Nishad Singh Net Worth In 2023: A Comprehensive Analysis Of His Wealth!!

Nishad Singh, a director of FTX and an engineer of Indian descent, is currently trending on social media due to his conviction in the bankruptcy and collapse of FTX, a cryptocurrency trading platform. Nishad, a co-lead engineer and director of FTX, is an American citizen of Indian descent. If you want to learn how much Nishad Singh is worth, keep reading this article.

Nishad Singh’s Net Worth And Earnings

Nishad Singh has a $512 million net worth. FTX, in which he owns 7.8%, is the main source of his wealth. But now, as a result of the fraud, his net worth is dropping daily, and he is on the verge of filing for bankruptcy.

Biography Of Nishad Singh

American citizen and engineer Nishad Singh is of Indian descent. Since he was a young child, Nishad has enjoyed running marathons. He now holds the world record for the fastest Ultramarathon runner in the under-17 age group. But because of his asthma, he had to stop running marathons.

Biography Of Nishad Singh
Biography Of Nishad Singh

When he had finished his education at Crystal Springs Uplands School, he applied for and was accepted to the University of California, where he majored in electrical engineering and computer science and received a Bachelor of Science degree. After finishing his education, he worked as an intern in a variety of positions. He was an intern software developer for Facebook as well.

Nishad Singh’s Parents

The parents of Nishad Singh are from India. His mother is Anu Singh, and his father is Gururaj Singh. Nishad’s mother eventually wed Rajiv Patel, and on July 13, 2021, his father and mother separated. Anu Singh, Nishad’s mother, was an ultramarathon runner and is currently a volunteer with the Kolkata slum children’s charity Asha for Education. Nishad’s stepfather is a former runner and served as Nishad’s running coach.

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FTX Fraud By Nishad Singh

Nishad Singh, a Co-Lead Engineer at FTX, was found guilty of six charges, including “planning the idea of money laundering,” “planning the idea of violating federal campaign finance laws,” and four more claims of conspiracy. Nishad Singh entered a guilty plea in the case alongside the founder of FTX. 

According to the US Securities and Exchange Commission, Nishad Singh created the software that allows FTX clients’ assets to be transferred to Alameda Research, a cryptocurrency hedge fund owned by Sam Bankman Fried, the company’s founder. When Nishad noticed that the FTX was beginning to fall apart, he withdrew $6 million for his use.

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