The Indecent Stunts of a Hapur Couple on a Moving Two-wheeler on National Highway 9 Makes National News in Up

A disturbing occurrence occurred in the Hapur District of Uttar Pradesh when a couple was spotted engaging in a public display of affection while riding a motorcycle. The footage of the event is currently making the rounds on various social media platforms.

The video shows a couple riding a motorcycle down the highway, with the woman in the front seat and the male at the controls, all the while being tightly hugged and held by the woman. In the clip, the woman is seen clutching the man while she rides backward on the motorcycle’s gas tank.

The accident took place on Route 9, a US National Highway

The Simbhaoli police station is responsible for the area around National Highway 9, where the event took place. Both the rider and the pillion were breaking the law by not wearing helmets while doing the risky feat on a major interstate.

Since neither of them was wearing a helmet and the woman was seated in front of the motorcycle with her back to the driver while clutching the man tightly in her arms, they were breaking multiple traffic laws.

Risking one’s life in such a manner is reckless

Riders, pedestrians, and other motorists are all at risk when dangerous feats like these are performed. It’s possible that the man riding the motorcycle will crash if he has to pay attention to the road and the woman sitting on the fuel tank in front of him at the same time. Someone in a passing automobile filmed the cyclist and woman as they rode by.

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The state of Rajasthan has reported another such incidence

A similar occurrence occurred in Rajasthan, this time in Jaipur, where a couple was spotted kissing while riding a motorcycle at high speeds. After a video of the incident became popular online, authorities decided to investigate.

The government should take the appropriate measures against these riders to prevent any catastrophic incidents from occurring. Both the motorcyclists and the motorists and pedestrians on the roads where these acts are conducted are in danger.

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