Unveiling The Rakhi Sawant VS Adil Durrani Drama: Dissecting Claims and Drama!!

The Rakhi Sawant and Adil Durrani saga has gripped headlines with its twists and turns. Amidst accusations of cheating, violence, and more, Rakhi Sawant has countered some of Adil Durrani’s claims. The drama has escalated to involve doctors’ notes, accusations, and revelations that have kept the public intrigued:

Rakhi’s Rebuttal Marriage Allegations: Doctor’s Note and Video

Amid the allegations made by Adil Durrani against Rakhi Sawant, the actress shared a video in which she refutes one of his claims. Addressing her doctor, Rakhi explains that she underwent a uterus operation but that she could still conceive and give birth to a child:


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Her doctor, Veena Shinde, confirms that Rakhi’s uterus is intact and that her eggs have been frozen for future use. Rakhi Sawant and Adil Khan Durrani’s public relationship took a serious turn when allegations of cheating and domestic violence emerged.

Peel back the curtain on the freshest updates and accounts:

The couple had initially announced their wedding in January 2023, but a series of revelations have thrown their relationship into turmoil:

Adil’s Side of the Story: Arrest and Accusations

Adil Khan Durrani was arrested on February 7, 2023, following an FIR filed by Rakhi Sawant. She accused him of financial mismanagement, assault, and extramarital affairs. The Oshiwara Police filed charges under IPC Sec 406, 420, 498 [A], and 377 of IPC against Adil Durrani.

After his release from jail, Adil Khan Durrani made shocking claims about Rakhi Sawant’s past. He accused her of pretending to be single when they met and revealed her alleged interactions with her previous husband, Ritesh Singh. Adil claimed that Rakhi was still married to Ritesh Singh and continued to meet him even after their marriage.

Personal Issues and Age Discrepancy

Rakhi Sawant Vs Adil Durrani

Adil further alleged that Rakhi beat him whenever he brought up personal issues, and he disclosed that Rakhi is older than him by 19 years, contrary to her previous claims. Rakhi had earlier stated that Adil was seven years younger than her.

Rakhi Sawant’s previous marriage to Ritesh Singh, and their appearance together on Salman Khan’s show “Bigg Boss 15,” adds another layer of complexity to the ongoing drama.

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The Rakhi Sawant vs. Adil Durrani drama continues to unfold with new revelations and accusations. The public remains captivated by the unfolding story, as the two sides present conflicting narratives and allegations. Amidst this tumultuous scenario, the truth remains elusive, leaving audiences intrigued and speculating about what might come next in this ongoing saga.

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