Project K First Look Controversy: Prabhas’ Poster Replaced Amid Twitter Backlash!!

The unveiling of Prabhas’ first look from Project K created quite a stir on Twitter, but not in the way the makers had hoped.

The initial poster received a barrage of adverse reactions, with fans expressing disappointment over its heavy use of graphics and comparing it unfavorably to Adipurush:

In response to the backlash, the makers removed the first look and released a revised version, aiming to address the criticisms and fan concerns.

Despite the controversy, Project K is still generating buzz as it prepares to become the first-ever Indian film to debut at the prestigious San Diego Comic-Con in 2023.

Prabhas’ First Look: Graphics Overload and Twitter Reactions

The first look of Prabhas from Project K showcased the actor with a top bun and a fully armed, robotic-looking body. His look is said to be copied from Iron Man:

However, fans quickly criticized the poster, with many finding fault in the heavy use of graphics and expressing dissatisfaction with the overall design. Twitter users hilariously compared it to Adipurush; some even deemed it reminiscent of a “fan-made poster.”

Replacement Poster: Tweaking the Look

In response to the fan backlash, the makers removed the original first look and replaced it with a slightly altered version.

While the pose remains the same, the new poster is brighter, and the “What is Project K” line is no longer part of the background. Some fans appreciated the changes and found the revised version to be an improvement.

prabhas new look Project K

Building Anticipation for San Diego Comic-Con

Project K is set to make history by becoming the first-ever Indian film to debut at the esteemed San Diego Comic-Con in 2023. The anticipation surrounding the event was further fueled by a Times Square billboard announcing the “First glimpse on July 20.”

Fans and movie enthusiasts are eager to witness this groundbreaking moment in Indian cinema.

Fans would also be eager to read the given exciting articles related to Project K:

Deepika Padukone’s First Look

Adding to the excitement, Deepika Padukone’s first look from Project K was unveiled, further heightening curiosity about the film’s plot and characters.

The movie is scheduled to release in multiple languages, including Telugu, Hindi, Tamil, Malayalam, Kannada, and English, amplifying its reach to diverse audiences.

The uproar over Prabhas’ first look from Project K showcases the passionate and discerning nature of Indian cinema fans.

As Project K prepares to make its mark at the San Diego Comic-Con, the film’s fan base eagerly anticipates the upcoming glimpse, hoping for a visually stunning and innovative journey on January 12, 2024.

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