NIA’s Major Operation: Raids at 51 Locations Across Six States in Three Cases Linked to Gangsters!!

In a significant move to curb the terror gangster network operating in India and Canada, the National Investigation Agency (NIA) recently carried out a series of raids at 51 locations spread across six states. This operation is directly linked to three notorious individuals: Lawrence Bishnoi, Davinder Bambiha, and Arsh Dala. These raids are aimed at dismantling the criminal infrastructure that has plagued both nations.

NIA’s Pursuit of Criminal Networks

Crackdown on Lawrence Bishnoi’s Associates

One of the primary targets of these extensive operations is to apprehend associates of the infamous Lawrence Bishnoi, who is currently incarcerated. The NIA believes that these individuals have played a pivotal role in perpetrating criminal activities, and their arrest is crucial to dismantling the network.

The Elusive Arsh Dala

Arshdeep Singh, known as Arsh Dala, has been operating from Canada for the past four years. He is not just a gangster but has evolved into a terrorist figure. Dala has been actively involved in guiding and commissioning terrorist acts on Indian soil. Additionally, he has promoted terror, violence, and large-scale extortion, primarily on behalf of the banned Khalistan Tiger Force (KTF).

Remembering Davinder Bambiha

Davinder Bambiha, a former member of the terror gangster nexus, met his fate in an encounter with the Punjab Police back in 2016. Despite his demise, his associates remain under the scanner due to their involvement in various criminal activities.

The Arrest of Yunas alias Zora

During one of these meticulously planned raids, the NIA detained an individual known as Yunas, alias Zora, from Macchi Mandi in Ferozepur. This arrest was a result of chat details obtained between Yunas and Arsh Dala. Yunas was reportedly receiving calls from Dala, which further intensified the NIA’s interest in him.

The Smuggling and Fundraising Nexus

The NIA has unearthed shocking revelations about the gangsters with links to the listed terrorist Arsh Dala. These individuals were part of a criminal conspiracy to raise funds for the banned Khalistan Tiger Force (KTF). Their activities included smuggling arms, ammunition, and explosives across the border, further endangering national security.

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Combating Terror-Gangster Conspiracy

As the crackdown intensifies, the NIA has arrested a total of 16 individuals involved in this terror-gangster conspiracy. Their primary objective is to dismantle the intricate web connecting terrorists, gangsters, and drug smugglers. Additionally, the agency aims to disrupt their funding channels, thereby weakening their overall infrastructure.

In conclusion, the NIA’s extensive raids mark a significant step in eradicating the menace of terrorism and organized crime. With each arrest and operation, they get closer to breaking the chains that have bound these criminal networks for far too long. The fight against terror and criminality continues, and the NIA remains relentless in its pursuit of justice and security for the nation.

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