A Shocking Video of Kalwa Rickshaw Drivers Using Drugs Goes Viral, Thane Police Intervene!!

A rickshaw driver was caught on camera apparently using narcotics near the Kalwa East train station. Concerns about drug sales and the safety of rickshaw drivers who may be impaired were raised in response to the video.

Three individuals are seen in the video standing near an autorickshaw at an auto stand outside the station; the clip was uploaded to X (previously Twitter). The three men share and smoke what they believe to be a narcotic. Growing concerns have been raised that this sort of conduct may enhance the likelihood of criminal activity and sexual harassment of women in the area.

The X handle for the Thane City Police Department tweeted that the relevant information had been delivered

The Thane City Police Department appreciates your message. The police told you that they had forwarded your information to the Kalwa Police Station’s senior police inspector so that he or she might take the appropriate measures.

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The video sparked debate over whether or not it is safe to have rickshaw drivers who are high on the road.

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