Ayodhya junction station Woman Cop Found Half-Naked In Pool Of Blood Inside Train!!

In a shocking and deeply unsettling incident, a female police officer was discovered beneath the lower berth of the Saryu Express at Ayodhya Junction. She was in a half-naked state, bearing visible face and head injuries, lying helplessly in a pool of her own blood, her lower uniform conspicuously absent.

A Disturbing Discovery

This nightmarish ordeal came to light on a Wednesday morning when a passenger who had boarded the train at Ayodhya Junction made a distressing revelation to the Government Railway Police (GRP) personnel stationed at the platform. The video footage captured by the first responders revealed a scene of unimaginable agony, with the woman cop writhing in pain. She was swiftly rushed to a nearby hospital and subsequently referred to the King’s George Medical University’s trauma center in Lucknow.

An Uncertain Silence

While the officer’s condition has stabilized, she remains unable to communicate due to the severity of her injuries. An FIR has been lodged under IPC sections 307, 353, and 332, based on the written complaint filed by her brother. Poonam Yadav, SP of GRP in Lucknow, confirmed this development, shedding light on the grim situation.

A Duty Unfulfilled

It was revealed that the officer was on duty when she sustained these grievous injuries. She was stationed in Sultanpur district, serving at the 181 women helpline center under the jurisdiction of Kotwali police limits. Her assignment was to participate in the ‘Sawan Mela’ in Ayodhya district, and her scheduled deboarding point was Ayodhya Junction. However, a twist of fate led her to miss her stop.

The Perplexing Journey

As per the GRP’s account, the victim should have alighted at Ayodhya station on Tuesday night to fulfill her duty the following morning. However, she inexplicably continued her journey, ultimately reaching the last stop on the Saryu Express route, Mankapur. It was only during the return journey from Mankapur Junction that the train finally reached Ayodhya Junction at the ungodly hour of 03:46 a.m. It was at this juncture that a concerned passenger on board alerted the GRP officials.

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The Curious Vacancy

The unsettling aspect of this incident is that the general coach of the Saryu Express remained vacant after the unfortunate occurrence all the way to Mankapur. Even upon the train’s return journey from Mankapur to Ayodhya, the coach remained unoccupied. This peculiar detail has raised numerous questions and suspicions.

A Pending Investigation

Due to the sensitive nature of this case and its early stages, authorities are refraining from making any further comments. All the recovered items from the victim have been sent to the forensic department for a thorough investigation. Pooja Yadav, SP of GRP, has confirmed this step, ensuring that no stone will be left unturned in the pursuit of justice.

In this grim and puzzling incident, the heart goes out to the brave female cop who endured unspeakable horrors during her journey on the Saryu Express. As the investigation unfolds, one can only hope for answers that bring clarity to this disturbing narrative and justice to the survivor.

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