Is Stella and Hugh Relationship Still Going Strong?

Is Stella and Hugh Relationship Still Going Strong? During the 26th episode, Stella and Hugh were heartbreakingly eliminated from the competition after three of the Islanders were forced to make a difficult choice regarding who should go home.

Stella, who had been a resident of the Villa from the very beginning and had just recently begun a romantic relationship with new Bombshell Hugh, found the parting to be particularly difficult. Love Island Australia and Love Island UK are currently available to stream in their entirety for free on 9Now.

After leaving the show, Stella and Hugh gave an exclusive interview to 9Entertainment in which they discussed what happened after they left and whether or not their relationship has continued to develop to this day.

Stella, who lives in Queensland, said that she and Hugh, who lives in New South Wales, “kind of decided when we left the Villa – just because we live in different states – that we would kind of remain single, and then when we see each other we would catch up.” “Hugh and I, we kind of decided when we left the Villa that we would kind of remain single, and then when we see each other we would catch up.”

“I went to see him while I was in Melbourne paying a visit to my family, and it was great to catch up with him after so much time apart. Simply put, we had a wonderful time catching up. Since we did not have the opportunity to develop such a profound connection in the Villa, we have decided to continue living our single lives.

Stella and Hugh
Stella and Hugh

When the 24-year-old was asked if there was a possibility of a romantic spark in the future, she responded: “To tell you the truth, I have no idea what to do. After we left the Villa, I believe that we have become… yeah, different people altogether. I think that maybe we are a little bit different.

“I believe it is highly likely that I will run into him in the future at various events, or I will make it a point to visit him in person when I travel to Melbourne. He seems like a nice enough guy, but at this point, I’m just kind of going with the flow and seeing what happens.”

Hugh, who is 25, had similar things to say about Stella, but he added the following: “Even though we don’t live in the same state, we’ve managed to get together a few times, and it’s always been a good time.

“I’m not even close to being in a relationship, but I’m sure we’ll get together again sometime in the future. Undoubtedly, we will find out what the outcome is.

We have definitely spent some quality time together despite the fact that she does not currently reside in Victoria.

Stella continued by saying that although she did not find romantic success on the show, she did make lifelong friendships with a number of the contestants.

“I count myself extremely fortunate to be able to say that I have friends located in various parts of Australia, and I am extremely appreciative to have had the opportunity to become acquainted with all of those individuals. They are going to be lifelong friends of mine “She gushed over it.

You can watch an exclusive video of Stella and Hugh in which they discuss their journey and the highlights of their time in The Villa, which can be found above.

The fourth season of Love Island Australia is currently streaming online exclusively on 9Now, with new episodes being released every Monday through Wednesday at 6 p.m. AEDT.

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