time. My aim is to achieve greater success so that I can contribute to businesses, helping them increase their profits and create more job opportunities. Additionally, I aspire to travel extensively around the world, fulfilling both my own dreams and those of my loved ones.

Words of Wisdom

What advice would you give to newcomers in your field?

Learn thoroughly, put your learning into practice, conduct research, anticipate the ups and downs, invest, take calculated risks, and most importantly, exercise patience.

How can your success story be presented in a way that inspires others?

I originated from a small village without access to my own phone, and I often had to sneakily use my father’s phone, which led to scoldings from my parents. Initially, nobody comprehended my pursuits. Nevertheless, I continued to follow my interests, driven by a deep curiosity to learn more. Gradually, I began acquiring knowledge and putting it into practice. I eventually saved up to buy my own phone and later a laptop. This marked the point where I began to support my own expenses and contribute to my family.

I learned extensively and even had the opportunity to teach others along the way. My focus remains steadfast on my career as I work tirelessly to attain my goals. My journey showcases that with determination and the pursuit of knowledge, even starting from modest beginnings, one can achieve remarkable success.

Would you like to give any motivational message to our readers?

No matter where you come from or what obstacles you face, remember that determination and a thirst for knowledge can lead to incredible achievements.

So, to all the readers, I encourage you to follow your interests, never stop learning, and stay dedicated to your dreams. Success may not come overnight, but with perseverance, it will undoubtedly come your way.

Dreaming and the Future

If you had a magic wand, what would you change?

If I had a magic wand, I would use it to create more opportunities for education and learning, especially in underserved communities. I believe that knowledge is the most powerful tool for personal and societal growth, and I would want to ensure that everyone, regardless of their background or circumstances, has access to quality education and resources to fulfill their potential.

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