Shocking Revelations: Director Calls Salman Khan’s “Antim” Remake a Disaster!!

Salman Khan, known for his knack for remaking films, took on the challenge of remaking the Marathi hit film Mulshi Pattern in 2021. The Hindi remake, titled Antim: The Final Truth, starred Aayush Sharma and received mixed reviews from both critics and audiences.

However, controversy surrounded the film when the director of the original Marathi movie, Pravin Tarde, expressed his disappointment with the remake.

In this article, we will delve into the controversy surrounding Antim and explore the perspectives of Pravin Tarde and actor Upendra Limaye, who also appeared in both films.

Pravin Tarde on Salman Khan Antim: Disappointed

During an appearance on the Marathi chat show Bol Bhidu, Pravin Tarde, the director of Mulshi Pattern, openly criticized Salman Khan’s remake of his film. Tarde revealed that Salman had initially praised Mulshi Pattern after watching it.

However, when it came to remaking the film, Tarde claimed that Salman Khan made a mess of it. He stated, “After watching Mulshi Pattern, Salman took his collar up and kept saying, ‘What a film, what a film, what a film.’ But when he remade Mulshi Pattern, he made a mess of it.”

Despite not having anything to do with Antim, Tarde admitted that he had not yet watched the Hindi remake. He explained,

“I have still not seen that film named Antim; I am not going to show such daring because, in my mind and heart, there’s only Mulshi Pattern. And I came to know from people that Mulshi Pattern is a better film.”

Upendra Limaye’s Agreement

Upendra Limaye, an actor who appeared in both Mulshi Pattern and Antim, echoed Tarde’s sentiments during the same chat show. He supported the director’s stance and agreed that Mulshi Pattern was a superior film compared to its remake.

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Antim at the Box Office

While the controversy surrounding Antim may have garnered attention, it is essential to examine the film’s performance at the box office. Despite the mixed reviews and criticism, Antim managed to earn a decent collection.

However, it fell short of becoming a blockbuster. The film’s box office performance indicates that while it may not have resonated with everyone, it still managed to attract a significant audience.

Antim: The Final Truth not only featured Salman Khan and Aayush Sharma in the lead roles but also included a talented ensemble cast. Pragya Jaiswal, Mahima Makwana, and Sayaji Shinde delivered notable performances in the film.

Additionally, popular actor Varun Dhawan made a special appearance in one of the songs, adding to the star power of the movie.

The Magic of Mulshi Pattern

Mulshi Pattern, the Marathi film that inspired Antim, was widely appreciated for its authentic portrayal of rural life and its powerful storyline.

Directed by Pravin Tarde himself, the film struck a chord with audiences and critics alike. The success of Mulshi Pattern further heightened expectations for its Hindi remake, Antim.

Salman Khan’s Remake Legacy

Salman Khan has built a reputation for remaking films, both from the South Indian film industry and Marathi cinema.

Some of his successful remakes include Wanted, which was a remake of the Telugu film Pokiri, and Bodyguard, which was originally a Malayalam film. However, not all of his remakes have received the same level of acclaim.

Pravin Tarde on Salman Khan Antim

The Debate Over Remakes

The controversy surrounding Antim brings attention to an ongoing debate in the film industry regarding the ethics and creative integrity of remakes.

While remakes provide an opportunity to introduce successful regional films to a wider audience, they also run the risk of diluting the essence and impact of the original work. Filmmakers must strike a delicate balance between staying true to the source material and adding their unique touch to create a fresh cinematic experience.

Looking Ahead- Tiger 3

Despite the mixed reception to Antim, Salman Khan continues to be one of Bollywood’s most bankable stars. He is currently preparing for his highly anticipated film, Tiger 3, alongside co-star Katrina Kaif.

The Tiger franchise has been immensely successful, and fans eagerly await the third installment, hoping for another blockbuster hit:

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The controversy surrounding Salman Khan’s Antim: The Final Truth serves as a reminder that not all remakes live up to the expectations set by their original counterparts. Pravin Tarde’s disappointment with the remake highlights the challenges filmmakers face when reimagining successful films.

While Antim may have fallen short of the mark for some, it still managed to make an impact at the box office. As the debate over remakes continues, it is crucial for filmmakers to consider the integrity of the original work while infusing their creative vision to deliver a compelling cinematic experience.

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