The Daredevil on the Mumbai Local Train: A Reckless Stunt with Consequences

In a heart-stopping incident that unfolded on the Mumbai local train from Kurla to Mankhurd, a young individual decided to put his life on the line for a thrill, all while capturing it on camera. This reckless stunt, which went viral on social media, has raised concerns about safety and prompted action from the Railway Protection Force (RPF) Mumbai Division.

The Viral Video

In the video that sent shockwaves across the internet, we witness a passenger engaging in a dangerous stunt despite the relatively empty coach. The individual stood on the stairs below the footboard, using the gate’s rod for minimal support. This perilous act is even more perplexing considering the lack of crowd in the entry space and footboard area.

Leap of Impulsivity

As the train approached its next station, the daring passenger decided to take his stunt to the next level. With adrenaline coursing through his veins, he let go of the rod and jumped onto the rail tracks from the running train. For a few intense seconds, he sprinted along the tracks as the train continued its journey towards the railway station.

The Intervention

Amidst the commotion and adrenaline-charged atmosphere, a fellow passenger on board couldn’t help but shout, “Policewala pakdega (The police will catch you).” This cry alerted authorities and onlookers to the gravity of the situation. RailwaySeva initially addressed the issue and redirected it to the Central Railway RPF, which then led to a prompt response from the Mumbai Division of the RPF.

The Railway Protection Force’s Response

The RPF team highlighted a critical point in the train route—the Tilak Nagar railway station. Here, the train typically makes a halt, providing an opportunity for authorities to take necessary action when they come across such dangerous attempts. The response from the RPF underscores the seriousness with which they view such reckless behaviours.

The Daredevil on the Mumbai Local Train A Reckless Stunt with Consequences
The Daredevil on the Mumbai Local Train A Reckless Stunt with Consequences

The incident of a daredevil stunt on the Mumbai local train serves as a stark reminder of the need for responsible behaviour and adherence to safety norms while travelling. The viral video has brought this incident to the forefront of public consciousness, emphasizing the importance of collective efforts to maintain safety in our public transportation systems.

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Frequently Asked Questions 

  1. What motivated the individual to perform such a dangerous stunt on the train?
    • The exact motivation remains unclear, but thrill-seeking and the desire to capture the stunt on camera likely played a role.
  2. Are there any penalties for such reckless behaviour on trains?
    • Yes, the Railway Protection Force (RPF) can take legal action against individuals engaging in dangerous stunts on trains, including fines and possible imprisonment.
  3. How can passengers help ensure their safety on public transportation?
    • Passengers should avoid engaging in risky behaviours, follow safety guidelines, and report any unsafe incidents to authorities.
  4. Is this incident a one-off occurrence, or are such stunts common on Mumbai’s local trains?
    • While isolated, such incidents do occur occasionally, highlighting the need for vigilance and strict enforcement of safety measures.
  5. What measures can the railway authorities take to prevent such stunts in the future?
    • Enhanced surveillance, increased awareness campaigns, and stricter enforcement of rules can deter individuals from attempting dangerous stunts on trains.
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