Pawan Singh Age: How Does The Bhojpuri Star Defy The Passage Of Time?

The well-known Indian actor and Bhojpuri singer Pawan Singh, who is from Arrah, Bihar, has won the hearts of his followers with his enchanting performances and lovely voice.

In Bhojpuri movies like Daraar, Pratigya, Pyaar Bina Chain Kaha, Saiyyan Superstar, etc., he is renowned for his outstanding work. In addition to acting, he has also created a successful career in music production. This article explores Pawan Singh’s life and provides information on his age.

Pawan Singh’s Age

In a Rajput family, Pawan Singh was born on January 5th, 1986, in the Bihar village of Jokahri, Arrah. He is currently 37 years old. Rama Shakar Singh is his father, Pratima Singh is his mother, Mala Singh is his sister, and he has two older brothers.

Pawan attended H.N.K. High School in Arrah for his intermediate education after completing his elementary education in Kolkata. He continued his education at Arrah’s Maharaja College. His uncle Ajit Singh taught him how to play music.

Pawan Singh's Age
Pawan Singh’s Age

Pawan Singh’s Net Worth

The anticipated net worth for Pawan Singh in 2023 is between 50 and 70 lakh rupees. His main sources of income are from his acting and singing roles in Bhojpuri movies. Pawan Singh also has a sizable following on Instagram, where he has more than 3 million followers and 190+ accounts that he follows religiously. He has the Instagram handle @singhpawan999, where you may locate him.

  • Net Worth: 50 to 70 lakhs
  • Salary: ₹4 to ₹6 lakhs
  • Income Source: Filming & Singing

In 1997, Pawan released the album Odhaniya Wali, and in 2007, he began his cinematic career with the release of Rangli Chunariya Tohre Naam. In 2008, he published the music album Lolipop Lagelu, which helped him gain notoriety in the music industry.

In 2016, he won a prize at the International Bhojpuri Film Awards for Best Male Singer. In the Bollywood film Kamariya Hila Rahi Hai, Pawan made his debut. Later, he composed Babuni Tere Rang Me, a Bollywood song.

In 2021, Sonu Nigam and Pawan collaborated on a Chhath song with Khushboo Jain. Later, he performed Bhojpuri versions of well-known Bollywood songs like Lut Gye and Barish Ban Jana. After creating the cover versions, Pawan recreated the well-known Hindi song Tumsa Koi Pyara from the 1994 movie Raja Babu. Recently, he has also released a song, “Ye Desh Deewana Modi Ka.”


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Pawan Singh’s Personal Life

The personal life of Pawan Singh has experienced its fair share of affairs and tragedy. Several Bhojpuri actresses, including Kaavya Singh, Rani Chatterjee, and Urvashi Chaudhary, have been romantically associated with him. According to reports, he was also romantically involved with the actress Akshara Singh.

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Tragically, Neelam Singh, Pawan Singh’s first wife, passed away only a year after their wedding. His second wife, Kiran Singh (also known as Priya), tragically committed suicide by hanging herself on March 8 in Mumbai. After this catastrophe, he got legally married to fashion designer Jyoti Singh.

A Few Facts Regarding Pawan Singh

  • Bihar’s Arrah is where Pawan Singh was born and raised.
  • His most well-known song was Lolipop Lagelu, which Wave Music released in 2015. Zahid Akhtar wrote the song, and Vinay Vinayak provided the music.
  • Singh joined the Bhartiya Janta Party (BJP) prior to the 2019 general election. In the presence of Bhupendra Yadav, the general secretary and in-charge of Bihar, and Nityanand Rai, the head of the
  • BJP’s Bihar state unit, Arun Singh, officially ushered Singh into the party.
  • He received a Best Male Singer award in 2016 for the Bhojpuri film Yodha.
  • In his spare time, he enjoys singing and playing the harmonium.

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